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His New Pickup Technique is Unstoppable

Not having it
Not having it

Did I say “unstoppable?” I meant the total opposite of that.



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OMG the Straightwhiteboystexting blog is gold.

Oh, hey, I tamed a feral cat! I think Angel came from the junkyard cat colony that’s a few blocks away. I was putting food out for her during a really cold, hard winter, and after a few weeks she brought over a big, blue, declawed, neutered snuggle-bug of a cat that we named Bluto. At the time, we had a very old cat who was in his last days. The day after he died, Bluto moved in and never left.

As soon as it was warm enough, we propped the back door open so that Angel could visit her friend Bluto. Angel got fat, like a basketball with legs, then carried four kittens into the house and put them under the bed. From then on, Angel was ours. It was six months before I could pet her, and now she loves to cuddle… but only with me. My husband is so jealous XD

Angel and Bluto hanging out together, which is how they spend most of their time:

Orion & Anisky:
You’re both probably right. I’m not trying to claim my (slight) envy of those that live this way is rational; it surely isn’t. Just saying there’s this part of me that hears these stories and goes “Damn you, fuckers, if I had the nerve necessary to say stuff to complete strangers, I’d use it a lot better than you assholes do!”


Gorgeous! =)

My mum’s a serial feral tamer. She has two right now, a snuggly old ginger bloke (who’s sadly been diagnosed with cancer, but he’s 14-18 and she’s had him for ten years, so he had a good run for a feral!) and an adorably naughty tuxedo boy that only adopted her a few months ago (perhaps sensing that she’ll need him very soon). No pics, unfortunately, mum lives interstate.

Ok, so thatvqhiteboyssexting link is really funny.

But, I saw my ex-husband on there. And he is married with 3 kids.

Ruined it a little bit.


I’ve never liked the idea of approaching women out of the blue based on attraction. How do you relate to someone without first knowing who they are, what they do for a living, their interests etc.? Maybe this behaviour is acceptable in certain situations but I find it sleazy nonetheless and the men (and women) who do it lacking in awareness of normal social boundaries.

Going to suggest that your inhibitions are actually correct, rather then being the result of an excessive fear of rejection.

Straightwhiteboystexting is gold. So is okcreepsters.

What seems like about a year ago, I wrote a mathematical derivation of various online dating strategies and what they implied about people’s attitude to their potential partners. In it I used the phrase “mouth-breathing asshat strategy”. I intended the entire piece as maths comedy (which there is not enough of.)

What surprised me, and why I mention it here, is the volume of hate messages I got for it, and the volume of people who wanted to laboriously explain to me why I was wrong and why women actually do enjoy it, they just like to play hard to get.

My gender is full of assholes.


Yes, as heinzd42 said it, it is the shotgun “technic”. It is seldom effective, but sadly, it sometimes works, and that is one reason it is still used, especially when the mind of the “wanted partner” may be blunted (alcohol and the like).
Another reason that is advanced is that it may be effective when the “wanted partner” looks only for casual sex (in the way you say straight about the sex). But nothing is said about the language to use.
So i guess he tried to mix with other PUA “technics” like negs, bluntness and foul language.

On another point, the answer of the woman is amazing quiet, and that is great ! It is not easy to stay calm in this kind of “(one-way) discussion” and not to answer with kind of injurious sentences. She overcomes him on all the points.

Have a nice day.

I’d ask if these guys ever learn….but I know the answer.

*screams into big fluffy pillow so the neighbors don’t think someone’s being murdered or something…*

EJ, I love math and I love comedy. I would like to see your work.


Brian, I get why you are scared to talk to women. Women are people, and a large subset of people are either not nice, or nice but confusing. However, there *are* women in your neurotribe. We also find it difficult to interact with people often.

We tend to wear clothing for comfort and don’t dress up as much as other women do. We do like to sometimes have cosplay items in our regular clothing, or nerdy t shirts. We don’t want to be hit on by strange men, but we DO love to talk about our fandoms or interests just as much as any other person on the spectrum does.

So try talking. Not flirting. Just if you have the same interest, say something about it. “Star Wars shirt… I’m really looking forward to the next movie. Would you be a Jedi, or a Sith, or something else?”

@Samantha Vimes:
It’s on a website which is, um, NSFW. I’ll dig it up and repost it when I get home.

(Also, seconding what Vimes said about talking. She is a wise woman and has many knowledges.)

We tend to wear clothing for comfort and don’t dress up as much as other women do. We do like to sometimes have cosplay items in our regular clothing, or nerdy t shirts. We don’t want to be hit on by strange men, but we DO love to talk about our fandoms or interests just as much as any other person on the spectrum does.

*looks down at the Companion Cube t-shirt I’m wearing* MYTH CONFIRMED. =P

Silliness aside, this is how I’ve met most of my friends and all of my long-term partners, so I’d say it’s solid advice. With one addition: Focus on friendship, don’t feign it. Feigning friendship when you’re only really interested in sex is when it falls into creepy territory.

The answer to “why?” is simple positive reinforcement. If the guy has done this 100 times and got himself laid once, hens learned that all he has to do to get laid is nag for sex 100 times. But he’ll do way now than 100 because an orgasm is just about the most powerful drug on the market, ago he has had an enormous amount of positive reinforcement for whatever he believes got him between the sheets before.

Sex is pretty awesome for both men and women (or at least it is if you’re doing it right and are healthy (i.e. Mutually consensual, intact organs, no chronic infections or pain)). This doesn’t justify the guy harassing WWTH for her #, but of she’s a reasonably attractive woman and he’s had similarly attractive woman bite before, he’ll probably go fishing.

What we need to do then is figure out a better reinforcement and how to use operant conditioning to retrain men who have faulty conceptions of what works. Ignoring him completely after a simple “no” is the best way to demonstrate “your approach does not work and is unwelcome.” In my opinion as a man (a happily, sexually fulfilled man!), WWTH did the correct thing that was not only beneficial to her health and safety by not giving a false suggestion of interest, but also beneficial to the guy because he was faced to own the fact that women won’t put up with that nonsense.

I love the straightwhiteboystexting page. They used to have a Facebook page but now it’s called something like texting nightmares.

I’ve submitted a few entries to there. One that they didn’t repost but which was one of my most “wtf” moments was a guy who I’d been messaging but fell asleep before I replied to one of his messages. When I woke up it was to about 20 messages getting increasingly abusive, saying that as I have fake boobs I probably have a fake pu**y too and that I was probably out with another guy and that I’m a whore and stuff. I said to him that I’d fallen asleep and he replied with “I was just joking about all that stuff last night.”

As I’m sure you can imagine, I decided not to contact him again. About 3 weeks later he messaged me asking me to meet him. I said no thank you. He completely freaked out at me and said it’s because I’m racist. I replied that it’s because he’s a creepy asshole and reminded him of his outburst at me when I’d fallen asleep. He doubled down on calling me racist. I blocked him.

I also have a folder on my phone of screenshots of opening messages from men which always either reference their penis, my breasts or both. One particular shitty one was a guy saying he was going to rape me. I sent him a pic of a hot dog slicer and blocked him.


Well I wasn’t counting my mom or sister or grandma, ect. So aside from them and saying hi and thanks to cashiers and stuff….yep, it’s as I said, can’t remember. It may have been about 6-8 years or so. Why you ask?

@ Weirdwoodtreehugger – holy moly those cartoons! I imagine my 10 year old mother and 13 year old father watching in cinemas somewhere in England when they first came out and it’s hard to picture it.

Some of the early Betty Boop ones were full of stoner and death imagery, especially the ones with Cab Calloway. The Tom and Jerry one (which I can’t see as it’s been removed for copyright reasons) seems from the summary to be more about alcoholism.

@ Buttercup Q. Skullpants – put me down for a first edition copy of your dorky detective novel!

Contrapangloss, good on your parents for trying to help kitties. If they absolutely won’t come in I know there are fairly cheap weather proof cat homes people can make, I’d Google em but I’m on my phone. My find goes all around the inner city and feeds /builds homes for feral cats every morning at 5am. I know she uses those big plastic totes and hay for many of the homes. Anyway, I hope it works out. Any animal or human for that matter out in the cold is so heartbreaking.

@gosuamakenatek–I think maybe those of us who are ‘girls’ (and maybe some of those of us who are not) are curious because unless you live in a specifically all-male environment it would seem impossible to avoid any interaction with people who share a characteristic with more than half of all people in the world. We’ve noticed that some men divide the female part of humanity into ‘girls’, who are all young, beautiful and feminine-looking, and who these men are afraid to interact with, and some other group of shadowy, if not repulsive, entities who are old, fat, ugly, unfeminine, or whatever, don’t count as people and don’t register with them as women. So it seems from your answer that you do actually interact with ‘girls’ on a regular basis and am therefore assuming that what you meant by ‘talk to a girl’ was ‘talk to a woman you find attractive with the intent to initiate a romantic relationship’ (guessing that you probably did find some of the servers, cashiers, and other women you regularly interact with while going about your daily life attractive, but didn’t attempt to initiate romantic relationships with them).

The weird thing is when the hostility is right there in with the lust before there’s even been a rejection. Before the lucky, lucky recipient has even seen the message, most like.

I thought this was just their basic strategy – lead with a ‘neg’, insult her, insist she have the conversation on your terms, prove that you don’t care whether she’s into you or not, command her to submit to your mighty peen… All PUAs seem to deliver the same advice – be “dominant”, i.e. an asshole, and that will make you suuuper manly and desirable to wimminz, because science.

In practice, it’s more like some kind of pre-emptive defense mechanism for creating a 100% chance that she will respond with hostility, and then framing her as a b*tch for acting like a human being and not immediately kowtowing to your alpha manliness.

I have never seen anyone respond positively to any such overt jerkwaddery, in fact, I bet even a 100% failure rate would not be enough to make these buttheads think about a change in tactics, because according to “some guy” (like Roosh, or Hartiste, or some boastful randomer on Reddit), it totally works and they are all getting laid, like allll the time.

They do use a scatter-approach, but unlike online scams, it’s not the targets that are gullible for falling for it (I doubt even the most insecure woman would accept such a crappy approach) – it’s the fools who don’t know how to talk to women but are willing to accept such obviously terrible advice from PUAs, and then stick at it long after it should be obvious that women are just people who want to know if you’ve got any cool hobbies.

Even when they know they’ve been screen-capped and subjected to online mockery, they seem to insist on clinging to their toxic personalities. That’s what I find the most weird – the stubborn unwillingness to even privately admit that they’re wrong.

I agree with WWTH that it is often about controlling and abusing girls/ women, not about any actual sex quest. From about 12 – 18 I was often approached by men 40+ for sex, sometimes paid, less often not. Did these men REALLY think that I would be likely to have sex with them? Unlikely – it seems much more likely that they enjoyed humiliating and making their targets fearful.

@ various people above who ask why why why would a guy shout abuse at you after you’ve rejected him/said thanks but no thanks?

Some of you argue that it’s because these guys hate women, or don’t want us to have agency etc. However, and I mean this in the kindest possible way, (or women)

These guys

a) want to ‘score’ with HBs to impress OTHER MEN so they can finally sit with the jocks. So you’re not a person to them, either to love or to loathe, but just a means to an end that you’re not even included in. It’s about THEM and THEIR egos

b) They get aggressive and weird because of the PAIN of rejection, and the HUMILIATION of losing face in front of other men. And becaus anger feels more powerful than sadness or pain or humiliation, they act out. It’s like kicking the lamppost they walked into.

This is not to say that their behaviour isn’t disgusting, stupid, unsuccesful, dangerous and misguided, but more that there is no real you-centered thinking behind it.

Regarding the feral cats, I presently have 4 cats indoors and one porch-dweller. All were neighborhood cats of uncertain provenance when they found my house, and all but one volunteered to join the household. That last one, Tristen, was the genuinely feral one, and we live-trapped him to get him inside because he was both freezing and starving while living in our back yard. It took him about 6 months of watching everyone ELSE get petted over breakfast to decide he wanted to try that, and he’s been my lap kitty ever since. Yes, ferals can be tamed.

Florkje: I’m not saying you’re totally wrong, but the behavior involved generally is directed ONLY at women. To continue your analogy, when this guy walks into a mailbox, he’s still going to go kick a lamppost, because in his mind, lampposts are for kicking.

So it’s still a very misogynistic worldview, even if he’s not consciously considering the woman as a desired goal.

Florkje – I don’t agree. That only works if a man is doing it with other men around – my experience was much more of being sidled up to or approached when few people were around. As for ‘pain of rejection’ – do you really think that approaches like the above described are really employed with a genuine expectation of success?

If a man makes a reasonably respectful approach and is rejected rudely then maybe, but saying outrageous things is just to provoke, and I cannot seriously believe that that kind of men is then hurt by the inevitable rejection.

I agree that in some ways it is not directly hateful – it is more the contempt by someone who thinks you are less than nothing – but that is still misogynistic.

So you’re not a person to them, either to love or to loathe

But how is that not misogynistic?

They get aggressive and weird because of the PAIN of rejection, and the HUMILIATION of losing face in front of other men

This can be true at times, but a lot of harassing and aggressive behavior happens when there is no other man around.

Thanks all for the replies. You do have some points there. I’ll go chew on them for a bit. And it is indeed misogynistic what they do.

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