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Return of Kings: Society is so anti-male that more and more men are becoming women

Life is tough for men these days, what with feminism, and the bats.
Life is tough for men these days, what with feminism, and of course the bats.

NOTE: This page was giving people security warnings related to a scammy site apparently trying to trick people into thinking that it’s Upworthy. I thought the problem came from the ads, but in fact it came from a graphics link in the comments. I’ve removed the URL and removed the name of the site from people’s comments in case that sets off the security alerts as well. THE SECURITY ALERTS SHOULD NOW BE GONE.

On Roosh V’s internet garbage site Return of Kings, contributor Corey Savage offers his thoughts on our allegedly dystopian, feminism-infected Western world, which is apparently so terribly, terribly anti-male that, as he sees it, men are just plain giving up and becoming women.

When feminists, government, and the entire culture is harping for female empowerment at the expense of men, the result should be obvious: the systematic emasculation of men at all ages. Today, men are starting to talk like women, more men are turning homosexual, and more of them are changing sex. For the wimps, when it’s too difficult to be a man, it’s far easier to just abandon ship.

Corey, to borrow a phrase from that woman in the Esurance commercial, that’s not how any of this works.

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he’ll try to convince someone to change their hairstyle or grooming habits or clothing or whatever to better fit his idea of whatever they are. For example, the one time I dated another woman he started badgering me to get a shorter, more boyish haircut and took it as a personal offense when I refused. It gets really tedious. So I wonder if “trying to force people into boxes based on appearance because I don’t take well to not knowing everything about someone at a glance” is a major building block of bigotry.

Oh, god, YES, DEFINITELY. Worst thing these people do is when you receive homophobia because you LOOK gay, even if you are NOT, or don’t know you are yet. It makes SO MANY people turn homophobic or confuse!

My childhood friend has two brothers who were convinced we were lesbians and hooked up with each other (because two lesbians MUST necessarily have a sexual relationship) from when we were 12 ’till very recently. We denied but they pretty much tried to convince us we were mistaken or catch us in the act.

One of them jokingly flirted with me. Because, obviously, if I am a lesbian, flirting with me will cause me to, in a Hulk-like transformation, change clothes, speak in a masculine voice and punch his face, apparently. It’s pretty annoying, creepy, disgusting and even insulting, because she is like a sister to me. Also, this made me very confuse when I was finding out my bisexuality, because if I liked girls it meant they were right about everything.
As we two grew up and started to dress in a even more feminine way and dating men, they stopped a bit, but sometimes still suggest that we are lying to ourselves and her parents. It doesnt help that my boyfriend has a really feminine face. It’s tiring and makes it difficult for her to come out as bi, because their “I was right!” face would be unbearable.

Someday we will get tired of this life-long BS and act a kiss just to blow their minds. Maybe kiss our (male) partners right after to blow it even harder. Hell, maybe we can ask our bfs to kiss too, just to seal the orgy! I’m sure theyd agree to do it, just to be able to feel the smell of their brains burning while discovering the concepts of open relationships and bisexuality. *Sigh*, one more of my “imagine in a Christmas dinner” fantasies that will never come to be :/


I think Real Men are allowed one emotion: anger (or some form of it) and NOTHING else. Any other emotion must be converted into anger before being expressed. Real Women are encouraged to show emotions by smiling.

@ pitshade

My guess is that it’s a commie or maybe a wombat.

Or a Commie wombat. Marsupials are particularly susceptible to the pernicious indoctrination of the Reds.

Contrary to Savage’s opinion here, being a man in today’s society is so easy I can do it in my sleep. And the rest of the time too.

@ Kit


That’s probably why we used to have to pay higher driving insurance premiums.

Something that came up in my mind just now…
Have anyone noticed how much bigots and transphobic radfems sound alike sometimes? The arguments, especially when it comes to transexuality, are identical, except the reversed gender (and they make more sense cause women are opressed). It gets me thinking :/

Those Man’s Life covers are hilarious. l love how the men all have the same basic grimace on their face and that a lot off them are fighting of these evil animals in the water even if there’s no particular reason for them to be fighting that particular species in the water.

First, musta missed the issue when Namor fought Batman’s little buddies
Second, FUCK… OFF with that Jigglypuff shit. What is with these antifeminist assbrains and using Pokemon to attack people. And this is supposed to be the ‘Gamez is fur seareus’ crowd?]


I think Real Men are allowed one emotion: anger (or some form of it) and NOTHING else. Any other emotion must be converted into anger before being expressed. Real Women are encouraged to show emotions by smiling.

Yes, Real Men are allowed just that one emotion, anger.

But the other emotion that Real Men really have is depression.

Maintaining that facade makes them sad.

Oh, and the other other emotion Real Men really have is stress. Which is just another way of saying fear. They’re afraid that they’ll be found out and their inadequacies will be revealed to the world.

The manosphere may soon be losing one of its talking points about how much haaaarder it is to be a maaaaaaan than it is to be a feeeeeemale. An amendment requiring women to register for the draft in the US has passed out of committee in the House, despite its own sponsor voting against it.

Subtract Hominem: I saw that! It’s the best example I’ve ever seen of someone living in the conservative talking point bubble.

@Subtract Hominem: Oh, that’s pretty cool.

Hunter, R-Calif., said he offered the measure in the House Armed Services Committee to prompt a discussion about how the Pentagon’s decision in December to rescind gender restrictions on military service failed to consider whether the exclusion on drafting women also should be lifted.

And it was Hunter who drafted it? Oh delicious, delicious multi-tiered cake of irony!

Does anyone know how much selective service costs to administer?

US military doctrine nowadays totally rejects the idea of ever having to draft anyone (as opposed to recalling ex service or reserve personnel with particular skills) so it seems a bit pointless. My best guess is that they’ll make it gender neutral by getting rid of it altogether, unless there’s another use for it that I don’t know about.

Off topic, so apologies, but Chrome is reporting this url is deceptive though it says the problem has something to do with an “ups worthy” which certainly looks scammy with the s in there. Ad content or something may be tripping this, it was unclear, but it was specific to this article’s URL, not the main site.

Alan: It’s kept around mainly as a tool of last resort–in theory, if we had a third world war that didn’t immediately result in nukes flying, where we needed to bring force into multiple large theaters at once, the draft would be re-activated. At that point, the last thing you want to do is have to figure out who is eligible.


In darker news… TW: Rape, court douchebaggery:

Apparently the decision rests on the notion that it isn’t ‘forcing’ someone to do something if you get them so inebriated that they cannot resist.

Specifically, they interpreted this part of the statute:

B. The crime of forcible sodomy shall include:

2. Sodomy committed upon a person incapable through mental illness or any unsoundness of mind of giving legal consent regardless of the age of the person committing the crime; or

to not include someone who is blackout drunk and had to be carried bodily to a car. I see no reason for “any unsoundness of mind of giving legal consent” to not apply to intoxication, but then I’m not a shitstain Oklahoma judge.

@ Freemage

He, I bet they could work our who was eligible quicker than they could find boots for everyone. 🙂

Did any of you get a security notice when trying to go to this page at any point today?

David: Just now, actually. It seemed to be complaining about the ads (at least, I’m guessing that ‘ups worthy is one of the advertisers), not the actual site.

Huh. I just blocked that w/ both my ad networks but I just got the security message too. So I’m not sure if I need to do more or if it takes a while for the block to go into effect.

Oh but if any of you see an actual link to ups worthy let me know, as well as where the ad appeared and what it said. Thanks!

@Alan Selective Service was reinstituted by Jimmy Carter as a means of showing our anger at the Soviets for what they were doing in Afghanistan. It turned out that the Afghans (with some help from us) were better at punishing the Soviets than we were. After that, any effort to end the draft registration would have been attacked by the hawks as somehow a sign of national weakness.

It has been my theory that the modern US military was designed by people who had served as junior officers in Vietnam and were trying to insure that the country would never again embark on that sort of venture without overwhelming popular support. To fight a long indecisive war like Vietnam, a President would have to be sure that s/he had the people behind them enough to make the draft work like it did in WW II. Therfore they designed a military that would have awesome quick strike capability but would need draftees to fight a long-term occupation, counter-insurgency and “nation-building” effort.

They didn’t succeed, because after having fought the First Gulf War under the leadership of the designers like Colin Powell, Bush II/Cheney/Rumsfeld decided to fight the Second Gulf War the same way. And, if they were going to fight that war at all, I think they would have found the draft quite useful. After all, it doesn’t take a great deal of time and effort to teach someone how to fire a rifle and then stand guard along a border, a pipeline, or a weapons dump (or a museum?). We didn’t protect resources and we didn’t maintain order, because we didn’t have enough troops on the ground. A few hundred thousand draftees would have made a lot of difference, and maybe they would have helped enough so that the logistical problems of keeping that many troops in the field might have come to an end in a fairly short period of time.
Of course, the Iraq invasion was sold on the premise that it would be a cakewalk and over quickly, so it would not be much of an expense. One of the biggest delusions around is that you can fiught wars on the cheap.


My best guess is that they’ll make it gender neutral by getting rid of it altogether, unless there’s another use for it that I don’t know about.

To keep track of who’s a pacifist commie draft-dodger, of course.

I also got a security message about [the offending site], in my case from Avast.

To keep track of who’s a pacifist commie draft-dodger, of course.

pacifist commie draft dodging fluoride swilling wombat.

Freemage, I think the rather perverse logic in play was that since sexual assault has “blackout drunk” listed under “force”, then the fact no one bothered to also change the law for forceful sodomy is proof the legislature didn’t intend blackout drunk to be there.

Or something.

Yeah, I got a security message from Avast and Chrome.

This is what Avast is returning.

URL: http:–//[the offending site]/wp-content/uploads/2015/10/Post-0418-710×419.–jpg (No dashes)
Infection: URL:Mal
Process: C:\Program Files (x86)\Google\Chrome\Application\chrome.exe

Roosh is essentially right, as always. However, your gender and genitals are worth much less than you think. If you think yours have great value, try to rent them on the open market.

-Vagiiiiinaaaa! Who wants a vagiiiinaaaa!? Only 20 yo, barely uuuused! Would you like a vagina, sir? 200 Bucks.
-200 bucks and its mine?
-No, no, sir! As we live in a gynocracy, you can only rent!
-WHAT?!? Roosh was right! This is too expensive! I will import one from a poor country where women have no rights!
– 🙁 What will I ever do now I cant make a living renting buckets of vagina?! Maybe get a job and seek meaningful relationships with people who don’t see my genitals as products? Naaah, Roosh says I can only make a living from selling vaginas.

You guys see life in the most fascinating way, and by fascinating I mean disgusting. Can you even be happy with anyone, ever? Honestly, if I thought people were just having sex with me because of money or some absurd evo-psych BS, I wouldnt even be able to get aroused. That’s sad. I’m sorry for you, you sad, sad little asshole.

I got a security warning, too. Glad to know it’s not just me.

Having humanity and not needing to reduce every single fucking human interaction, including love, into some kind of economic transaction is beyond their comprehension. Guess what guys, Sexual Market value isn’t a thing unless you are shallow, bitter asshole. Shockingly, many people choose their partners based on more than their genitals alone. Yet they still think we care when they tell us our vaginas won’t sell in the imaginary vagina marketplace(and none of them thinks that “vagina marketplace” sounds fucked up and creepy?)

Her Grace Phryne Purriosa Fisher,

Your name is amazing.

I haven’t read any of the Phryne Fisher books yet, but I love the show. She’s definitely one the cooler fictional characters and combining her with cats and Furiosa makes her all the more badass!


Have anyone noticed how much bigots and transphobic radfems sound alike sometimes? The arguments, especially when it comes to transexuality, are identical, except the reversed gender (and they make more sense cause women are opressed). It gets me thinking :/

I have heard that this is so. I have not grown the filters to pick up this particular set of similarities yet, but I’ve been meaning to go to some data that I saved to look for the similarities.

Gathering some data? From where? Feminist literature?
I don’t know if you will find something significant in literature, because its mostly their own interpretation of feminist texts written before or during the first wave, before intersectionality and before transgenders were considered a thing, interpret it in the most twisted way, and then they try to fit in things that DIDNT EXIST back then inside the theory. It’s like grabbing an anatomy book from middle ages: The book is not necessarily incorrect, its just outdated and would need review to accomodate modern discoveries.

If the material is their blogs, that’s better. Even though, in their blogs, they may chew stuff up and carefully regurgitate in a way that looks almost mild mannered, avoiding certain subjects or talking points.

To fully understand their harm, I suggest you to go where they feel most at ease. Just enter radfem Facebook groups, or ask about them in a group for trans people. Another alternative is going to a big feminist group without a determined brand of feminism and ask about trans people. Or a Femen group. I’d show you myself, but I rarely find them in english-speaking places :/ But trust me, I have been among them, and you’ll be baffled.

PS: Not all radfems are like this. I mean no offense.

Still getting the security warning on the page, but no ad from the site. I think it was properly blocked.

Re the security warnings. I blocked the offending site w/ both my d networks, not entirely sure one of the blocks will work. If any of you see one of these ads slip through, please let me know where on the page and the text of the ad, then I can block it for sure.

As it stands now I don’t know which of the ad networks I’m using ran the ad. They’re both reputable ad networks, used by big-name sites, but alas even these ad networks end up letting bad shit through from time to time.

My guess, though, is that this page got put on a blocklist because of the ad. Blocking the ads should keep them away (knock on wood) but that might not be enough to get the page off the blacklist, alas.

Ooh…so, so close…I “love” it when these guys come *this* close to actual insight but, realizing this may require self-reflection, shout “No! Being a REAL MAN is awesome with no downsides! It’s all the FEMINISTS’ fault!” Then presumably go to the gym and be way too into spotting each other.

Virusy activity: I use adblocker (sorry; I can’t view your page at all without an adblock) and Avast still signals a threat. Maybe it’s some server side script that sets it off?

i finally found where the link was hiding and removed it. (It was in a comment, not in the ads.) The security alerts should now be gone.

Well that’s embarrassing. My apologies, it was something Google Images returned.

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