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Red Piller goes ballistic over the word “ladyballs”

No balls for you, ladies!
No balls for you, ladies!

As every dedicated Red Piller knows, women are always taking our stuff. Our money, our children, our hobbies, our jerbs jobs, you name it. And now, according to one Red Pill Redditor, they’ve come to take our balls!

Well, the word “balls” anyway.

In a post today on the Red Pill subreddit, a fellow calling himself Rasalom72 complains that he keeps “[s]eeing the term “Ladyballs” popping up around.” Even though LADIES DON’T HAVE BALLS. (Well, if you ignore all those trans women who don’t get genital surgery, but, hey, you can’t expect Red Pillers to think much beyond their own dicks.)

Anyway. ladies are going around saying “ladyballs,” and this causes Rasalom72 to go BALListic. (Did you see what I did there?)

Let’s let Rasalom72 explain this new form of anti-male oppression:

So I keep seeing this term and every time I see it, I shake my head and think about how very much this applies to us. It’s normal for a guy to say “he’s got balls”, when he does something that is risky, or dangerous…. but women have no such expression…. so why not just do what they always do… steal one from the guys and make it work. (and it doesn’t… it always sounds fucking stupid).

Basically. having to listen to women talking about their ladyballs is like a kick in the manballs.

Lesson here: Don’t expect to have anything (even your anatomy), that women won’t try to co-op for there own ends. Women don’t have powerful gendered phrases because WOMEN ARE NOT A POWERFUL GENDER.

And nothing screams MEN ARE THE MOST POWERFUL GENDER than some dude on the internet whining about women saying “ladyballs.”

Better not tell him about “lady boners,” huh?

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python quiz
6 years ago

Just you agree, for me you are an eternal god

5 years ago

They took’er balls!

Kim john
5 years ago

Hey buddy
Thanks for such hilarious comic strip….

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