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I present to you: “The most MGTOW video ever made”

Ok, before we go any further, I need to point out that this video is a joke. It was made by the troll-comedy group MillionDollarExtreme. It’s also a bit NSFW.

I found it on the Men Going Their Own Way subreddit, described asĀ “The most MGTOW video ever made.”

It didn’t get much discussion there, alas. One of the two MGTOWs who commented suggested crossposting it to r/WTF. But I think this is probably pretty close to how a lot of MGTOWs imagine their ideal world.

Well, except their versions would also include sexbots. You can’t have a MGTOW utopia without sexbots.

Oh, and while I’m posting videos, here’s what is perhaps the greatest Bollywood disco number ever.


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I too am baffled . . . and inexplicably reminded of the time I took philosophy classes.

I didn’t get it either. I mean, I did; up until the end when it turned out to be a bad dream, but after that? Confuzzled.

On the bright side, I’m going to google Bollywood Dance Aerobics now cuz that looks like fun!

The guys’ voices made it funny to me.

This is my favorite Bollywood clip. (I might have seen it here.)

WTF are “gruts”?

Wait, maybe I don’t want to know the answer to that question.

Also, now I know what men look like when they wank in togas. They look fuckin’ ridiculous. Thanks, men!

It’s the perfect MGTOW video… irritating, poorly thought out, and completely oblivious to how embarrassed they should be.

@ Dlouwe

Ah, my bad. Just saw some Canada references in the credits. Didn’t want to suggest Canadians were inherently unfunny or anything. I got into enough trouble with my Canadian mates when they were discussing a proposal for a new national anthem and I suggested they’d need a rhyme for “terrible music and bears”.


I’m very sensitive about our comedy; It’s all we’ve got! What with the bears, and terrible music.

(And yeah, they used and credited a music track from the group Boards of Canada)

@ Dlouwe

I’m now very grateful to that video for introducing me to Boards of Canada. Just chilling out to some of their stuff now. Got a very Jonn Serrie vibe to it.

(The kids still say ‘vibe’ right?)

Wait, I AM confused. That’s actually a MGTOW video? But it seems more like a spoof on their ‘philosophies’, right down to the couple at the end who were so deeply upset by the thought of men going their own way (which is a recurring fantasy of theirs as we’ve seen).

I mean wasn’t the joke that if MGTOW somehow eliminated women, men are still going to have social problems because they are human? That cutting out a gender is an imaginary ‘solution’ to the issues they are having (and is actually just classically-ineffectual scapegoating)?

Wait, is this from that guy who spammed links to his “Anti-MRA parody!!!11” videos a while back and turned out to be an actual MRA who thought calling them “Parody” would make us sit through them? Serious question, I can’t remember his name.

@Alan Robertshaw

Boards of Canada are a Scottish band, apparently.

Strangely, the Utopian future clip put me in mind of Norman Spinrad’s The Iron Dream.

Purporting to be an alternative Earth’s syphilitic German emigre and pulp SF illustrator, Adolph Hitler’s only SF novel. Published in 1972, first read it as a clever spoof of the then popular genre’s of hard SF sword & sorcery. All written in the shadow of the Holocaust, whilst Vietnam played out its final years.

Since all the MRA/MGTOW/#Gamergate/Trumpery started to hit the fan, I’m amazed at its prescience. There’s a whole wish-fulfillment fantasy culture underpinning today’s men’s rights bull-shit. This book stripped it bare to expose the skull and bones underneath.

Sad to say, some might not get that it’s a parody, either.

@ pietro

I’ll have to keep an eye out for that. The only Spindrad thing I’ve ever read was “Weed of Time” and that was such a clever concept and well written story. Properly horrific, in the good sense of the word.

Is “Weed Of Time” what happens when I chill back for ten minutes then realise it’s suddenly the next day?

He, it is a brilliant story to read when you are stoned though. You can really appreciate the central concept then and imagine what it might be like. You’re sort of on the right track as it happens.

It seems to be a spoof of MGTOW thinking, but misses the mark by being confused and not funny. Bit of a weird post, if I’m honest. Still, there have been some great ones recently, so a bit ungrateful of me to whinge.

So without women, technology would go backwards? Isn’t that why they lost all advancements we’ve made in garment manufacturing over the past couple of millenia and started living in the woods? I’m happy for them that they’re finally free of the oppression of shoes. I’m sure that will serve them well as they bumble through the forest.

@ Bina

In our house, gruts are something you have for tea, as immortalised by the great Ivor Cutler:

I think this wasn’t a post to showcase a hilarious comedy, so much as to go “this is what MGTOW actually believe”

I see that in the future MGTOW utopia, men have eschewed getting dressed and simply wrap the bed sheet around their bodies when they get up in the morning. And nobody owns an iron.


Ivor Cutler. Of course!

I thought the word, ‘gruts,’ was disturbingly familiar.

Since you bring up sexbots, I thought i would mention, David, that your next post that directly addresses sexbots really does need to contain a reference to, if it is not actually illustrated by a screen shot from, the Star Trek TOS episode, “I, Mudd”.

Come to think of it, the subjects of your delightful blogging occasionally refer to women derogatorily as “fembots” and while the Bionic Woman has the canonical fembots to itself, “I, Mudd” wouldn’t be bad to illustrate those types of comments either.

=============> As for this video

…I really think WTF mostly covers it. I think it’s pretty clearly supposed to be a satire of MGTOW fantasies and their bullshit about how women are consciously conspiring to hurt men. But to be actual satire, you’d kind of have to have some coherent statement implicitly embedded in the context or subtext of the art you’re creating so that there exists some other message than just “This is the regular MGTOW message, also we giggle a little at the end.”

As it stands, it seems that they are likely critical of MGTOWs, but I can’t for the life of me discern what their criticisms’ content might actually be.

This is my favorite Bollywood clip. (I might have seen it here.)

Indeed, the rhythm got me.

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