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The worst racist song you’ll hear all week (or maybe ever?), if you can stand to listen to it

My feeling exactly
My feeling exactly

A new candidate for the worst song in history has emerged!

A fan of quasi-Nazi pickup guru and prose-abuser Heartiste has put out a rough version of a song he calls “The Sh*tlib Zone,” a grotesque ripoff — Heartiste euphemistically calls it a “reinterpretation” — of Golden Earring’s 80s classic “Twilight Zone.”

This abomination replaces the original’s enigmatic lyrics with what amounts to a bizarre rant filled with racism, misogyny, transphobia, homophobia, anti-Semitism, and probably a few other sorts of bigotry I’m forgetting.

Adding to the horribleness of it all, the song is littered with the weird racist slang that’s become ubiquitous in certain corners of the far-right today, making portions of the song all but incomprehensible for anyone who’s not a Nazi, a channer and/or a regular reader of Heartiste’s blog. Here’s one of the choruses, to give you just a taste of this horror:

Help, I’m cuckin’ into the shitlib zone
Place is a bathhouse, can’t stop being prone
My manhood’s been moved, under Jenner’s dress
How far am I to bend when they call me racist?

That’s actually one of the more comprehensible bits of the song. Other lines from the song aren’t quite so clear:

Yeah, my daughter’s burning coal, dindu in my bed

As a regular hate-reader of Heartiste’s hate site, I actually understand this nonsense, so let me translate. “Coal-burning” means interracial sex between a white woman and a black man (the term may also mean sex between a white man and a black woman, but I’ve never seen it used that way). “Dindu” is a lovely new derogatory term for black people, based on the notion that black “thugs” (and/or their families) always say that they “dindu nuffin” when they’re accused of crimes that racist white dudes think they’ve committed.

So evidently the “sh*tlib cuck” who is the song’s narrator is being “cucked” by his wife and a black man; meanwhile, his daughter is also dating a black man.

You can read the rest of the lyrics in Heartiste’s post if you feel like putting yourself through that particular ordeal.

Speaking of ordeals, here’s the actual song. I tried, but was unable to make it all the way through; it wasn’t a technical issue but a “goddamn it what the hell am I doing with my life that I’m actually listening to this horrendous crap” issue. You may have a similar problem.

Here’s Golden Earring’s original. You might want to listen to it instead, as it will not make you continually cringe from start to finish.

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*still dancing around the house to 80’s songs with the s/o*

How’s that for energy? 😛 We’ve been going through the hits, the b-sides, the obscure and now the live performance! Lol. Good times, like when I saw the final Oingo Boingo Halloween show at Irvine Meadows, Irvine California. (back when it was still Oingo Boingo and the venue still named Irvine Meadows.)

What the fuck, somebody tell me, WHAT THE FUCK, has happened to western, specifically American, conservatism in the 2000s?!?!?! Coal rolling, open carry, the Creation Museum, the Westboro Baptist Church, the 2013 government shutdown, Gamergate, the Dark Enlightenment, the Jade Helm conspiracy theory, urinal cakes shaped like Obama, Donald Trump’s presidential campaign… I mean… just…ARRRGGGHHH! The entire ideology has degenerated into a carnival sideshow cum reality television show! Where did these people come from?! Where are they going to end up leading us?! How much longer is it going to be before they collapse under the weight of their own eye-watering, stomach-churning shtick?!

Sorry, folks, but I had to get this off my chest. These people scare me…

Sounds like someone should do a new version of “We Didn’t Start the Fire”, with that list. 😉

You know, I would have gone with “Blurred Lines”. That song’s already for creepy PUAs, you just need to add the racism.

Thanks for helping me discover the original! Although I have to admit Shitlib Zone did have that kickass pan flute interlude!

Meh. It’s awful for sure, but just a shitty little hate-filled parody. (Didn’t make it to the flute solo…but I think I’ll pass)

For me, the worst racist song(s) I ever heard was when I discovered David Allan Coe’s underground recordings which are nasty as all get out. Holy crap. For a guy whose most famous song You Never Even Called Me By My Name was part of the soundtrack of my college drinking and STILL a song I absolutely love – it was a shocker for sure. And he wrote another of my favourites Would You Lay With Me (In a Field of Stone).

And it’s made worse by the fact that Coe is actually clever and talented – so even while I was listening in horror – he definitely has a way with language describing vile racist sentiments in quirky, and I’m afraid – listenable, lyrics. I didn’t listen to it twice. But I can well imagine that there were many Coe fans who did listen to it more than once. It’s awful. And for me it was one of those horrible moments where you have to try to reconcile the difference between the vile creator and sublime creation.

On the upside, I’d totally forgotten about the original Golden Earring song – and I really liked it back in the day. So thanks for the memories!

How do you intend to prevent the Streisand Effect by posting these lyrics (not sure if that is possible)?

Now they’ve ruined The Killers’ “Mr. Brightside”, too.

I do believe these so-called parodists are crossing the line into defamatory/libelous territory, and so are not protected under fair use laws. That’s why I hope whoever’s responsible for making these songs gets their pants sued off in court.

You’re just pissed off because it’s usually Leftists who create offensive inappropriate entertainment.

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