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“Women REALLY don’t understand dick size,” Red Pill dudes complain

Measuring things is hard.
Measuring things is hard.

Over on the Ask The Red Pill subreddit, the regulars have come up with a new thing to hate about women: their alleged ignorance about penis size.

One Red Piller by the name of rumham730 touched off a discussion on this important issue with a plaintive query: “Why the hell do so many girls think normal sized dicks are “small”?

Runham730 explains that he had just had a conversation with “this 18 yo bi girl at work” that left him fuming. After overhearing her say that “every guy I’ve been with was super small,” he asked

how small, and she responded with “idk like 5 or 6 inches.”

WHEN THE FUCK DID THE AVERAGE penis size become “super small”?

I have a 6 inch dick so yes this hurt my feelings a little bit even though this girl means nothing to me. …

It just pisses me off. The chick who said this has no tits at all, but yet if I made a comment about flat chested girls around her, you better believe I’d be considered an asshole. Yet girls can make snide remarks about “small” dicks all day long and no one bats an eye.

Well, except for the dudes who post angry rants about it online.

As it turns out, the alleged ignorance of women re dick size happens to be something of a sore point with the Ask the Red Pill regulars, many of whom have strong opinions on the matter.

StarDestinyGuy noted that

One girl I hooked up with said the last two boyfriends she had had 11″ dicks.

The odds of that are so small it’s practically 0.

They are ridiculously ignorant/oblivious on the topic of penis size.

IoSonCalaf seconded his notion:

Women really don’t understand dick size. Trust me. They have no idea what they’re talking about. Half the time they don’t even know what dress size they are

FrameWalker added

Yeah dude they don’t have any idea. Girls overestimated my size by three inches at times. I’m average. I think half inch variations feel like two inches to them.

Dude, I hate to break it to you, but those women weren’t confused or ignorant; they were being nice to you.

MightyTaint offered his own math:

Girls are dumb as hell when it comes to dick size. A guy with a 3″ will tell her it’s 5″ (just a little below average baby!). A 6″ guy will tell her it’s 8″. A 7″ guy will tell her it’s 10″.

If that girl thinks 5″ to 6″ is small, she is going to think a 7″ dick is really 10″. …

The only women who brag about fucking big dicks are whores.

InscrutablePUA delivered his verdict in the form of a numbered list:

1) They don’t know what the actual lengths and girths of the dicks they’ve had before were.

2) Level of dryness/expansion of the vagina affects how big a dick feels.

3) Girls are just lousy at estimating dick size because guys probably inflate their own dick sizes.

4) Remember that the bottom 50 perhaps 80% of men are invisible to women. If the top 20% of dick sizes are 7+ inches then that’s what they consider as ‘normal’.

Wait, what?

Since the men of the world don’t generally walk around with boners sticking out the front of their pants, how exactly can women even tell which men are in the top 20%, dick-size-wise?

MightyTaint offered a rather different assessment, arguing that a man’s alphaness matters more than his dick size.

If a guy really comes off as an alpha, she’ll convince herself his dick was twice as big as it was. It just has to be otherwise why is he so confidant? Typical rationalization.

Niczar went further, suggesting that

Dick size only matters if you’re ashamed of it. It’s always big enough when you’re making her choke on it.


Suck_My_Zarflog, meanwhile, reported that the gemlike hardness of his average-sized zarflog penis regularly fooled the ladies into thinking it was bugger than it really is.

My dick is average, 6.5 at most. However, I’m well known for having a huge dick because…my dick gets really hard, like really really hard. So when I’m fucking girls it feels more “intrusive” than some of the softer guys with 8″ that I’ve seen… Yes, I know this from experience 😉 Most bigger dicks can’t get as much blood into them and aren’t as hard.

awalt_cupcake raised the possibility that women today have developed an intricate dick-size-sharing network, ensuring that all women can learn in advance the penis size of any man they’re considering having sex with:

I dunno man girls lately keep tabs on guys with big dicks. How could they not? Snapchat, multi media texting to prove it, the immaturity of it all starting in highschool when Billy MonsterCockTM had sex with Sharon the captain of the cheerleading squad and she told all her friends who ended up telling the world.

But he’s come to terms with the size of his own penis:

In the end, it doesn’t matter. Unless you get surgery to make your soldier huge, you’re stuck with it. Make the foreplay and sex fun for you and it will be fun for her (unless she’s a slut) and move on with yourself.

Just remember: never get married.

Cyberdellic drew a rather different conclusion. As he sees it, his average-sized penis — “5.75 non bone pressed and 6.25 to6.5 bone pressed” — will never be enough to satisfy the shallow “hypergamous” women of the west:

we live in full hypergamy so women will literally drop the guy shes with at any moment if the next guy ‘ticks all the SAME boxes’ PLUS hes got a big dick…

this is why the words of Wu Tang ring true – lust em but never trust em

most women are evil cruel manipulative macheivellian creatures… its not entirely their fault either, media and other guys make small dick jokes constantly

ive been living MGTOW the past 6 weeks and every aspect of my life is greatly improved except im not getting laid….

so to answer your question

with the advent of tinder and women being able to get pummeled by a new dick in 30 min (24/7) women have seen a lot of dicks and want to get that ‘stretched out’ feeling that is a mix of pleasure AND pain

they like that

ill never be able to go deep or stretch them out like the other men theyve been with

the ONLY workable strategy ive come up with is to move to asia, eclusively approach tiny petite 19 yr olds whove never had foreign dick before and im trying to find a tight hole

Dude, stop worrying about your dick. Your dick is fine. It’s the person attached to your dick that’s the problem.

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6 years ago

I like to learn, and if you want to explain it then go ahead.

6 years ago

@Alan Robertshaw
Yes, I’m interested. I’ll read your comment much later today (definitely after I wake up).

Alan Robertshaw
6 years ago

@ Sunny S

OK, to put it perhaps over briefly, in a criminal trial there are two main objectives. To make findings of fact and then to apply the relevant law to those facts.

In England we leave both of those tasks to the jury. That;s where the judge’s directions come in, so a judge will say something like “If you find that the defendant intended to cause death or serious harm then you will convict of murder, if you find that the defendant only intended some none serious harm then you will convict of manslaughter” etc. We somethings wonder whether juries actually understand the law enough to do this, but as there’s no way of investigating what happens in a jury room then we just have to trust them. In the US it’s different, they actually can interview the jurors to see how they arrived at their decision; sometimes this can give rise to an appeal if they clearly got it wrong.

In SA the case is tried with a judge and two lay assessors. The judge and the assessors makes the findings of fact together, the judge then applies the law to this facts.

What the appeal court in this case has said is that, on the facts as found by the judge/assessors, if the law had been applied correctly then the only conclusion that was open to the judge was that those facts amounted to murder.


Alan Robertshaw
6 years ago

and also for Kat (sorry wasn’t excluding you, you sort of Ninja’d 🙂 )

Just to add something: generally an appellate court can’t substitute its own findings of fact; it can only overturn a *legal* finding.

6 years ago

Thanks for that, Alan. It’s good to understand a bit more about how the laws of my own country (the UK) work, as well as in others.

I was visiting my 97 y/o aunt in South Africa earlier this year, and the people I met were pretty unimpressed by the earlier verdict.

One thing I hadn’t realised was that it was given in evidence that Reeva Steenkamp had both her mobile phones in the loo with her. I can see you might accidentally leave one in there, but this suggested to me she didn’t just nip in for a pee.

6 years ago

Incidentally, it looks as if guys are not too familiar with their own penis size either, at least in Stockholm.

For Walter’s sake (Walter, take your box of tissues and step away from the keyboard!) I hope records are being kept to determine who is the superior male in Stockholm, so all the other guys can defer to him.

Perhaps the Nobel committee should get involved?

EJ (The Other One)
EJ (The Other One)
6 years ago

I’m glad that once again South Africa has, after exhausting all possible alternatives, done the right thing.

6 years ago

“It is NOT small!

Women can´t judge because they are women, they know jack s*** about dick size and how to suck ´em go… I mean, they don´t know anything about dicks the way I do!

Stop hurting my feels you feminist sluts, feminism already murdered my boner, have I not suffered enough?”

“I have a 6 inch dick”

Rule of 3.

2 inch (5 cm).

Virtually Out of Touch
Virtually Out of Touch
6 years ago
Reply to  TheLulzWatch

“Rule of 3.”


6 years ago

I don’t think that US law would allow someone to be convicted of a worse crime after the original conviction.

If there’s an appeal involved, sure*. You can’t normally** bring new charges for the same crime, but old charges could be revived by appeal. Suppose you Charge someone with A and also with B. The jury finds them guilty of B, but not guilty of A. This is reported as “Defendant convicted of B.” The prosecutor appeals the decision on A. A higher court reverses the jury’s verdict and finds the defendant guilty of A. This is reported as “Defendant, previously convicted of B, now convicted of the more serious crime, A.”

*I am not a lawyer.
*While one court doesn’t get more than “one bite at the apple,” I believe that it can happen the multiple courts try a defendant for the same actions. I think that federal courts can charge someone with breaking federal laws even if they have already been tried for breaking state law (during the same incident). I could very easily be wrong about this one.

Virtually Out of Touch
Virtually Out of Touch
6 years ago

Frilly Bow, ” I actually realised that I preferred the average sized penises and that the big penis thing is a load of shit.”

Not entirely a load of shit. There are positive aspects to it.

6 years ago

@Alan Robertshaw, @Orion


I couldn’t respond yesterday because “maintenance.” Now it looks like a whole new website. Mind blown.

Argenti Aertheri
6 years ago

Orion — I’m also not a lawyer, and I clerked civil not criminal, but usually only the loosing party can appeal, so if you sue someone, and win, any appeal will be on a specific bit of the ruling (which is almost always by judge in civil cases). Criminal court I had thought that the prosecution couldn’t appeal, but that’s working off one course in HS over a decade ago!

Alan — thanks for the explanation, compared to our system where the jury is finder of fact and somehow decides how to use those facts despite jury selection generally excluding anyone who knows fuck all about the laws in question… yeah, lay people find facts, legal people apply law makes hella sense.

Edited a typo because I can! 😀

Alan Robertshaw
6 years ago

@ Argenti

There’s a saying in law “You can appeal a ruling but not a finding”

What that means is that you can only challenge the actual consequences of a judge’s decisions, not the way they came to that decision.

So if a judge says something like “I find that Mr X is a scoundrel and a liar but nevertheless he wins the case”, Mr X has no grounds of appeal because he actually won the case, and even if he overturned the judge’s findings about his character it wouldn’t change the result.


Dude, stop worrying about your dick. Your dick is fine. It’s the person attached to your dick that’s the problem.

This is a stupid advice. Dick size does matter to women. At least when you talk to them. Don’t know how much it really matters when you are in them.

In that case, maybe we should stop talking about some feminism issues like fat shaming, boob shaming, excessive dieting, women being forced to take too many measures to look sexy, etc.

Maybe gender wage gap is fake too.

“Bitch, stop worrying about wage. Your wages are fine. Its whether the person works or not that matters not how much the person earns.”

PS: I am all in for gender equality. Just saying when men speak up about their problems, you feminists cant shut up about how much we are whining. On the other hand, we tolerate and support you when you feminist whine.

6 years ago

When I realized and accepted I was gay, I immediately began a 2 year or so’ slut’ phase. I was 19 years old and a total size queen. Anything under 8, in my mind, was a waste. What I didn’t realize was that almost all men exaggerate and the guys bragging about packing 8 inches were likely only 6 or so. I’m sure that porn gave me unrealistic expectations of male anatomy.

After I fortunately grew out that phase, I began to realize that average guys usually were much better. So often, a man with a large cock thinks he’s God’s gift to the gays and a total jerk. Slightly smaller guys put much more effort into it. Anyway, many guys with huge dicks have difficulty getting a hard errection.

I hate to say it, but size will always matter to gay guys. I am self-conscious about my own, even though it’s slightly above average and I am generally the receptive partner. Still, not gonna lie, a monster dick is nice to look at.

5 years ago

Sadly, America who leads the world to bigger and better … falls short in the category of sex , particularly the men. We are raised to be quite egocentric and proud, expecting to marry an equally powerful woman. But where does that leave us? Unhappily , unsexed, confused and useless. Especially when you have a dick under the size of 7 or 8 inches… especially when there are tons of internationals schooling here who not only have more calm in their daily lives, but who also put at ease, the women of the USA who are over stressed and over expected and under – appreciated. My fiancee as well as best friends , girls , from college, tell me the same, men from spain, france, middle east…much better lovers… more relaxed, more passionate and most even know how to cook and deliver breakfast in bed. US has this boy confused… and unhappy. Am I alone?

5 years ago

I mean to be fair, I hear constant comments and burns and digs that are always a variation of “lol you have small penis” coming from some women online about dealing with a douche bag.

“Some guy: if you were a Pokémon I would catch you 😉

Some girl: but you have no balls…”

“Guy says something extremely sexist, girl responds with “”atleast I don’t have a small dick”” ”

Point being is that yes, some women are ridiculous about dick sizes because dick sizes shouldn’t matter at all. if you go out of your way to insult dudes about their dick size then you really are no better than the douchebags you complain about. How about find a better insult then “lol at least I don’t have a small penis?”

Still that doesn’t mean the red pill douchebags are right necessarily I mean the red pill ideology is toxic as fuck but lets stop giving them ammunition to use.

5 years ago

Just wanna say as a girl not all women care about dick sizes we just care about how good you perform, how you pleasure us. if you know what you’re doing in bed its just amazing 🙂 and if it flows and you treat her how she likes its fine really. Like why do people care so much what they look like when they’re just using the parts to make love its not like omg you suck cuz you have small tits or a small dick like who even started caring about sizes of everything like yes we all have different tastes but if someone loves you or is deciding to have sex with you they are comfortable enough to show themselves and you should feel comfortable too. If you don’t feel confident enough about it then just think about it; if you pleasure the hell out of her and make her feel sexy she’ll LOVEEE it.

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