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If they only had some sense: A Voice for Men gets the Wizard of Oz backwards (Memesplaining #2)


Really, guys? Really?

How do you watch the Wizard of Oz and get the impression that Dorothy’s pals are stupid, heartless cowards? The whole point of the movie is that these three fellas didn’t need anyone to give them heart, brains or courage; they had those qualities already!

Indeed, at the end of the film, the Wizard (who isn’t actually a real wizard) can’t give them anything but tokens of what they’d asked from him — a diploma, a heart-shaped watch, a medal — but that’s all they really need, because all they were really lacking was faith in themselves.

I mean, what the hell, dudes? Have you even seen the movie?

In semi-related news, I now have an excuse to post this, so I will:

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My mistake was in thinking he’d follow through with his final bargain without me having to force him to keep it.

Well, no, my mistake was in saving my game after he threw the book off a cliff. I thought surely there was some way to go get it. Nope.

And yes, Saveedro is the best part of that game. It was so mindblowing that there would be someone else in the picture who would actually talk to you!

Did I ever tell you how my sister-in-law managed to kill her character in the first Myst? She left the gas on without lighting the furnace….

And yes, Saveedro is the best part of that game. It was so mindblowing that there would be someone else in the picture who would actually talk to you!

There’s that bit where he’s inside and you can see him pacing back and forth past the door and I sat there for ages going “I know you’re in there! You can’t stay there forever!”


Is that possible? I’ve played Myst 1 a number of times and never ran into anything like that… Someone else tried it as well (looked at a blog), and nothing happened.

Eh, whatevs.

The thing I love about the Myst games, and especially about Riven despite the enormous and downright mean puzzles (animal code, anyone?) is that everything is set up to work as if it were a real place. The puzzles aren’t just puzzles for the sake of being puzzles, they are puzzles based around figuring out how the world works. The clues are from people leaving notes about trying to do the same.

All the machinery puzzles can usually be solved by carefully following where pipes and wires go, thinking about what purpose the machines have, figuring out where they get power, and so on. It’s amazing!

That’s why 4 disappointed me somewhat upon reviewing. Some of the puzzles are just puzzles for the sake of puzzles, like you’d find in a room-escape flash game. The graphics were gorgeous though, so…

*gushes endlessly about Myst some more*

… and now the same company (Cyan) is basically getting back together to produce a new Myst-like game! Obduction! So frikken excited!


And then he disappears in a giant egg just as you reach him. As you do.

Apparently it’s scheduled to come out in Fall of this year!!! Although that could be delayed… BUT AAAAAAAAHHHHHHH! 😀 😀 😀

The great thing about the original Myst having no NPCs was that you never had that logic of “Hey, where’s that guy who was in that scene a second ago?” or “Surely if I knock on this door long enough, someone will eventually have to answer.”

Oh yeah, No Man’s Sky. That was a thing.

Don’t mind that rumbling noise you just heard. That was just my squeeing temporarily breaking down the space-time continuum.

Learning about the existence of “The Room” (the apparently awesome puzzle game, not the god-awful movie) may have contributed, but only slightly since that one’s available now. Just a slight temporal-boom as I rushed to the future to buy it, then came back.

Yeah, we’re going to get a PS4 at some point, probably also a Wii U. No point in both an Xbox One and a PS4, like we’ve got both a 360 and a PS3 now.

I am well aware that I am among the richest human beings that ever lived. Doesn’t solve all my problems.

Other similarities to Sirrus and Achenar: They are both trying to convince everyone that the other one is the evil one.

If only we could put Aurini and Own into books.

But there ARE reasons.

*points to No Man’s Sky*


*points to Halo 5 and Fable: Legends*

And here.


@Falconer (tcwill00?)

Well, we’re still in the “weaning” phase of the next-gen consoles. Games will still come out for the PS3/360 for a while yet, so people can save up to get the new consoles when developers finally jump off of the older models.

When that happens, I’ll have to go full PC, unfortunately for my computer’s processing power.

I still remember watching WoO in a theater the first time. The Lollipop Guild is much, much creepier that way, compared to seeing it on television.

I watched the “I’m melting!” clip. Somehow I had forgotten that the movie Winkies were green.

I read a lot of Oz books as a youngling. The transformation of Pip to Ozma featured one of the best lines about personal change I’ve ever read. This is from memory:
Ozma “I’m still just the same as I ever was, only, only. . .”
Jack Pumpkinhead: “Only you’re different!”

That Ozma turned into a caricature of juvenile femininity also galled me. The only part of post-change Pip I really liked was that awesome headdress with the enormous poppies.

Baum also peppered the text with atrocious puns. The Scarecrow’s brains are bran mixed with needles – bran-new brains that show how sharp he is. In a later book, the hen Billina lays an egg; the Scarecrow suggests that the Tin Woodsman carry it “with his axe and hatchet”.

And the scene in which the Tin Woodsman encounters his original, meat head. The tinsmith who fashioned his metal body has been keeping it in a cupboard – it is still alive and conscious, as nobody dies in Oz, and appears to have an entirely different identity from the Woodsman. The implications are disturbing, especially when we find out that the tinsmith had replaced another man’s body with tin. An entire living man was made from parts of the two, but Nick Chopper’s head was not one of them. I’m not sure how well that would go over with today’s parents.

The Scarecrow’s brains are bran mixed with needles – bran-new brains that show how sharp he is.

Since the needles end up poking out of his head, I keep wondering whether there’s some inspiration for Pinhead of Hellraiser here…

It’s especially common in the U.S., especially among hip-hop/rap musicians, to make the main character – Tony Montana – to be some kind of heroic “self-made man”. The reality was that Brian DePalma was mocking the dog-eat-dog sense of entrepreneurship in the 80’s, not endorsing it, and Tony Montana is a completely miserable shithead who can never have enough.

It’s like Wuthering Heights, a book we’ve discussed previously on this blog… I love that book, but it’s really weird how people can interpret Heathcliff as a romantic character. Emily Brontë really goes out of her way to show that he really is a horrible person. He became a horrible person because almost everyone treated him like shit when he grew up, so there’s this explanation, but as an adult, he really is horrible, it’s not just some thin layer of horribleness that can be scraped off to find a heart of gold underneath. FFS, he tries to kill Isabella’s dog just to torment her and it’s pretty heavily implied that he rapes her too!

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