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Men’s Rights Redditors respond to my Urban Dictionary post with closely reasoned, substantive arguments

Well, it seems that some of the good folks on the Men’s Rights subreddit have taken issue with my post this morning congratulating them on their massive victory in brigading their preferred definition of “MRA” into the top spot on Urban Dictionary. Apparently they think I was trying to brigade their victory away from them.

Let’s take a look at some of their specific complaints, shall we?

The lovely fellow who calls himself ThePigmen brings up the important issue of me being a “walking shit-stain,” makes an irrelevant pedantic point, and accuses me of running ads I’ve never actually seen on my own site, perhaps because at least some of the ads are tailored to user profiles.

ThePigmanAgain 1 point 2 hours ago Manboobz is a walking shit-stain. Also, he is a moron who can't tell the difference between a suffragist and a suffragette. He also runs ads for gambling sites, which in my book makes him even more of a shit-stain.

Right now the top ad I see on this site is one tailored to “xfinity customers like you,” and I am in fact an xfinity customer, for better or worse.

Whelponry notes that my last name sounds like a naughty thing in French, sort of.

whelponry 1 point 3 hours ago Is it immature to say that his name sounds a bit like "fucker" in French, or is that just the stars aligning to tell us the truth about Mr. White Knight?


Another commenter isn’t quite sure who I am, and decides to simply presume the worst.

Lethn 3 points 8 hours ago I don't even know who this guy is? I presume he's another moron who thinks it's okay to harass and attack people that disagree with him? permalinkembedsaveparentreportgive goldreply [–]Leinadro 4 points 8 hours ago Yes but to be specific he is a morom that thinks its okay its to harass and attack mras. permalinkembedsaveparentreportgive goldreply [–]HotSauciness 2 points 6 hours ago he's a very anti-MRA feminist. He's very popular on AgainstMensRights, I think he even posts there sometimes.

Remember, when you presume you make a pres of u and me!

There is the obligatory wall-of-text-so-big-I-had-to-make-two-screenshots-and-smush-them-together suggesting that no woman would ever touch me and that I am basically like the Ku Klux Klan, if you think about it.

HotZone_ 1 point 2 hours ago Futrelle is one of the most vile characters I've ever come across. Just reading his stuff makes me feel queasy, like I'm watching a minstrel play or something. In fact he closely resembles the "house negro" of the old South. Described here by Malcolm X: So you have two types of Negro. The old type and the new type. Most of you know the old type. When you read about him in history during slavery he was called "Uncle Tom." He was the house Negro. And during slavery you had two Negroes. You had the house Negro and the field Negro. If someone came to the house Negro and said, "Let's go, let's separate," naturally that Uncle Tom would say, "Go where? What could I do without boss? Where would I live? How would I dress? Who would look out for me?" That's the house Negro. But if you went to the field Negro and said, "Let's go, let's separate," he wouldn't even ask you where or how. He'd say, "Yes, let's go." And that one ended right there. The house Negro usually lived close to his master. He dressed like his master. He wore his master's second-hand clothes. He ate food that his master left on the table. And he lived in his master's house--probably in the basement or the attic--but he still lived in the master's house. Judging from his picture, I don't think Dave has any delusions that any woman would ever want to sleep with him, at least not out of legitimate desire. And I think that plays into his psychopathology. He really, really desires some sort of validation from the opposite sex, and "We Hunted the Mammoth" is the result. Every time he attacks men and boys he gets a pat on the head in the form of a few feminists commenting on his blog, and that is apparently enough for him to throw his own gender under the bus. This guy is the lowest of the low. It would be one thing if he limited his half-baked whining to elements of the manosphere that deserve such criticism. But he essentially lumps everyone together as though a man fighting for genital integrity, educational opportunities for boys, due process rights, the end of debtors prisons, father's being able to see their children etc. etc. are exactly the same as some chauvinist posting on the red pill. The interesting thing about the hardcore anti-MRA's is that they fancy themselves "progressives" who are "fighting the man." In fact, they are essentially bullies for the establishment. They will be remembered by history the same we remember people who opposed the abolitionists, the union movement, the civil rights movement and so forth. Remember that David: you will be remembered in the same way we remember the Ku Klux Klan. wall2

One commenter notes that the central premise of the Men’s Rights post — that I sent my “wolf pack” out to brigade the Urban Dictionary definition of MRA — is not actually true. They get downvoted.

tiqr -3 points 8 hours ago Nothing in that article encourages people to brigade urban dictionary. It just mocks this subreddit for doing it. permalinkembedsavereportgive goldreply [–]blueoak9 4 points 8 hours ago Actually Futurelle's groupies hardly have to be told anymore to brigade; he just points out targets and the wolf packs go into action. permalinkembedsaveparentreportgive goldreply [–]tiqr 1 point 8 hours ago That may happen, but it's unfair to accuse him of brigading when there isn't even subtle encouragement in his article. Especially when this sub pretty blatantly engaged in overt "brigading" (activism?) of the same nature. Not that I disagree with the definition as it stands. The other definitions below it are really childish. permalinkembedsaveparentreportgive goldreply [–]garglemesh42 1 point 6 hours ago Perhaps you don't know how batshit insane he and his followers are. permalinkembedsaveparentreportgive goldreply [–]blueoak9 1 point 6 hours ago* but it's unfair to accuse him of brigading when there isn't even subtle encouragement in his article. He trained them in brigading. He no longer has to explicitly deploy them. That's the only difference. He is not innocent here.

Wow. Apparently the Battle of Urban Dictionary is much more important to these folks than I even realized.

If you ever wonder why I turn down offers to debate with MRAs, this is why: they would totally win!

Also, quick note to the wolf pack: CODE 4 RED “THEY KNOW” PROTOCOL 2.6 YANKEE HOTEL MARCOTTE


90 replies on “Men’s Rights Redditors respond to my Urban Dictionary post with closely reasoned, substantive arguments”

It honestly never occurred to me, despite reading this blog for ~2 years, to go downvote the definition at Urban Dictionary.

Bad training, Futrelle!

Did anyone actually do that?


Did anyone actually do that?

Well… if David has us so well trained, maybe we we don’t even realize we’re doing them! Maybe that’s why the lady from the humane society seems to think we’re on a first name basis. Also why my apartment is filled with dozens of cats I have no recollection of ever seeing, much less owning.


It honestly never occurred to me, despite reading this blog for ~2 years, to go downvote the definition at Urban Dictionary.

Bad training, Futrelle!

Did anyone actually do that?

Katie & I missed you at the training. Per David’s instructions, we have cast our down votes on Urban Dictionary.

But it’s not too late for you.

Click through on David’s article and make short work of our prey.

By the way, to anybody who can be bothered upvoting/downvoting (read: Not me), downvote that really ableist one too. Being against MRAs is no excuse for flinging around death threats and the r-word.

Along the way the MRAs lost their Victory. They whined a lot about David and this site (which would be pretty good PR for it!). @David: You are doing the right thing – I salute you 🙂

A minstrel play? How would that even work? Is the analogy here that there isn’t really a man, but “Dave” is actually a woman in “maleface?” Does HotZoneUnderscore acknowledge the existence of Dave but somehow imagine him to be in “womanface?”

I think he’s referring to the tradition of minstrel shows as performed by black people (rather than by white people in blackface). So in his analogy: men are the black people being oppressed by white supremacy, feminists (or maybe just women in general?) are the white supremacists cruelly exploiting their position of power, and DF is a black minstrel performer selling-out his own oppressed class so as to receive some sort of validation and acceptance from the oppressors. It all makes sense if you accept the premise that contemporary men (all 3.5 billion of us…?) are oppressed by feminism, which is one of the foundational principles for most MRA discourse, it seems.

Also, I checked the Urban Dictionary link – the first positive entry for MRA is currently sitting at #7.

So they do an en masse vote to get their ‘preferred’ definition to the top rank. Then, it gets downvoted back to 5th or 6th place, with hostile definitions being upvoted past it.

This, for some reason, is considered cheating, when the original upspamming was not.

I’m having Hugo Award flashbacks, here. Even if you accept that the response was somehow ‘cheating’, the same concept should apply to the original action.


Mam Yes Mam! Opening new tab and engaging the enemy Mam!


Encountering Heavy Resistance. Appear to be elements of the 38th NotAllMen!!


Sustaining heavy casualties. My centre is giving way. My right is retreating. Situation excellent. I attack. Witness Me!!!!!!!!!!!!!

(shaking her fist in the air) Why did I have to get parents that made me eat oatmeal or some other such healthy nonsense for breakfast?! I bet that’s why I never grew tall (ok the real reason is genetics but I feel kind of mean telling the ‘rents it’s all their fault that I’m only 5’1″)!

First the ferrets, now wolves. I’m keeping my fingers crossed for a herd of alpacas or maybe goats if they’re the fainting kind. Cats are a given, but since they’re pretty busy doing the ‘evil overlords’ thing, interrupting them isn’t advisable.

I ate oatmeal porridge and grew to 6’3″. Then again, perhaps it works differently in the Southern Hemisphere.

I would be totally behind the existence of feminist alpaca cereal. Hey, Paradoxy, while you’re making merchandise…


Take it from somebody who keeps cracking their head open on car doors, being tall isn’t as great as it sounds. =P

“Whiny pedantic morons” — sounds about right.

I love one of the alternative definitions, too: “Mra: The sound a cat makes”. Or something like that.

In other news, I just heard that 4Chan hacked itself, 8Chan and Reddit (again). Prepare to be blamed for it (again).

EJ (The Other One) | September 22, 2015 at 10:42 am
I would be totally behind the existence of feminist alpaca cereal. Hey, Paradoxy, while you’re making merchandise…

Whelp, I’ll make a mock-up of that alongside the others, and we’ll see.

I think I’ll put the designs up for vote or something and we’ll see what happens.

I work with ads, it’s called personalized retargeting when the website plants a cookie in your browser and shows you product recommendations from sites you visited. If he sees gambling stuff, he probably visited that gambling site before. I even see some of my own banners here (but you guys wouldn’t, because they are country-specific and personalized). Anyway, the ad space here is likely purchased automatically by ad systems and are completely unrelated to the site – otherwise my company’s ads wouldn’t run here too.


You couldn’t just let me go on being mad at the universe over the height thing and for giving me parents that made me eat healthy stuff, could you?! 😉


Yeah, but I bet you’d be pretty difficult to stuff in the trunk of a car, so we all have our burdens I suppose. 😉

I don’t have much to say about this, so I’m just going to comment on something that stood out to me in the wall of text beyond whatever points they think they’re making.

They will be remembered by history the same we remember people who opposed… the union movement, the civil rights movement…

He might not have noticed that despite some early setbacks, people who oppose the union movement are winning. Somehow their propaganda that lower paying jobs with fewer regulations and protections are good for everyone is winning. The oligarchy is winning.

As for the civil rights movement, there are people actively working to set it back and they are winning elections. They might not be as blatant as the racists of the 50s and 60s, but they are still out there and managed to get parts of the Voting Rights act struck down and how voter ID laws are popping up all over the place.

Clearly they have no French in reality. Futrelle is nothing like enculé, except they both use letters from the same alphabet. They just pour out words and phrases but not in fully coherent groupings with syntax.

In a weird way, it’s comforting to find out the reason you have your feminist opinion is apparently so similar to mine. Yours is so you get sex as a favor from women, and mine is because a man will never desire or love me. If I weren’t happily married to a man who dotes on me, I’d be tempted to suggest we should go trolling for sexual favors and heretofore-denied-affection together.

Aww. The poor little lambs. Such a brief, shining moment of victory after they brigaded UD themselves (which is why, I suppose, they think that’s what our little pack did – the whole world acts just like they do, after all!)

Also, I would be remiss if I didn’t point out my Top Definition UD victory with my husband’s word ‘Nervousing’. Don’t be shy about showering me with acclaim and praise, I can take it.

Nitramy apparently defended himself by saying he didn’t know it was a picture of Dr King

cough cough BULLSHIT ehm

@msexceptiontotherule: Don’t blame the universe! I like the universe. It’s pretty and it’s where I keep my stuff.

Maybe your parents fed you oatmeal in the wrong way. Did it contain cinnamon like it’s supposed to? Did you eat it while perched on top of the world instead of clinging desperately to the underside? Were you male while you ate it? These are important scientific questions which could change the outcome because science.

Futrelle doesn’t sound anything like fucker in french. Though, “seal air” in french would sound like fucker. Because a seal (the animal) is french is a ‘phoque’, geddit?

I have known about this for 20 hours now and I STILL haven’t gone on to UD! I am a regular here so there must be something faulty in David’s ‘brigading training’ – I think you need to be a little less subtle in your approach!

Reading your stuff makes Hotzone_ sick?

But you literally just post things said by people like him.

Pfft. I love how we apparently “brigade”, when most of the snarking by regulars is confined to this blog and its affiliates.

But then again, these guys form the movement whose activism is literally just sitting around calling women nasty words. Compared to them, we’re probably all on the level of minor civil rights heroes or something. Except we’re akin to the kkk? But don’t they have actual, literal klan members fronting their movement?? I’m confused.

“I find it amusing that they think they know about David’s sex life.”

I find it very creepy that they are obsessed with David’s sex life.

Holy false equivalency Batman! Being bullied (aka being called out on your misogyny and just ruining peoples’ lives because they did something you hate like critizing your favorite games) is the same as being denied rights and murdered because of the color of your skin apparently. Wtfudge?

“Except we’re akin to the kkk? But don’t they have actual, literal klan members fronting their movement?? I’m confused.”

If you have “white male logic” then you wouldn’t be confused anymore /s

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