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Red Pill Redditor: Give women sexy tingles by calling them losers

Mean Girls: The Red Pill bible?
Mean Girls: The Red Pill bible?

Forget backhanded compliments and clever “negs.” The best way for Red Pill would-be pickup artists to seduce the ladies with words is to call them “losers.”

At least that’s the claim of one much-upvoted Red Pill Redditor who says he learned this devastating new seduction technique from Mean Girls. Yes, that Mean Girls, from which he learned that “women resonate with this feeling of never being loved or accepted.”

In a post that’s garnered more than 450 upvotes so far, REDPILLRECKONING urges his Red Pill brothers to take advantage of “a woman’s desperate need to be accepted” in order to get her into bed.

Every woman has a big red button for a psychological nuke called acceptance in her mind. Learn to revel in her psychotic desperation for approval at large and hone your cool indifference to societal norms for maximum tingles.

And there’s no better way to do this, he tells us, than by the strategic use of the word “loser.”

While calling women “ugly” makes you seem both bitter and unoriginal, pulling out the L-word “gets to the heart off matters without coming across like a complete fedora.” Indeed, the word “loser” is “probably one of the most important tools you will ever have in the battle for tingles.”

If you have the requisite confidence, REDPILLRECKONING informs us, you can “call [a woman] a loser in a bemused way and watch the tingles flow.”

Naturally, the Red Pill regulars are impressed with this analysis.

Someone calling himself notmyusualreddit writes

The reason calling a woman a loser works so well is because they can’t hamster it back. They know they are. A woman without a kid and a husband after 25 IS a loser deep down and they know it and theres nothing they can do. The proof is there.

When my old ex and I were breaking up, she was 26, living at home, having just killed our relationship of 2-3 years by getting way too close to her ex. Sure she had a good job and an MBA, but in reality she was a loser. She was a woman about to turn 27, with no real prospects for a quality man beyond her orbiters. She had to start over and wade through the guys that just want to fuck her and hope she can keep one.

What a sad position to be in at 27 instead of 21.

Because 27-year-olds are such decrepit hags.

Waynebradysworld agrees that abusive behavior is really the best way to score “poon.”

Treat a woman like dirt and she will stick to you like mud.

I’ve never really had to do this explicitly, as I prefer to simply keep them on their toes to prevent domination.

I have witnessed many other guys (who got more poon than me) do it all the time though. Its amazing and disturbing how effective it really is.

One fellow innocently remarks that he has actually found success not by insulting women but by — get this! — listening to them

Confessing that he doesn’t quite get how the “loser” thing “works with a nice normal girl,” he suggests that

I guess I just meet very different women from the ones ya’ll meet. Last night I seemed to impress a new woman pretty highly just by taking an interest in all of the things she does.

Naturally, he is downvoted below zero for this heresy.

Taking an interest in what a woman does! What’s next, taking her seriously as a human being? Respecting her opinions?

What a loser this guy is!


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“A woman without a kid and a husband after 25 IS a loser deep down and they know it and theres nothing they can do. The proof is there.”

Please give me proof of this ‘proof’, good sir.
Because after all, all women’s benchmark of success is being tied to someone that could be a jackhole just for the sake of a piece of paper and popping out a kid. Ayup.

Now while I’m a fortyish old hag incapable of having a child despite being a cis hetero woman (hysterectomy), and I wish I’d done better in the job department than I have, somehow I don’t feel *too* loserish. Probably because motherhood was ‘no… just no’ in my mind to begin with, and I somehow managed to get married to a lovely guy who feels as I do. At 42, even. More importantly, I never encountered this turdblossom and that’s a win all by itself.

Also, the redpillocks seem to have mistaken “seething rage” as “tingles” in regards to negs, which only goes to prove the level of intellectual gyrations *they* go through to feel justified in being butttrilbys.

This really, REALLY, makes me appreciate my spouse…I wonder just how common this silly, Red Pill thinking really is?

Additionally, as a middle-aged person, I would NEVER want to be young again.

This reminds me of the that thread about using the nazi whatever number of words on tinder… Because any emotional reaction means she’s turned on. These guys must have the same kind of mindset.


‘quality’ man in redpillese: Vertebrate and might occasionally wash his ass.

But chicks better not go for that other guy who washes his ass more, because he’s totally beta, you guize.

@ Tessa

Combining all the MRA advice we’ve had just recently I get something like:

“Heil Honey

Now I wouldn’t normally date a member of the untermensche but I’m willing to make an exception and allow you to be my brood mare to pop out fine Aryan babies. That’s not a bad gig for a loser like you so let’s hunker in my bunker.

Oh, and you’re paying for dinner. But let me hand over the cash.”

Form an orderly queue ladies.


I totally agree with you. Every time I come to this blog and see the asshattery these peeps get up to, I realize how lucky I am to have a boyfriend who treats me like… you know… a fellow human being. I am thankful that he knows I am, apart from anatomy, essentially the same as him.

Isn’t there that famous saying, treat others like you want to be treated? Perhaps that’s why MRAs get so much bs flung their way.

Today complaining about women waiting too long to settle down tomorrow complaining that married women are lazy gold diggers. It’s like red pillers and anyone with their mindset are just misognists complaining that women don’t actually need men to be happy and to do amazing things.

@Alan: Hunker in my bunker…that made me smile. Those clowns wouldn’t be nearly as witty as that.

@f1ver10: I hear you. I’ve been married for 23 years to someone who treats me like a fellow human…I married young, at 24.

ZOMG I am sooooo turned on by this, guys. Little fireworks are just flying out of my vag in anticipation of being degraded by one of these assholes *SOEXCITEDZOMG!!!*

@Buttercup Q. Skullpants:

She was a woman about to turn 27, with no real prospects for a quality man

She was breaking up with (the posting redditor), but perhaps Red pillers really don’t understand “addition by subtraction”. Seems her prospects were getting better pretty much by default!


Close, but “Hunker in my bunker” is way too clever for these dimwits to ever come up with. =P

A woman without a kid and a husband after 25 IS a loser deep down

25?? That’s barely enough time to complete a Bachelors’ degree and find a semi-decent job. What the hell would she want a kid for at that age?

@Alan – I think you’ve pretty much nailed it, but it’s not nearly long-winded enough and you didn’t once address her as m’lady or mention your house Directly On The Beach. Only 4/5 vagina tingles were had.

What I hear when I read “Yeah, she’s got a great job and an MBA and is 27 but she’s a loser” is “The girl broke up with me, so there must be something wrong with her, ’cause I’m perfect.” Basically, dood can’t fathom that he might not be a fabulous catch and is justifying this to himself.

And if THAT’s not “hamstering”, I don’t know what is.

(Also, I love how they believe that a woman’s thought processes are generated by tiny busy rodents, but that their own ideas, including idiotic ones like “hamstering”, are suuuuuuper-rational and the product of fully-human genius. Also, this seems germane.)

@ Altofronto

your house Directly On The Beach

I am just about to move into a house overlooking the beach; and judging by the state of the cliffs it may well soon be more directly on the beach than I’d prefer (cheap though)


Jebus I’m 35, unmarried with no kids, I’d hate to think what these asshats would think of me ~curls into her bubble where everyone is nice and happy and has kittens~

You don’t need to care what these guys think–their standards are absurd. Sending you good wishes.

I kind of like how they keep talking about vaginal tingles as a sign of arousal, because it’s emblematic of how very little they understand about female anatomy, let alone psychology.

Making people feel good about themselves has always worked pretty well for me in terms of dating.

@ Carayak The wording makes no sense, but it sure does send ‘tingles’ down my spine. REDPILLRECKONING makes it pretty clear that women are a means to an ends for himself (and his loyal listeners). I’m pretty sure he doesn’t really care about females in any way other than their ‘utility’.

Dang their opinions and individualism! What annoying obstacles to poor oppressed males trying to ‘utilize’ nature’s bounty!

Wow they totally missed the message of Mean Girls. Somehow I think they stopped watching about halfway through.

They really should know that the average married age for men and women is getting higher and higher. If I remember my Modern Romance correctly, the average age for men being married is something on the order of 30, while for women it’s around 27 or so.

Welcome aboard, Qubrick!

And yeah. They’re totally clueless about these things. They probably lament the fact that women are “wasting” their “prime” by marrying two years past their Best Before date, on average. (Probably blame it for all of society’s real and imagined degeneracies, too.)

And that’s not even counting those like me, who managed to make it into their forties without marrying or having kids, and are quite happy that way. Apparently I’m invisible to them, and that’s quite all right with me!

What I often find funny and sad about PUA types is that sometimes, if you squint, you can actually see the good dating advice that’s been sent through a few funhouse mirrors made of misogyny and misery.

For example, it’s not uncommon for inexperienced people to be very intimidated by the type of people they are interested in dating. So it might be good advice to say, “they are just a regular person like yourself, not an infallible, perfect being waiting to laugh when you fail.” And then after a trip through the funhouse mirrors that becomes “call women losers and they will want to sex you up”.

I’m fairly certain none of these wretched bloviating gutterslugs have actually ever ENJOYED a relationship…they’re too caught up in “Frame”, making the datee feel bad so they wont “lose status”, checking out men around them to see if they’re with “higher value” ‘feeeeemales’, and patting themselves on the back. It sounds EXHAUSTING…but apparently not so exhausting that they ever ACTUALLY “go their own way”…pity.

@ Bananananana – ever wonder where they get all the energy? I spose rage and fear are efficient fuel sources :-p

Well, there’s one thing to be said about the douchebro in the OP. He really does give away the entire “red pill” game. Which is to abuse young women who don’t have the relationship experience to fully suss them out, try and trap them early in marriages (and possibly pregnancy) so that they don’t feel they can escape easily and then escalate while stoking up their resentments that occasionally their woman property asks them to participate in chores.

It’s basically that abusive shitty college boyfriend except as a moral guiding philosophy.

Treat a woman like dirt and she will stick to you like mud.

But… but I thought the MRAs were all in a tizzy about women being filthy, filthy things that never shower and are thus becoming undateable! Now mud is a GOOD thing?

Alternate snarky response: Is that why you guys are so opposed to bathing and wiping your asses? You do know that ladies will not actually physically stick to you, right? Or if they do, something has gone terribly, terribly awry?

I think the red pill people might be on to something here. Let’s extrapolate it to the logical conclusion of how to *really* get inside women’s minds.

Hey bro, you know how to really get a girl? You have to hit her in a place called “self esteem.” You have to make sure that she has lots of it, because then she won’t be all annoyingly needy and will actually be fun to be around due to being generally happier.

You may think that she’ll leave you if she feels confident. Not so! Remember that women’s hamsters naturally seek out a situation in which they feel safe and comfortable. Therefore she’ll be helpless against you if you adopt a strategy called “being a good and kind boyfriend.” That way when she likes and respects herself, she’ll want to be with someone she likes and respects too, and that’ll be you!

If you do this right you’ll accumulate more and more sex as it goes along, and will find that she’s more and more fun to be with. This happens due to an evopsych principle called “pair bonding”, which happened because back on the savannah, men and women who got along well would continue getting along well. It’s totally science even though it’s not falsifiable.

The process isn’t easy but for alphas like you it’s totally worth it. Remember these four simple rules: Raise her self esteem, be a good and kind boyfriend, be generally an admirable person, and cultivate the relationship. You’ll never be without sex!

@Buttercup Q. Skullpants

Fake alpha libertarian edginess? Check.
Idiotic, reductive jargon (“tingles”)? Check.
Writing style sounds like a pompous, badly programmed sci-fi robot? Check.
Avoids the need for self-improvement by moving the goalposts to where the ball already is? Check.
Is absolutely, utterly, 180-degree dead wrong about what women find attractive? Check.

Honestly, I don’t think they’re giving each other this terrible advice because they actually think it works. It just makes them feel better to come up with scientific justifications for lobbing kindergarten-level insults at women.

Once again, Buttercup, you have nailed it!


Must be. That and having nothing better to do with their time than to channel said rage and fear. 😛 I love how they keep caterwauling “I’m gonna go away and you’re gonna be sorry! You’ll really regret it when I get my sexbot! I’m gonna go away this time! Really!” Except sadly… they don’t.

Reminds me of that one Robin Williams routine talking about Ghaddafi and the ‘Line of Death’: “This is a Line of Death! You cross it, you die! No, *this* line, you die! This line, you die! THIS line, you die! Ehh, you knock on the door to my house, I’m not coming out, nyaaahhh!”

Follow-through: they not has it.

“I’m gonna go away and you’re gonna be sorry!”

Like the Randroids threatening to “Go Galt.” Go ahead, guys. We’re waiting.

Is someone trying to DDOS and

I keep getting the following:
Error 522 Connection timed out

I dunno…could be! Could also be something much more mundane, though…like Roosh not keeping his hosting or domain-name servers paid up and running.

Either way, I welcome this new development.

Hipsterterminator, both those domains use CloudFlare, who provide DDoS protection. Maybe check, because CF do have occasional issues. We saw this recently with a site we host behind CF: the customer reported an outage, but the origin server was fine, and CF was at fault.

I don’t follow Roosh’s sites, so I don’t know whether he’s used CF for ages, or has just switched today in response to problems.

Exhibit A:

> “no prospects for quality guys”

> you’re trying to get in her pants

Exhibit B:

“Sure she had a good job and an MBA,”

And a redpiller living off her.

Yeronner, it’s an open-and-shut case. The real loser…is the accuser.

IOW: He who smelt it, dealt it.

I’m 28 with no partner and no kid… guess I’m a loser. Oh no. What will I do with myself. Looks like I need to go out and find an indignant misogynist who believes a woman’s only value is in what she can provide to a husband and offspring… then I can marry him and my life will have purpose once again. Joy.

@ altofronto

Nope, Cornwall.

Cliff erosion on the Holderness coast, where Whitby is, is an interesting topic. When I was a kid my nan had a caravan on that coast. We’d quite often go there. Originally it was about 3 miles from the sea. Every year the sea got a bit closer until one day the cliff edge was about 10 feet away.

Now that site is about 5 miles out to sea.

As significant parts of Yorkshire were being washed away they experimented with massive sea defences. That stopped the erosion but had the knock on effect of causing flooding in Holland. The spoil from the erosion had previously washed up there and reinforced the dykes.

Rather than take advantage of a super villain level of blackmail we agreed to sacrifice our coast to stop the Dutch from drowning.

For a fascinating look at this topic you can read up about the geographical feature, Spurn Head.

@Alan: Near Whitby, pretty much all of Runswick Bay fell into the sea in 1682. Luckily, everyone was at church at the top of the hill, so there were no casualties. And they say organised religion’s not good for you! /s

Also, the redpillocks seem to have mistaken “seething rage” as “tingles”

This reminds me of the that thread about using the nazi whatever number of words on tinder… Because any emotional reaction means she’s turned on.

This seems to be the old “you’re beautiful when you’re angry” trope flipped on its head.

@ andalusa

Yeah, lot of Yorkshire in the sea now, although on the bright side it reinforces our claim that Doggerland is part of the county.

“A woman without a kid and a husband after 25 IS a loser deep down and they know it and theres nothing they can do.”

Laughing raucously because I am such a woman. Married but no kids and way past 25. Wow. What a Loser am I. And I didn’t even know it. Thanks RedPillers.

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