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The Sarkeesian Effect Trailer is out at last! Watch it here!

Cinema history is being made today! Just not here.
Cinema history is being made today! Just not here.

The wait is over! The Sarkeesian Effect Trailer is out at last! So, without further ado, here it is:

Sorry for any confusion. “The Sarkeesian Effect Trailer” is the name of my new 43 second long film, starring the top of my head, and a very special guest I was lucky to be able to have the opportunity to film: my cat Sweetie Pie Jonus. (My other cat, Pantz, was in the other room.)

I handled the audio and the cinematography. My cats helped with the set dressing.

I hope you enjoyed it.

Oh, and by the way, The Sarkeesian Effect: Official Trailer #1 is also out as well. You know, the one put together by those other guys. You’ll be pleased to see that The Empty Pizza Box made the final cut!

I have to say, those guys don’t really seem to know what they’re doing.

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Yeah, that pitch from Elam was superspecial. If anyone knows what this is about, Paul does, fer sure, lol.

And I just looked up Jack Thompson (thanks, PussyPowerTantrum, the Lousy Flouncer). Unreal. I guess Charlie Manson was not available?

Wow, flashback to the 90’s, Jack Thompson AND Jim Goad! It’s like they went looking for the creepy guy Godfathers and found ’em. That’s so funny, especially since you could’ve probably cage-matched those two back in the day.

@Policy of Madness:

I reckon “ex-Wikipedia editor” didn’t have the same ring?


They’ve really assembled a panel of illustrious experts there.

A tiny bit of research reveals that Feminist Frequency’s address is 340 S Lemon Ave #9746, in Walnut California. A tiny bit additional research reveals that this address physically belongs to an outfit called “Virtual Post Mail.”

It is a fancy mail box that will open and scan your mail and email it to you.

It will forward packages.

I will not be at all surprised, at all surprised, if Dumb and Dumber try to make this out like it’s something nefarious. In fact, I will be shocked if they don’t.

I always thought the eponymous Effect was supposed to refer to the extent that Sarkeesian has become an important figure purely via the quantity of vitriol thrown at her, as a sort of reverse Streisand Effect.

If so, perhaps the purpose of this video isn’t to talk about the Sarkeesian Effect, but instead to demonstrate it by seeing if she gets even bigger than ever.

All I can think of when I think of Death Race is, “It’s my hand grenade.”


My husband was kinda mad at me for making him watch that movie. He was also perturbed I insisted he watch Galaxy of Terror.

But how can you go through life without hearing Sid Haig say, “I live by the crystal and I die by the crystal!”
You can’t. That’s how. Also, check out this awesome Sid Haig side eye.

In addition to Wikipedia editors, ex-attorneys, and PhD candidates, I have some other ideas for kinds of experts they could talk to:

* Interviewee
* Woman
* Fantasy football coach
* Credit card holder
* MENSA candidate
* YouTube commenter
* Mouth haver
* Amateur economist
* Netflix subscriber

I was thinking the same thing RC did. Jack Thompson? I suspect he won’t be talking about video games, just women having special privileges. Or he had a change of heart? Or perhaps he’ll claim that when he criticised VG, nobody listened to him, but when a woman does it, they do?


Do microaggressions exist in Sub-Saharan Africa?

Whut? What has that got to do with anything?

Even if it was a relevant question, considering that Sub-Saharan Africa is a gigantic place inhabited by several different ethnic groups and -let’s not forget- plenty of white people as well, I’d say that yes, they have microaggressions there, and by the truckload.

By the way, the only useful information I, as a gamer, could get from this trailer is whose games never to buy.

Ooh, ooh, great idea alpha! Let’s all come up with possible expert descriptions, here’s mine:

College graduate/avid recycler

Ok mine sucks, but I want more from you clever people, go!

“Wikipedia Editor” reminds me of Charlie Brooker’s programmes where they’ll have actors playing talking heads, with stupid titles like “Opinion Haver” or “Mouth User”. In fact, I’m pretty sure that “Wikipedia Editor” was one of them!

Oops, back there I should have said “ethnic groups including -let’s not forget- plenty of white people”. A microagression of my very own, how “nice.”

* Metaboliser
* Has two arms
* Visible
* Student driver
* Registered voter
* Starbucks customer
* Biped

– Experienced Voter.
– Gun Owner.
– Walmart Shift Supervisor.
– Genuine Black Man.
– Let’s Play Livestreamer.
– X-Box Live Troll.
– Dog Owner.
– Motorcycle Enthusiast.
– Street Magician.
– College Republican.
– Hobbyist Carpenter.
– DYI Expert.

-Young Republican
-High School Teacher
-Jail inmate
-NOT our dealer
-Okay, our dealer
-That guy who hangs out on the street corner
-AA Member
-Pastry Chef
-Rejected Reality Show Contestant

Did anyone else notice the guy like halfway through who is suddenly talking about an unnamed man he says is seriously scary or something along those lines? WTF?

-Muhammad Drawer
-Cat Hoarder
-Ayn Rand Enthusiast
-Harlan Ellison Impersonator
-Ben Carson Speechwriter
-Solitaire Enthusiast
-Flat-Earth Advocate

So they made a documentary in which they’re preaching to the choir? The trailer is clearly aimed at people who already know who Anita Sarkeesian is and what she’s criticised for. It lacks appeal for outsiders.

Let me guess, the mailing address for ‘Feminist Frequency’ is a post office box? Oh, the outrage!

Oh. Em. Gee. That’s looks terrible. So because they fail to interview anyone from the opposition viewpoint and track her down creepily (To prove what exactly? That she has a PO Box or an accountant??) it’s not so much a documentary but equal parts propaganda and part obsessive stalking?

You know, someone should have told the creeping slime molds—You can make chicken salad out of chicken shit.

I’d also wager good money that microaggressions exist in abundance in sub-Saharan Africa.

WAIT WAIT!! HOLDING UP. Did they actually interview the Jack Thompson that Wikipedia says is extremely anti-video game because of all their sexual and violent content?? REALLY??!!

It’s not a post office box, but something even more sinister: a mailbox that doesn’t require you to have a PO address!

Virtual Post Mail’s website says that they are not open to the public. Even if you are a customer, you have to make an appointment if you want to pick up your mail (instead of having them forward it to wherever).

So I’m sure the encounter went something like this:

Owen: *knock knock* I are hard-hitting journalist. I demand to see Feminist Frequency!

VPM employee: Uhhh … we aren’t open to the public, buddy. *shuts door*

Owen: *to the camera* Feminist Frequency isn’t open to the public! What are they hiding? Stacks of unmarked bills? The dead bodies of all the men from whom they have fed? What is in there???


I checked out their page, so running a web site and organizing a conference was too much for their staff? Even though they managed to pull it together last year?

The comments are priceless, apparently this is a victory?

I also lament the cancellation of their conference and all the lost opportunities for pointing and laughing it would’ve afforded.

Maybe they can cheer themselves up by going to see Mad Max: Fury Road, which they definitely are not boycotting?

>> Do microagressions exist in Sub Saharan Africa?

Do we LIVE in Sub Saharan Africa? I mean, some gamers do, but for the majority of people who will be consuming this “documentary” this question is hysterically irrelevant. “Small” problems aren’t NOT problems because bigger issues exist elsewhere.

Anyway, I’m sure microagressions DO exist in Sub Saharan Africa. They may not be named as such, but I’m sure that a ton of little actions and subtle biases contribute to the dehumanization and discouragement of subjugated populations. These MRA types seem to believe that if it’s not actually genocide, it’s not actually a problem. This is why they’re able to dismiss feminist complaints– clearly, Western women’s problems are not genocide– and why the have to claim that women are actually trying to exterminate men in order to justify their own concern by their logic.

OK, everyone please stop speculating on whether Feminist Frequency has a mailing address at a commercial mail drop place…. there has to be some remaining suspense for the cinematic debut.

Cinematic debut? (ha, yeah, right!)


Perhaps because Jack Thompson is a dude? In their mind, he’s done some sort of heel-face turn? I can only peer into the minds of idiots for so long, so here’s a horrible facebook group called “muh patriarchy” with their favorite type of explanation; Infographics:

(trigger warning for vagina-related slurs in the comments)

You know, real documentaries about political issues interview people on different sides of the debate. Michael Moore doesn’t round up all the liberals he can find on Twitter and film them agreeing with him. Even “Expelled” talked to some evolutionary scientists.

Also, putting fake TV static between clips of news announcers does not make their statements unconvincing. They have to actually be saying things that are wrong.

On the plus side, the backgrounds include fewer skulls than usual (but the same number of pizza boxes and state parks) and the sound is audible throughout. Gold star!


The subtitle is “inside the world of social justice warriors.” Obviously they don’t want to talk to anyone who is already “inside” that world into order to get inside it themselves. Getting inside a world is correctly done by talking only to ex-Wikipedia editors who are critical of that world and have never experienced it themselves.

I think what happened with Jack Thompson is that he criticized Sarkeesian publicly and gamergoobers anointed him Based Dad (alongside Christina Hoff Sommers as Based Mom) without really being aware of his history. Because when have these people ever been aware of anything that happens outside their fevered imaginations?

– Former child
– Wrench user
– Pedestrian
– Phone enthusiast
– ex-planker
– Recycler
– Appliance purchaser
– Wi-fi user
– Animate
– Hashtag coiner
– Vacationer

@sevenofmine Ah! Of course! All you need to do is agree with their view and suddenly you’re their hero!

And what does ‘based’ even mean?

HAH, talk about timing – Cracked just posted an article featuring everybody’s favourite Bert and Ernie wannabes and their little scam “Documentary.”

Link (needless to say, the comments are full of screaming MRAs).

Cracked has us beat on tagline bingo with “bathtub owner Jordan Owen”

Your cat is a much better interviewee than any of the people that Bathtub and Skulls talked to.

It’s also fairly hilarious to watch GGers try to backpedal and justify their support of Thompson after people inform them who he actually is.

re: ‘based’ judging by context, it pretty much means you behave in a manner they deem acceptable, i.e. hate all the right people, tell them they’re right, affirm their biases, etc. I suspect they would not agree with this definition.

I love the noticeable jump between their animated logo and the static one. It just screams professionalism. Also why the hell did they let the guy at 1:28 wear that coat for an interview?

LMAO here at the news of Elam’s conference cancelled and the ‘victorious’ spin he puts on this development.

How awful that he now has to refund the two gullible persons who wanted to attend this fiasco.

Pandapool -- The Species that Endangers YOU (aka Banana Jackie Cake, for those who still want to call me "Banana", "Jackie" or whatever)says:

I wonder if all those backers will still have to pay to see the movie?


Also, I’m pretty sure these guys made more movie off this movie than Antia has through her whole career filming Tropes Versus Women.

@sevenofmine heh, well that’s fine, it’s a good enough definition for me :P. My favorite ones are the idiots who claim anita said ‘gaming makes men sexist’ and when you point out that this was never the fucking case, they just don’t know what to do 😀

@Scented fucking hard chairs That was a blast to read. Sadly I was expecting more raging MRAs, especially ones that declare Cracked to be a ‘feminist front’ or some bullshit.

Pandapool -- The Species that Endangers YOU (aka Banana Jackie Cake, for those who still want to call me "Banana", "Jackie" or whatever)says:

Maybe I should reiterate that. I’m pretty sure Owen and Aurini have made more movie off this movie based on the fact that it looks like they pocketed more than they spent.

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