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Finger-pointing stock-photo blonde lady: The MRA meme-maker muse?

Have we met somewhere before?
Have we met somewhere before?

Today’s Memeday Special: Angry blonde ladies. Strike that: Angry blonde lady.

Men’s Rights Activists and other antifeminists, as many of you have no doubt noticed, have a deep and abiding love for stock photos of hysterical women, which they use as illustrations for blog posts and YouTube videos as well as free-floating memes.

In a previous Memeday post, we examined the MRA obsession with stock photos of women with bullhorns. Here’s one more bullhorn-lady meme to add to the pile.


Apparently the supply of hysterical women stock photos can’t quite match the demand, and so MRAs tend to fall back on a few favorites. You’ve probably met this gal several times already:


But the all-time favorite stock-photo feminist — you might even consider her a sort of muse to MRA meme-makers — is a certain special blonde lady with a wagging finger and a comically furious face.

Because what better way to defeat feminism than by putting words in the mouth of a woman posing for a stock-photographer while pulling the most over-the-top angry face she can manage?

Yes, I think we HAVE met before
Yes, I think we HAVE met before

muse3 muse4

Sometimes the MRA mememakers contrast the hysteria of finger-pointy blonde lady with the cool rationality of some stock-photo dude.


And sometimes, for even greater impact, they replace her pointy finger with a gun.

musegun1 musegun2

It’s funny, but I don’t know of any feminist who much resembles this caricature. Indeed, the only real-world woman that finger/gun-pointy blonde lady reminds me of is this one, and she’s definitely not a feminist.

Janet Bloomfield, reporting from her bunker

If she ever emerges from her underground bunker, she might be able to get some work as a stock photo model.

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EJ (The Other One)
6 years ago

Paradoxy, you are amazing.

I’m a cisgender man who cares deeply about men’s issues (in a non-MRA way) and I have never experienced any hatred from the commentariat on this site. What am I doing wrong?

Oh wait, you can’t tell me, because you’ve left. Never mind.

Imaginary Petal
Imaginary Petal
6 years ago

– You’re all hateful!
– How? Examples?

6 years ago

One point I’d like to add to the contraception topic is that condoms and vasectomy are not the only forms of birth control available to men, they are just the only ones specific to male anatomy.

Whenever MRAs claim they are limited to only condoms and vasectomy I have pointed out that condoms are the only form of protection against STD, but that if one gets tested with their partner they can focus on contraception only. Then I ask why they don’t have the option of using the female products sold off the shelf next to the condoms in the family planning aisle, like contraceptive films, gels, lubricants, sponges, etc….?

Their initial reply is usually something like “because they’re made for VAGINAS, duh.” But then I’m like, “No , it’s for VAGINAL Intercourse, which is the only kind you really need contraception for. Really the only form of birth control men don’t have the right to is the prescription kind that alters the woman’s body and hormone levels. But if I can buy condoms even though I don’t have a dick, then why can’t you buy any of those other products and ask the woman to put it in immediately prior to sex?”

I wanted to post an update because I just checked into Quora. I had answered a question about male contraception options, pointed out all the available over-the-counter options that can be inserted immediately prior to vaginal intercourse, spermicides and female barriers like cervical caps and even supplied several inexpensive brands by name and common national chain stores where they could be obtained……..

And my answer was collapsed due to downvotes.

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