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Red Pillers agree: "If she did something sexually with an ex that she refuses to do with you, drop her."


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Attention ladies who have sex with men! The sex you are having now is a crime against the hypothetical man or men you will have sex with in the future. At least according to some Red Pill douchebags.

Yesterday, you may recall, we looked at a bizarre and nasty post by pickup guru Roosh Valizadeh that argued, among other things, that all women who aren’t virgins are essentially “soft cuckolding” their future husbands. Because, evidently, any man who marries a woman not only owns her in the present; he retroactively owns her past self as well.

Today, in Reddit’s Red Pill subreddit, we find a fellow called redpilltom making a very similar – if slightly less extreme – argument about women and their sexual pasts.

In a post titled “Never date a woman who won’t do sexual things with you that she did with her other partners,” redpilltom argues that if a woman ever agreed to any sexual act in the past she owes it to you as well.

[I]f you ever, and I mean ever, find out that she did something with an ex that she refuses to do with you, drop her. Drop her fast and drop her hard. This goes from giving it up on X number of dates, to certain sexual acts that you want to do, to threesomes, to the frequency of sex.

Yep. As redpilltom sees it, if a woman says yes to anal sex with one man, she’s obliged to say yes to every future partner who wants anal. To refuse would be a deep insult to whoever she’s dating – and evidence that she sees her current partner as the simpering “beta” in the Red Pill catchphrase “Alpha fucks, Beta bucks.”

It is not only the #1 sign of being on the losing end of the AF/BB relationship, but it screams “Oh, well I felt I needed to impress and be good to them, but you seem easy enough that I don’t need to put in effort.” Do yourself a favor and move on to a woman who sees you as equal or better to the men who used to fuck her. Don’t settle for being second best.

It’s not as if what she wants matters at all in this equation. As redpilltom and his fellow Red Piller see it, sex isn’t something that women desire or enjoy — except with hunky alphas. It’s something that women have in their possession – and which non-alpha men have to get from them, by hook or by crook.

And if for whatever reason, good or bad, a woman “gave” a man in her past a certain sex act, she can’t change her mind and refuse to “give” it to you.

For the women who may be getting furious reading this, just imagine what it was like if you knew your boyfriend was rich.

Oh dear. This can’t be going anywhere good. Red Pillers regularly denounce women as “whores” and “golddiggers” who trade (their) sex for (men’s) money – at least when it comes to betas with bucks. But Red Pill dudes themselves see sex as essentially an economic transaction.

Imagine that he always brought his ex’s out on really nice vacations, nice house, bought them really nice gifts, treated them like princesses, etc. But he refused to do any of that with you, he wanted to be frugal with you even though he has more than enough money to treat you. Wouldn’t you feel a little bit weird about it? Wouldn’t you question why you were different, why he didn’t care to treat you the same? Why the sudden change?

I don’t know, maybe he’s older and wiser and realized that he was spending too much money and driving himself into debt? Maybe he got tired of an ex who only “rewarded” him with sex when he spend a lot of money on her? Or maybe his ex got tired of him trying to buy sex with money.

Hell, maybe he realized that the whole “sex for money” equation is an unhealthy basis for a romantic relationship?

In a followup comment, redpilltom makes clear he has no interest in hearing what the woman has to say about any of this.

ForbiddenFruit420 13 points 14 hours ago   What if she doesn't want to do it with you because she didn't enjoy it with her ex?      permalink     save     report     give gold  [–]redpilltom [S] 37 points 14 hours ago   That's something that's a bit more delicate and requires a bit more context. "I tried anal with my ex but stopped him because I didn't like it" is different than "I used to do it all the time with my ex, but didn't really like it". The context in the first was "I didn't like how it felt so I stopped" and the second was "I didn't really care for it, but he loved it so I did it for him". Overall it doesn't carry the same weight as the "I'm not that kind of girl anymore" BS that the post is more about, but it is a huge red flag and you should keep your eye out for more signs you're getting strung along.  And, of course, women lie up and down about their sexual history. If a woman tells you she only tried something once briefly but hated it, it's pretty likely that she did it multiple times and loved it in the context of an alpha guy who gave her more tingles than you.
Red Pill dudes, if you’re so deathly afraid of becoming a beta shelling out bucks for sex that alphas get for free, maybe you should stop seeing sex as an essentially economic transaction in which the desires of women – or at least their desire for anything but money – counts for nothing.

But in the meantime if you do decide to break up with a woman because she won’t have anal sex with you like she did in her college days – or whatever – you’re actually doing her a giant favor. Because no one deserves to be stuck in a relationship with someone like you.

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Kirbywarp, for “Away in a Basement”, you win the internet for the entire Christmas season.

As an aside, I am amazed that an MIT dude can write a poem, all in words with no mathematical or engineering symbols at all.

Much respect for not knowing the details of Twilight.

LOL! Merci madame! I have a Master’s in not knowing about popular culture, especially regarding films and television.

DJG – love it, especially the “really” voiceover. 😀

This is the most dangerous thread to keyboards ever! It’s the best!


Thank you kindly!

But hey, there exists one creative writing class and one or two poetry classes at MIT! Plus, I’m a software engineer, and programming is basically the Fiction of computers.


We need is a sign at the top of the page. “Warning: no food or drink in the comment section, proceed at your own risk.”

Sadly they don’t have a proof-reading class… Strike out the “is” in that last sentence.

kirbywarp, you are so correct!

“WHTM takes no responsibility for damage to monitors or keyboards.”

I was going to do something about Rudolph the Red-pill Teal Deer, but WWTH beat me to it. Love these!

The other day I watched the original Rankin-Bass Rudolph animated special from the sixties, and I couldn’t believe how harsh it is. The North Pole is one messed-up society. Santa has an eating disorder, the reindeer are bullies, the elves are social fascists, they practice toy eugenics, Christmas threatens to be completely cancelled if Santa can’t distribute the loot, the Bumble gets all his teeth pulled out, and Rudolph is only accepted once his nonconformity proves useful to the others. Such heartwarming holiday messages. Why didn’t I ever notice this stuff as a kid?

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@ Michelle – Maybe something like:

He told them how to pick up chicks
With just a negging sound,
Oh tidings of blissful beta joy (be-eta joy)
Oh tidings of blissful beta joy.

All of these comments provide a compelling argument for waiting until you are married to have sex. The bond established with your first sexual partner is extremely special. By partner 30 it is not so special. The baggage you bring into a marriage can have serious negative effects that might never go away. Your husband will always wonder how many guys you blew instead of enjoying what you are doing to him. Save both you and your future spouse the pain – don’t have sex before marriage.

I did read of a girl on a forum who had tried something with her ex only to realize she didn’t enjoy it. So she said no when her current boyfriend wanted it. Boyfriend threw a huge tantrum for the same reason and threw her out.

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