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“Feminists you should be F***ING SHOT,” and other insights from Scott Adams’ fans

Belle Starr: Proof that women run the world?
Belle Starr: Proof that women run the world?

So our dear old friend Scott Adams has responded to my recent post on him by declaring it “Pathetic Outragism” and me an “Outragist.” He also strongly suggested that I was a stupidhead. Which is a step up, I suppose, from calling me fat, which is the go-to response of many of those I’ve written about.

Adams’ fans, a tiny army of whom showed up here after Adams linked to it, haven’t been quite so polite, leaving behind some comments that I haven’t let out of moderation. But I thought I’d share a few of them with you all.

“You, sir, are an imbecile of the first order,” wrote one. “P Z Myers is a c**t,” wrote another, perhaps a little confused as to what blog he was on. (And no, the original comment didn’t contain asterisks.)

But it was a fellow calling himself John Doe (but using an email account with a woman’s name) that really took the terribleness cake. I’ve broken his huge wall of text up a bit.

CONTENT WARNING: Domestic abuse, gaslighting, genocide, you name it.

Adams is so great. Fuck all you dirty piece of shit feminists you should be FUCKING SHOT or sterilized. or sent to a rehabilitation facility.

Well, I’ll give him this: he gets right to the point.

You should lose your right to vote. Ignorance is dangeorus. and Feminism is evil ignorance. Feminism is not about equal rights and has not been for many decades. Maybe if this was the 1960s america you could say something to me, but now you can shove it up your fucking ass. Fuck american womena nd fuck feminism.

When I started this blog I really had no idea that there were still people around who think women shouldn’t have the right to vote. Turns out there are a lot of them.

Men will stop getting marreid more and more. THe spawn of the MGTOW groups are evidence of this.

I’m not sure that these guys leaving the dating pool is quite the catastrophe for women that MGTOWs think it is.

The government is getting what they want. People to stop breeding.

Uh, I’m pretty sure that the government, at least here in the US, is not terribly interested in stopping people from “breeding.” Hell, the IRS actually gives parents an assortment of tax breaks.

But it turns out that Mr. Doe doesn’t actually think it’s a bad idea to, er, reduce the population of planet earth. Specifically by shooting feminists.

I think every feminist should be sent to a labor camp or imprisoned or shot dead. I don’t care. You are scum and if you are not capable of changing you should lose your right to live. All humans are a burden to the earth, but Feminists are a burden to all humans and everything else, especially men.

This seems harsh.

Women are treated like children and coddled with kid gloves and in some ways you always have been.

[citation needed]

Even in 1890 there was a female bandit in the west that did crazy shit and got away with it for years. But there were men that did the same that were shot dead instantly.

An odd example, but I guess that’s as close to a citation as we’ll get. Presumably he means Belle Starr, who had a long career as a bandit in the “wild west” before being shot to death, possibly by her husband, possibly by a dude who was mad she wouldn’t dance with him. (No, really, those were two of the prime suspects.)

After this short digression, Doe returns to his main themes:

And men have always fought the wars. Women rarely in any society ever had to do so. You got to stay home. You got the easier job.

Women have been working, in the home and out of it, since the dawn of time. They have also been victims of war.

The rant then takes another dark turn:

The only way now for a normal guy to have a healthy relationship with a girl under 30 in the new generation is to scare the shit out of your woman and make her fear you and make her think you will end her life if she tries to screw you over. That is the only way to keep them in line from being destructive bitches. And even then you might have to sit them down and threaten them now and then.

This is abuse 101, though not terribly different from “dread game” as promoted by Heartiste and other pickup artists.

I had to, i’ve had to with the last girl i dated. all the time.

I can only hope he’s talking out of his ass here.

Look what happened when i didn’t. She told her friend i was a drug dealer simply because she was jealous she liked me. She publically slandered me. So i used her took her virginity which honestly id trade for her hotter friend at this point.

What a romantic!

Unless you are rich and powerful and good looking youre only real option to have a good time and enough control that you can relax is to scare the shit out of these girls, find some way to blackmail them or scare them and use it. That is the only way.

Today I Learned that “healthy” heterosexual relationships are only possible if the man is rich and/or abusive.

Even without me saying any of this it remains true and feminism has destroyed the country and everyone born from the 90s onward.

And once again an opponent of feminism demonstrates clearly why feminism is necessary.

Doe had some words for me as well:

David Futrelle is a piece of shit beta male and should lose his right to vote among other freedoms for supporting such a piece of shit ideology.

Apparently the only people Doe thinks should be allowed to vote are men who hate women.

The US and Canada and most 1st world countries are female dominated all the way up to the super rich who then are the men having power but everyone who is not rich is ruled and controlled by females if they want any kind of success. Period.

Yeah, that’s not actually how it works.

Unless you do as I was saying before, find a way to scare a girl and blackmail her into doing what you want. Because even if she likes you, even if you are perfect for her, she would rather run away and flirt with many other guys and fuck things up. So scare her into submission.

If you hate women so much that your notion of a “healthy” heterosexual relationship is one in which the man is so abusive that the woman literally fears for her life. here’s a thought: Don’t date women. Don’t come near them. Seek treatment for your fucked-up ideas.

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Alan Robertshaw
6 years ago

@ dhag

Yeah I get you. Direct incitement is of course relatively easy to spot; it’s the more subtle kind that raises the issues we’ve been chatting about.

Over here, when it comes to cases about incitement or ‘procuring’ we’ll often refer to the phrase “Who will rid me of this turbulent priest?”. That’s from a historical incident here that’s a famous example of accountability for followers.

6 years ago


“Who will rid me of this turbulent priest?”

It’s impossible for me to read that without Brian Blessed’s voice in my head.

That was one of the best episodes of the first season. #Blackadder

6 years ago


Hm, the “don’t address anything” defense might work if an author has little to no interaction with their fans, but Scott Adams is quite active in the comments section of his blog, is he not? (I know he’s active in other people’s comment sections- he even visited WHTM once). Could your argument about falling to address one brand of bigotry not also be applied if Scott Adams interacted with followers who were sexist or racist (but did not advocate violence) and noticeably ignored any of his followers who DID advocate violence?

Argenti Aertheri
6 years ago

…what difference does any of this make? In what possible scenario would Adams actually be in a criminal court for this discussion to even occur? Cuz we can’t even convict people who dox abortion doctors with “who will rid us of these murders”. No blogger is going to find themselves in criminal court facing charges because they told some other person to knock it off. That’s so many assumptions already before the question of proving intentional ignorance even comes up. Even if it did, wtf would the charge be? Conspiracy? Which is damn hard to prove even without trying to prove it via proving a negative?

Not stopping a crime is almost never a crime in its own right — I’m reminded of a documentary on Kitty Genovese’s murder: “what are we going to charge him with, being a bastard?” About the doorman who probably saw it (the other “witnesses” didn’t see or hear enough to really be held accountable morally, forget legally)

6 years ago

I heard that Genovese actually WAS helped by her neighbors, she died in a woman’s arms. just sayin.

Argenti Aertheri
6 years ago

Yeah, that documentary interviewed that woman’s son, by then it was probably too late but his mother was apparently not a woman you fuck with who definitely tried to save her friend. I was talking more about the dozen+ people who could’ve reported her screams the first time around (he came back, stabbed her a bunch, and then fucking came back to stab her more). It’s certainly not the cut and dry “nobody called the cops, they just watched her die” it’s made out to be, the only one that might apply to is the doorman and that line stuck with me — “what are we going to charge him with, being a bastard?” The cops wanted to hold him responsible for SOMETHING but legally he wasn’t guilty of anything since asshole isn’t a crime.

I wish I knew the name of it, but if you pop her name into YouTube you might be able to find it. It was mostly not about her murder, but about her, as a person, how she was a cheerful person, how her and her “roommate” shared a bed and didn’t really date and yeah they probably were a couple but in that era…, and how her best friend’s son saw her (he thought she was wonderful). Most crime documentaries are very much procedurals, this one really wasn’t and it was quite nice to see her being treated as a once very much alive person as opposed to just a corpse used to discuss legal and psychological theories (she’s the psych textbook case of the bystander effect). But then, I was looking at going into forensic psych, I watch lots of those and seeing one focus on the victim, not the crime, or the perpetrator was unusual enough for me to remember it enough to be typing all this!

6 years ago

sounds like a good doc. I usually avoid murder related stuff these days, its just so sad. And like you said, they always focus on the killers and killers are actually sort of boring after you read about a few of them because they usually kill for stupid asshole reasons.

6 years ago

Hey there.

Love your blog and this was a great post. I don’t have anything to add but I just noticed a spelling error. You may or may not care. If you do its here –

“Uh, I’m pretty sure that the government, at least hear in the US, is not terribly interested in stopping people from “breeding.'”

If not, feel free to ignore me ^.^

Keep doing what you’re doing.

Happy Holidays.


Donald J Trump
Donald J Trump
6 years ago

Feminism is no longer required.You have your rights.When I become President I will make sure to pass laws against feminism in the United States of America

4 years ago

I just can’t understand why this guy can’t get laid.

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