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In Reddit war, Swedes defeat Trump fans with fuktiga mejmejs (dank memes)

And the point goes to Sweden!
And the point goes to Sweden!

Yesterday, Donald Trump suffered an embarrassing defeat in a most unlikely place — Reddit — as a veritable army of Swedes armed only with fuktiga mejmejs (dank memes) sent Trump supporters cuck-cuck-cucking back to their headquarters in r/The_Donald.

How convenient that it is Memeday here on We Hunted the Mammoth.

The feud started on Tuesday when a Trump supporter posted a map of Northern Europe in r/The_Donald with a crude picture of what the Brits like to call “meat and two veg” scrawled over Sweden and Finland. Some of the inhabitants of r/Sweden (known as Sweddit) decided to respond with some artwork of their own.

Things escalated quickly, and what had been a minor Reddit scuffle was transformed into an all-out meme war yesterday that consumed both subreddits and dominated Reddit’s front page as well, with the plucky Swedes getting a surprising outpouring of support from the rest of Reddit — while the Trump fans stewed and sent salty messages to the Sweddit mods informing them that evil Muslim “rapefugees” would soon be taking over their country. Another Trump fan posted a picture of Swedish Fish candy he’d tossed in the toilet, declaring that he was “ending my addiction after today’s events. I can’t support those commies anymore.”

Eventually the Sweddit mods decided they needed to get some sleep, and temporarily closed  the subreddit to new submissions, more or less bringing the war to a halt. Pretty much everyone outside of r/The_Donald thinks that the Swedes won the day.

You can find more detailed descriptions of this little war here (in English) or here (in Swedish); the Sweddit mods reflect on what they call The Borkening here.

The Swedes and their allies put forth a vast quantity of memes — some clever, some a bit, er, problematic, and some of them in Swedish. Here’s a selection of my favorites from that first category.





More than a few mocked Trump supporters’ weird “cuck” obsession.




Some mocked how quickly The_Donald resorted to banning people.


And the Swedish Chef did his part.



Eventually, some people felt that the war was so lopsided that the Swedish mememakers were essentially, well, doing this:

beathrseMore Memeday to come later today!

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6 years ago

It says a lot when the very “Nordic master race” Trump’s extreme supporters love so much mocks and rejects them.

6 years ago


It wasn’t behind a paywall for me, perhaps due to AdBlock or NoScript?

He changed his mind after enrolling in Sociology classes and being unable to defend his ideas against the teachers and other students, as well as being confronted with actual research showing how the patriarchy is responsible for men’s limited gender performance.

Virgin Mary
Virgin Mary
6 years ago

I’m really confused about the breeding with angry grey aliens stuff, that and the candy in the toilet pic. Are these posters ten year olds?

6 years ago

@imaginary petal

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