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Open Thread for Non-Personal Stuff: Late July 2015 Splashy Splashy Edition

I'm pretty sure this has never actually happened.
I’m pretty sure this has never actually happened.

To go along with the Open Thread for Personal Stuff I just put up, here’s an Open Thread for everything else. As always, NO TROLLS, NO MRAs.

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Would that be any different than their commentary on any other male shooter in the past with a hint of a connection to a woman? It’ll be the same old “we totally don’t condone violence, but this is what happens when we men are so dang oppressed. Women aren’t to blame for this, but it’s really their fault.”

I am in full trigger mode over all this information coming out about Sandra Bland. I know I should read the autopsy report, I will have to wait on that, I really wish I could delve in to it now. I am angry angry angry. I always thought she had been murdered, but knowing how much that dashcam video was edited and cropped, and seeing her mugshot where it looks like she’s laying on the floor… it’s just too much.

We have a huge problem in this country. What can we do? What is it going to take to stop these murderous police? Some of these police are like serial killers that can only get away with one, but you know they want more corpses at their own hands.

I hope to see this murder investigation turn up someone for the death penalty. It’s Texas, so that should be on the table. I feel so helpless.

Oh, I’m sorry about the shooting. I hadn’t heard about that.

@brian – hello! I’m also an English major. I mean, in the past I was. (I am a terrible communicator sometimes, so don’t worry about that. Your post sounded coherent and interesting. I’ve never read the Illuminatus trilogy, but I’ve known people who were fans.)

Apparently, the r/RapingWomen and r/PhilosophyOfRape moderators (like European88) weren’t banned even after the subreddits were banned. They’ve been organizing on private subreddits to create a “Rape Philosophy” Web site.

There was a post about all this on r/ShitRedditSays, it was taken down but it’s archived:

Thankfully, WordPress suspended the philosophyofrape blog. But it seems like GoDaddy doesn’t take down hosted sites unless they get a request from law enforcement.

The site David is talking about was banned by WordPress for violating the terms of service. They’re planning on creating a new site hosted on GoDaddy or their own private server.

Trying to figure out exactly what the hell is going on between Ophelia Benson’s blog and PZ Myers’. There seems to be tension in the comment sections or at least there was until PZ shut down all discussion on the matter which I still don’t grasp. I’m confused. Hmm.

Dear YouTube: I’m subscribed to half a dozen feminist channels and have a playlist of people taking the piss out of MRAs. What kind of backwards-ass shitty coding causes your “Recommended for you” generator to look at that and spam me with Thunderf00t and Aurini?

I’ve gotten recommendations for thunderf00t and The Amazing Atheist a number of times before. Probably cause I watched some of Anita Sakeesian’s videos.

Has anyone else seen this petition on about Amnesty International?

I got there from a Guardian article which looks completely reasonable.

I thought Yes I should sign that. And got to it here,

And then I wondered. I’m not at all fond of the wording. I’m having second thoughts.

Okay, did anybody else have the Windows 10 installation files force-download themselves despite not “Reserving” and instead telling it to fuck off? Because that just ate up $100 I don’t have in bandwidth overflow and I’m PISSED OFF.

Don’t know if this has been posted, but a Louisiana teen got smashed in the face with a brass pipe by some catcallers while sitting in an car, in a bathing suit, after she went swimming. Posting the link below because it’s graphic. Also, I would avoid the comments, because as far as I could see, they’re 90% screeches of reverse racism (the teen girl was white, the male catcallers black), 10% victim blaming for stopping at a gas station a “bad” neighborhood, and 0% mentions of misogyny. Apparently catcalling white women is really anti-white racism, and not misogyny. 9_9

Story, *with graphic photos*.

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