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The Sarkeesian Effect Trailer is out at last! Watch it here!

Cinema history is being made today! Just not here.
Cinema history is being made today! Just not here.

The wait is over! The Sarkeesian Effect Trailer is out at last! So, without further ado, here it is:

Sorry for any confusion. “The Sarkeesian Effect Trailer” is the name of my new 43 second long film, starring the top of my head, and a very special guest I was lucky to be able to have the opportunity to film: my cat Sweetie Pie Jonus. (My other cat, Pantz, was in the other room.)

I handled the audio and the cinematography. My cats helped with the set dressing.

I hope you enjoyed it.

Oh, and by the way, The Sarkeesian Effect: Official Trailer #1 is also out as well. You know, the one put together by those other guys. You’ll be pleased to see that The Empty Pizza Box made the final cut!

I have to say, those guys don’t really seem to know what they’re doing.

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re: “based”

Once upon a time, there was a hip-hop artist named Lil B. Some critics described his work as “based,” as in “debased.” Lil B decided to reclaim that word of criticism and now uses it to refer to a lifestyle of positivity and good attitude.

Some (mainly) young white men decided that sounded great and appropriated the word, applying it to whatever appeals to them, no matter how hateful.

Now you know.


Yep. Not only is this word being used incorrectly, it’s straight-up appropriation. Good times all around!

You have to be a gamergater to know what this is about. It starts out promising, like violence in video games, and then goes i dont know where.


I think what happened with Jack Thompson is that he criticized Sarkeesian publicly and gamergoobers anointed him Based Dad (alongside Christina Hoff Sommers as Based Mom) without really being aware of his history.

Oh, they’re totally aware of his history and always have been. But he criticized Sarkeesian, therefore all is forgiven. One thing you have to give GG, their capacity for cognitive dissonance is astonishing.

Check out these bonafides!
– converter of oxygen to carbon dioxide
– vertebrate
– masticater
– shoe wearer


I love how they’ve chosen a picture of Anita holding a games console, while accusing her of not playing the games she critiques.

And would it have killed them to dig up some actual quotes rather than attributing a load of bullshit ones which apparently the facebook commenters below took at face value?

David I love your video but where are the skulls? I mean, this IS “The Sarkeesian Effect,” so there’s supposed to be several background skulls.

– About to donate funds
– Seriously considering clicking on Paypal
– Thinking about action
– Started many “not hot” actress imdb threads

I’d also wager good money that microaggressions exist in abundance in sub-Saharan Africa.

We don’t have microaggressions. We have macroaggressions.

(Also yes, yes of course we have microaggressions. Every time I go back to South Africa to visit family, I become more and more acutely aware of how the society is full of them. It’s probably no more full than any other society, but the fact that I’ve been out of South Africa for a long time means that I notice it more acutely.)

Looks pretty terrible, like they took a bunch of youtube commentators and have them say a lot of bollocks, oh well, can’t say i expect anything at all from this.

Okay I watched the trailer a few times, (okay, I did that after I watched David’s trailer and cooed over the kitty) I am still really confused by how they are “inside the world of social justice warriors.” It seems, from their trailer, that they only talked to people outside of that world. Is this 1) a failure to understand how words and marketing work, or 2) I am hoping for WAY TOO MUCH sense out of this “documentary”?

Pandapool -- The Species that Endangers YOU (aka Banana Jackie Cake, for those who still want to call me "Banana", "Jackie" or whatever)says:


Definitely point number 2.

– Twitterer
– Walmart shopper
– Pharmaceutical taker
– 40-year-old virgin
– Treadmill owner
– Registered sex offender (but not the bad kind)

Seriously, ridiculous taglines have been a comedy trope for years and years. Are Tub & Skull trying to make themselves look bad? I guess that’s what makes them so eminently mockable.

Also, the subtitle is “inside the world of social justice warriors” yet the entire perspective seems to be from outside the purported SJW world. Or maybe they mean the SJWs have taken over and the news footage represents the inside view. The world of social justice warriors… is out world! Twist ending!

Speaking of titles, what is up with that font combination? MY EYES THEY BURN.

Also, “our world” not “out world.” *facepalms*

I sadly don’t have time yet to truly savor this delight, but my favorite moment so far is when Nick Robalik, describes an unidentified man as “disturbing” and “a genuinely frightening man”. Robalik uses both “he” and “him”, so he’s definitely discussing someone he considers an a man and I presume he knows Sarkeeeeesian is a woman. So he’s discussing a random unidentified man in a trailer for a doc about one woman and the viewers have no idea who or what he’s going on about. Well done boys.

They should have considered watching how interviews are professionally filmed before they made Attack of the Awkward Two Shots. j/k I’m going to love every unprofessional misstep in this goofball monstrosity.

Speculation time: What species of small animal left that bite mark on Elam’s hand?

Nick Robalik, describes an unidentified man as “disturbing” and “a genuinely frightening man”. Robalik uses both “he” and “him”, so he’s definitely discussing someone he considers an a man and I presume he knows Sarkeeeeesian is a woman.

I have more than half assumed that he’s referring to David Futrelle.

@ Ej

Every time I go back to South Africa to visit family,

I was chatting to a SA friend about Charlze Theron. His take:

“She’s from Benoni cuz. She probably thinks ‘Mad Max’ is a Rom-Com compared to that place”

Re: “based”

It’s actually a reference to freebasing cocaine, i.e., “basing”. He was indeed reclaiming the word (you’re right that some journalists made the “based/debased” pun), there’s just another, even grosser layer to it.

Those tag lines – dilettantes! Unworthies!

Me? Check out the credits I can list, just for myself! All from the last month!

water boiler
failed vegan
licensed driver
pancake flipper
surgery survivor
litterbox scooper
imported tea drinker
good-music enthusiast
bio-active enzyme producer
published internet commenter
children’s bicycle-chain re-installer
reverse-engineer of photosynthesis
newly republished internet commenter

They can’t hold a candle to…


Candle holder.


Theluckyfrog, you are displaying first-world privilege.

There are way too many “issues” that are naught but triviality.

Question: Aren’t documentaries not supposed to show the interviewer? I’ve never seen a documentary where the interviewer is in the frame nodding like a goofball

Registered Nurse
Dinner Defroster
Bicycle Rider
Wedding Attendee
Supportive Girlfriend
Eater of Crackers
Wearer of Skirts and Yoga Pants (oh the horrors)

It took me a minute to notice that the shot of Sarkeesian from behind is a drawing. Right? So that’s what they meant when they kept talking about how it was almost done, and they were just finishing some editing and having some animations made?

Haha, Friday Jones beat me to it. You have to appreciate the irony of men who are shitting themselves in anger because a woman says nasty things about their favourite videogames playing the “starving children in Africa” card. Hey gomblrgokers, do you think child soldiers have time to worry about not being able to call some videogame critic a c*nt on her YouTube page?

I don’t know why they needed most of the titles when they could have reused the same title for all of them.
“Aaron Clarey, Misogynistic Asshole; Karen Straughn, Misogynistic Asshole; Paul Elam, Misogynistic Asshole; Jack Thompson, Misogynistic Asshole;” etc.

I laughed when Paul Elam said “It’s about money first and ideology a close second.” That doesn’t sound like your con (in more ways then one) not at all.

– Carbon-based Life Form

– Terrestrial Inhabitant

– Organic Entity

– Atomic Composition

If I were them, I don’t think I would’ve chosen those clips for the intro. I feel like you’d normally want either clips showing the disastrous consequences of what you’re speaking against or shocking, but clearly wrong things that are being said by the opposing side. Not clips that look like they’re making a pretty reasonable case in defense of what you’re speaking against. It’s just not a very hard-hitting opening.

I mean, a climate change documentary would show clips of the concrete disasters caused by global warming (floods, droughts, arctic ice melting), or how deeply we’re damaging the planet (amazon forest deforestation, wild animals dying from pollution or found with massive amounts of cigarette butts in their digestive tracts) or scientists predicting how bad things are going to be in the future if we don’t change anything. The equivalent of what they did would be…I don’t know, some clips of reporters saying that the planet still has time to heal and that there’s nothing to worry about for now. It’s problematic, but it doesn’t shock you, and really you’ll only see that it’s problematic if you already know why it’s problematic. Normally, when you do this kind of montage, you want to invoke some feeling of urgency, right? But then, it’s not like there’s any way you could frame people saying “Anita Sarkeesian has too much vitriol directed at her, this is a problem and we shouldn’t condone this” in a scary way, so I can’t blame them for being unable to do so.

I get that what they’ll be talking about isn’t Anita Sarkeesian herself, but people blindly rushing at her defense and shutting down critics, but those clips still don’t show what’s so bad about them, or what worrying consequences it has on society. Their point is that it’s causing people to be censored left and right and it’s threatening free speech, no? Show examples of that!


Oh right.

I’ll give them credit on one thing! I managed to hear every word the interviewees said, so they really did improve the audio from the teaser, as they promised they would. However they didn’t edit out Jordan Owen’s shoe out of the frame, during Karen Straughan’s interview, I see, and they seem to still have issues keeping the lighting consistent. They also didn’t edit the interviewers out of the frame while the interviewees were speaking either. I don’t think these guys know the difference between a documentary and a youtube video.

And why would you include someone mumbling their words, or awkwardly avoiding eye contact in a trailer? Or acting really, really juvenile (the first guy)? You’re supposed to show the compelling parts. You’re supposed to make us interested. It’s your chance to get people interested in your movie.

Ah you all just gave me a belly laugh.
potential jurur/ amateur composter & poinsettia haver (it is still alive!)

So. When Aaron Clarey thinks a movie has problematic elements his criticism is valid and worthy of consideration, but Anita is somehow destroying video games. Bit of an own goal since they did that interview.

Whatever. I am sure they have deeply interesting footage of the outside of a mail box company.

I don’t think I’ll be paying to see the full-length version of this, when and if it ever comes out. I was too traumatized by Paulie’s creepy eyes and blatant projection, and by Jordan Owen’s doughy white chest (what the actual fuck, did he take douchebag-dressing lessons from his PUA colleague there, or what?)

Also, did anyone notice that when Aurini was interviewing that OTHER racist skinhead type, they might as well have just captioned that shot “The Bobbsey Twins”?


vagina haver
cat herder
multilingual semi-pro translator
bike rider
indie-music listener

Why the fuck are they interviewing the CEO from Stardock?
Sorry about language but what the flying fuck?
Come on, guys; I buy those games. 🙁

On another note: Woah, dude! They got a wikipedia editor

Opium, it’s even more ironic than that, in that Clarey called for a mass boycott of something he hadn’t even seen. I can only imagine what would happen if Sarkeesian did anything even remotely similar.


-Earth native

-Air breather

-Food eater

-Water drinker

-Placental mammal

-2 X chromosomes haver


-Ape (Homo Sapiens)

-Good English speaker, but bad speller

-Clothes wearer

-Internet User

-Photo Taker-Proud owner of a Sony Alpha 6 (awesome little camera! 😀 I LOVE it!)

-Lightroom, Photoshop and Painter user

-Gym goer

-Potential Criminologist

Hhmmmm… That’s about it really.

Pandapool -- The Species that Endangers YOU (aka Banana Jackie Cake, for those who still want to call me "Banana", "Jackie" or whatever)says:


Such qualifications! You’ll be the number one interviewed in The Sarkeesian Effect 2 Electric Boogaloo: Anita Strikes Back!

David, I really got to say that your Sarkeesian Effect trailer is 100x better than the real thing! XD You even managed to point the camera at the interviewee. I really liked the really long pause for effect at the end. LOL! I liked the cat paintings, too. Who was the artist?

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