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Boys club to Harvard admins: Don’t make us accept women, because we might rape them

Teddy Roosevelt (on floor) and other members of the Porcellian Club in 1880, not raping anyone
Teddy Roosevelt (on floor next to table) and other members of the Porcellian Club in 1880, not raping anyone

A spokesman for one of Harvard University’s most exclusive undergrad social clubs has come up with what may be the most ironic excuse possible for keeping the club an all-male enclave.

In the wake of a report blasting Harvard’s “final clubs,” as they’re known, for their “deeply misogynistic attitudes” and generally rapey atmosphere, the 225-year-old Porcellian Club released a statement saying that it would be a huge mistake for Harvard to force the club to admit women.

Because the men of the club might rape them.

In the statement, emailed to the Harvard Crimson, Charles M. Storey (class of 1982) claimed that the Porcellian Club club has a perfect record when it comes to rape, with “no allegation of sexual assault” ever leveled at the club. (He’s pretty sure.)

But maybe that’s just because there were no women in the club to rape.

Given our policies, we are mystified as to why the current administration feels that forcing our club to accept female members would reduce the incidence of sexual assault on campus, … Forcing single gender organizations to accept members of the opposite sex could potentially increase, not decrease the potential for sexual misconduct.


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Oh come on. It’s just some rather daft (old) boys who don’t want to play with girls. I won’t go into what games they might play with each other…

I’m not at my best today, so apologies for being blunt: while I appreciate that you aimed to be humorous, gay is not an insult, misogynist =!= closet gay and using gay/closeted in this way is insulting – to gay people.
The Porcellians/Bullingdonians/Bonesmen/Piers Gavestonians of this world (and no I can’t be bothered to check their preferred adjectival forms) are a bunch of very harmful, very rich and often very powerful parasites on the whole (yeah, including Call-Me-Dave). Whether any of them happen to be gay is kind of beside the point; what’s despicable about them is the fact that they don’t give a shit about consent, not who they might or might not desire.
I would have liked to express myself in a lighter vein but I don’t word good today, sorry.

And yeah. What IS the ongoing raison d’être for these clubs, anyway?

Networking. Getting to know people who know people who can put you in touch with people who can provide you with opportunities to succeed. Naturally they want to exclude women.

Clubs like Porcellian and Skull & Bones grease the skids for people who have already been given a head start in life. Rumor has it that if a Porcellian member hasn’t made their first million by the age of 40, the club simply gives it to them.

Of course one can become a Supreme Court justice without being tapped for a final club at an Ivy League school, but it’s a lot easier when there’s a ready-made network and access to whatever secret resources a club of unimaginably wealthy members might have built up in 225 years. It isn’t just a bunch of “daft old boys” sitting around in a treehouse. It’s an institution designed to tilt an already tilted playing field even further, and perpetuate the cycle of privilege for the select few.

Unfortunately, Porcellian isn’t officially part of Harvard, so the University has zero jurisdiction over it. They aren’t about to kick out future wealthy alumni and piss off their families. They’re also not about to jeopardize the Hallowed Social Traditions that give Harvard its cachet. If that means some women and minorities get thrown under the bus and have to work extra hard in life to catch up to the old boys, “oh well”. It’s pretty infuriating, and it’s one of the reasons why Harvard is so overrated.

Bryce wrote:

Aren’t there similar sorts of arguments for women-only organizations and spaces on campuses ie. men’s presence creating an unsafe space etc? I mean this particular club seems like a hornet’s nest of nasty 18-20 year-old douchebros, but…

There’s a difference between proposing a women-only organisation on the grounds that women need a safe space because of men’s sexual aggression and men wanting to keep their men only organisation with a claim that its members can’t control their own sexual aggression.

Similar, but different. One of these arguments is not like the other.


Buttercup described the purpose of that club pretty well. Are there any women only clubs that do this same thing?

I’m not really fond of any networks of powerful, rich people furthering their own wealth and power at the expense of others, but if it’s going to exist, it should be detrimental or it’s just perpetuating male privilege.

This kind of power doesn’t come out of Curves gym.

This has to be one of the more willfully ignorant false equivalencies out there. It’s the kind of thing a blatant troll would say.

Too late to edit, but I just noticed my phone changed gender neutral to detrimental for some reason.

Maybe my phone is an MGTOW?

Well, no, Bryce, they’re not similar. Similar would be if the Porcellian club existed to give men who were victims of sexual assault by women a safe space; not if it exists to give men who are perpetrators of sexual assault a “safe space” not to rape women.

not if it exists to give men who are perpetrators of sexual assault a “safe space” not to rape women.

Yeah, the only safe space for those would be a desert island… I wouldn’t even have the poor snakes of Snake Island deal with such huge assholes.

I just read the Porcellian Club was originally called first the Pig Club because it started out as a dinner club whose first served meal was suckling pig. They should have kept that name.

Ugh. Honestly, this sort of news/goings-on makes me feel ill in a way that Rooshes and Elams do not. Roosh and Elam and the vast bulk of the misogynists out there are relatively powerless – they’re looking for something to blame for their failures in life (and we all have failures in life) and society comes ready-built with a convenient excuse. I hate it, but I understand it.

This, on the other hand. These are people with silver spoons in their mouths and horseshoes up their butts, and they represent the absolute pinnacle of entitled douchebaggery. These are people that conspire to fix our wages and our gas prices; they become our elected officials and petty, small-minded middle managers. Their success in spite of (no, because of) their empty-skulled misogyny, classism and racism inspires new generations of assholes to be as petty as they are.

They are the source from which society’s hate flows; the literal Patriarchy.


I (and hopefully everyone else) will give you a mulligan on that one 🙂 I don’t think you can easily come up with any:

similar sorts of arguments for women-only organizations and spaces on campuses

Do keep in mind that the original argument is that women shouldn’t be allowed into our club because we might rape them.

(Not that all sororities are good, and to be honest? I can imagine a drunk, aggressive sorority woman sexually abusing a man. But calling it apples to apples is tremendously misrepresentative)

Off topic, but I’ve been busy elsewhere and so may have missed the discussion:

Is anyone going to the London protest tomorrow? If so, is there a plan for us getting together for it?

You know men can rape men too? So by that logic we should shut them down entirely. You know, just to be safe.

There is a big difference in wanting a space where you won’t be raped and claiming you require a special space not to rape. They are saying that they are rapists awaiting any opportunity to rape. That is nothing remotely like wanting to be safe.

They belong behind bars if they assume any woman around them is in danger from them.


I just wanted to join the chorus thanking you for your post here. Wonderful. *returns to super-secret-ninja-cloak-mode*

I just read the Porcellian Club was originally called first the Pig Club because it started out as a dinner club whose first served meal was suckling pig. They should have kept that name.

They basically did, they just pretentioused it up a bit. (Porcellus is Latin for piglet.)

Aiming to go on the march tomorrow, yes. Will try to look out for the Momentum banners, probably, and will also be keeping an eye out for the “Over 50s for Corbyn” banner 🙂 because bluecat mentioned it a couple of days ago. But realistically I have not much idea where we’ll end up in the crowd – depends how easy it is to move around and whether we (hopefully) get there in good time.

I’ll see you (and hopefully bluecat) too. I’ll be the tall skinny dude.

EJ, argh, didn’t see that last night before going to bed. If you happen to catch this before leaving this morning, I’ll be wearing short grey hair for this (and every) occasion to go with a purple-grey-blue striped scarf; my OH has long black hair (jammy sod, I started going grey multiple decades ago and he still hasn’t).

Update: We moved eventually. There were speeches. A good time was had by all. A Nigerian lesbian speaker whose name escapes me tore the roof off.

There were lots of anarchists there today. The Black Bloc showed up in a phalanx of masks and hoodies, and stood around being intimidating (it worked inasmuch as it scared the hell out of me) and there were numerous people with Antifa badges and banners.

All in all it was great. It was my partner’s first demo so I took delight in pointing out all the different groups which make up any good Left march, and spotting the thousand and one causes which the signs and banners advocated.

@ EJ

The Black Bloc showed up in a phalanx of masks and hoodies, and stood around being intimidating

Well that’s police officers for you. 😉


A Nigerian lesbian speaker whose name escapes me tore the roof off.

Was it Aderonke Apata?

Was it Aderonke Apata?

She tears the roof off just by having that name. That’s the best name ever.

HAH! I was in the Navy for over a decade. Removing women from the equation DOES NOT remove all sexual misconduct.

That’s a fools fact if I ever heard one.

Ah, I kept my eyes peeled – OH and I were near the Momentum banner (there were a sprinkling of these – we were near the one with no region marked on it, as it was being held aloft by Londoners as far as we could see, and there were an Oxford one and a Cambridge one just behind us 🙂 ) – but I didn’t see the Over 50s for Corbyn banner (I might have glimpsed it in the distance, but the crowd was so packed at that point you couldn’t move much and I’m not entirely sure if I saw it or not) and sadly I didn’t see anyone who might have been EJ or bluecat or Dr. Nicola Luna 🙁
But it was a pretty good turnout, and there were some blinding speeches – John McDonnell was good, as was Natalie Bennett, and Owen Jones not half bad. (Quite the change of pace, to see opposition politicians in the middle of the crowd on the ground (McDonnell) at a demo – and being massively applauded. Wouldn’t have happened a few years ago …)
OH was taking photos of all and sundry, at one point he took one in the direction of the anarchists just as they were passing us and got roundly sworn at (it was a bit daft, tbh, a bit “see youse, see me, see me being intimidating”). And there was a bit of a kerfuffle at the end between a couple of them and the police.
Some very good banners and posters and references to the Panama papers all round.

Wow!…It is amazing that to this day and age, misogynist are alive. I thought it was only in the realm of imagination. While I understand that breaking tradition may be a pain, but putting the logic of having a 100% rape free environment is not fair, especially when in the world of gay people around, who can claim that the 225-year-old Porcellian Club had not had moments of sexual violence or indolence( call it rape if you will) between men and men.

We went and checked by the Over 50s banner but nobody there had The Scarf, so we walked up to the front with the people carrying the steelworker banners.

Ah well. Hope you had a good day. I still can’t remember the speaker’s name – can anyone find a list of who spoke that day? I want to hear her again. It wasn’t Apata – her given first name was Phil (or Fil or some other homonym.)

It was a good day, yes! Who knows, perhaps there will be a WHTM crossing of paths on another demo 🙂
(I know which speaker you mean but I can’t remember her surname either, sorry)


The pig thing is odd.
These elites are satanists.
The pig is an ‘unclean’ animal in Judism, Islam and early Christianity.
Having intercourse with a pig is another example of Illuminati inversion. David Cameron is famous for having intercourse with a dead pig as a fraternity ritual.
In the Channel 4 drama Black Mirror, this is alluded to in the story about the Prime Minister of England being blackmailed into having sex with a pig on YouTube.

The fraternity network must be very, very afraid of losing their power. Institutions such as this, and International Freemasonry have always given a good ‘leg up’ to their brethren. It is a rare thing indeed for a head of state, MP etc in either the UK or USA not to have strong family ties to The Bullingdon club, Skull and Bones or Bohemia Grove, or to be a high level, 33 degree Freemason. It is very low of them to use fear tactics to keep women out on the threat of rape or sexual harassment, but I’m not really surprised when you consider the ritualistic nature of these societies and what goes on ‘behind closed doors’ – beasiality, paedophilia, human sacrifice and blood drinking is commonplace. You might want to give Stanley Kubrick’s famous final feature another viewing, he was telling a story very close to the truth.


the only women only organizations that I can think of on my campus are sororities and I don’t think the argument for sororities is safety but saying that you’re baring people from your organization because they are threat to you is totally different than baring people to your organization because you are a threat to them

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