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Reminder: Doing nothing, loudly, is the OFFICIAL goal of the “Men’s Human Rights Movement”

NOT from the AVFM Facebook page
NOT from the AVFM Facebook page

So I found the “meme” below on the A Voice for Men Facebook page. It purports to show what the Men’s Rights movement is really about:

From AVFM's Facebook page
From AVFM’s Facebook page

“Not what you were told to believe, huh?” the AVFM Facebook page administrator asks in a comment below it.

Well, no, it wasn’t.

Trouble is, the person who told me that the “Men’s Human Rights Movement” isn’t about any of these things was, well, AVFM founder and CEO Paul Elam.

Yep, in an AVFM post earlier this year — as I noted at the time — Elam went on at some length about the various issues the MHRM is doing nothing about, on purpose.

“So, what is this thing we call the Men’s Human Rights Movement (MHRM)?” Elam began.

Well, I can best start by telling you what it is not, from my own personal point of view. It is not about passing a Violence Against Men Act or any other form of government reliance on justice and personal liberty. … There are no plans to form a committee for research for testicular cancer or to build a men’s shelter. AVFM does not have a program to reform family courts. …

Neither I nor AVFM has a legislative agenda, nor any politicians to endorse, nor lobbying to accomplish because none of that is of any value in a society that still refuses to accept reality.

Emphasis mine.

As for the issues listed on AVFM’s mission statement, which include numerous items mentioned on the “meme” above, as well as an assortment of other allegedly “humanist” reforms, including “mandatory on demand” paternity testing, abolishing the Violence Against Women Act and “dispens[ing] with child support except in special circumstances?”

Well, as Paul Elam sees it, actually doing anything about any of these things is not Paul Elam’s job. Nor that of any Men’s Rightser.

Sure, if you look at our mission statement you will see many items that will require political and judicial remedy to ultimately accomplish. That, however is not our job at AVFM to accomplish directly.

So if that’s what the Men’s Rights movement doesn’t do, what exactly does it do? Elam is equally blunt:

You want to know what this movement is about? It is very, very simple in my opinion. The MHRM I envision is about one simple thing. Talking without fear or capitulation.

Seriously. That is it. It is about nothing more than people talking to each other, openly and freely, in a world that does not want them to.

I’ve helpfully modified the AVFM meme above so that it more accurately represents the official AVFM position on doing things.


Feel free to use this if you’d like, guys!

Or the one I did at the top of the page, if you’d prefer.


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7 years ago

Reminder: Doing nothing, loudly, is the OFFICIAL goal of the “Men’s Human Rights Movement”

Rabid Rabbit
Rabid Rabbit
7 years ago


Leaving aside the fact that 1) his demands were unrealisable (and at times undecipherable) claptrap and 2) he ended his hunger strike pretty much before he had time to get hungry, it’s not as though David ignored this:

Please note the multiple regular commenters here worrying about his health.

Elliot Rodger Was A Terrorist
Elliot Rodger Was A Terrorist
7 years ago

This MGTOW guy seems to want to take some action, though. He wants to turn Puerto Rican independence into a rallying cry for MGTOW. Weird. I guess Puerto Rico is going to become Isla de los Hombres Furiosos.

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