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Men's Rights Activist: "I'm not into music by women, because I can't identify with getting my period in a business meeting."

I'm just not into music by human beings
I’m just not into music by human beings

So over on the Men’s Rights subreddit, a charming fellow with the charming name of FuckAllSJWs wants the world to know that

I’m not into music by women, because I can’t identify with getting my period in a business meeting, or sympathize with some waiflike chick strumming a guitar while singing weakly about her feelings.

Or one trying to use her tits to get airplay.

Thanks for your opinion! We are all better for having heard it.

Here’s Yoko Ono with a rebuttal:

If anyone knows where I could find songs about getting periods in business meetings, let me know, because I would really like to hear some.

I know I mentioned Yoko yesterday, but I’m pretty sure every time someone posts something non-abusive about her online an MRA angel loses its wings.

H/T — r/againstmensrights

133 replies on “Men's Rights Activist: "I'm not into music by women, because I can't identify with getting my period in a business meeting."”

I have to wait till I get home to see what all these links are. I just see a sea of blocked embeddenings. I really want to listen to the Ani Difranco song.

I’m confused about the “singing weakly” thing. Is he saying they’re singing with a weak voice? As in all women’s voices are weak? Or is singing about feelings weak?

And wouldn’t the billions of songs by men singing about how much they love, or hate, or want or other emotion a particular woman count as singing about feelings? Or are those feelings ok because they’re manly man feelings he can identify with, not those weak girly emotions.

Also, interesting alternative use of “period music.” It needs its own genre name… I know! ragtime! Oh wait…

Maybe they can’t identify with getting your period in a business meeting…but surely they can appreciate getting drunk in the middle of the day.

I’m so digging these Yoko Ono posts. I’ve been listening to “Double Fantasy” lately (I have a baby boy and keep listening to “Beautiful Boy” to feel all the feels), and it’s just an amazing album, way ahead of its time. All the experimental Yoko tracks that freaked people out just sound like regular alternative rock songs now. Admittedly, this is partly because ’90s alt bands like La Tigre borrowed a lot from Yoko’s music.

It’s also very sad to listen to now; the theme running through the album is that John is done with his destructive rock-and-roll lifestyle and just wants to live quietly and try to be a decent husband and father for the first time in his life. Three weeks after it came out he was dead.

There are myriad reasons I knew my husband was good people while we were dating, but the fact that he was a Yoko Ono fan and wrote a paper on her in college was one of them.

Sorry, my phone is complaining about all the vids-must switch to computer later to watch everything. I’m so glad to see all these artists (the ones I love and the ones who are new to me). Did Grace Slick, Janice Joplin or the Cranberries get posted?

It was composed by a woman. Here it’s being performed by a woman. That automatically turns the violin into a guitar and makes the piece weak and about feelings.Uh-huh. Sure.

I need mens’ rights because I am viewed as a misogynist for caring about issues that affect my gender.

Super curious which issues Dan thinks he’s being viewed as a misogynist for, though.

Dan | March 8, 2015 at 12:49 pm

I need mensโ€™ rights because I am viewed as a misogynist for caring about issues that affect my gender.

Orly? Please, do enlighten us with these “issues” that you care about so much and do so much to help out with beyond sitting at your computer and trying (and failing) to troll feminist blogs for lulz.

No, getting your dick wet when you want, getting to have a “paper abortion”, getting to hit women whenever you want, and getting to blame women for all your shortcomings don’t count.

And no, anything that feminism has already been on doesn’t count either. (Male rape victims, fairer child custody battles, alimony, toxic masculinity, ect.)

Because if you’re being called a “misogynist”, there might be some reasoning behind that. Maybe it’s because you’re hanging out with.

Well, “music by women sux!” really is a very important men’s rights issue.


Here are some more videos featuring a women singing ‘weakly’ about her feelings.

Did Dan just select a random thread to drop that doody nugget in?

Seems like it, doesn’t? ^^; He couldn’t have picked a more unrelated topic to to drop that doodoo in if he tried. What the hell does sharing cool music made by women got to do with misandry?


I know, right?! There are so many important issues that men face, but MRAs worry about this? (even though female music is actually awesome). It’s just dumb, really.

The female artists I really can’t live without are Kate Bush, Aimee Mann, Bjork and Suzanne Vega. None of these really fit the stereotype of waif strumming a guitar and singing about their feelings. They are highly literate individuals. You shouldn’t have to conform to either gender to be able to relate to intelligent lyrics. Male artists I relate to are Morrissey, Sufjan Stevens and Peter Gabriel. I don’t say I can’t relate to them because they are men and so don’t write about their swollen tits and menstral cramps!!! :0

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