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Read legal etchings before you knead kegel stretchings: MRAs fight false accusations with baffling new condom-wrapper taglines


So Men’s Rights creeper Sage Gerard (aka Victor Zen) has decided to fight against the alleged epidemic of false rape accusations by giving out and/or selling condoms with really stupid slogans on them.

He recently popped up in the Men’s Rights subreddit to publicize his campaign and to ask for advice on which of six stupid slogans he should use. You can see them all in the graphic above. Yes, those are his real slogans.

I sort of think that we here at WHTM can do better. Feel free to suggest improved slogans below. Or make your own graphics!

Here’s one I came up with:


H/T — r/againstmensrights

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Ghost Robot
Ghost Robot
6 years ago

Is Sage planning to hand these out personally? Because I can’t imagine anyone willingly taking condoms from a creeper like him.

Scented Fucking Hard Chairs
Scented Fucking Hard Chairs
6 years ago


Unfortunately, it doesn’t. The whole point of their “False accusations in my soup!” hysteria (for lack of a better word) is to spread the meme far enough that they can rape without fear – and they’re succeeding.

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