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Off-topic: What are your favorite guilty pleasure videos on YouTube?

This is completely off-topic but I’m curious: What are your favorite guilty pleasure videos on YouTube? That is, videos that you might be embarrassed to admit you watch but that you compulsively watch anyway. Or, heck, maybe you’re not embarrassed at all. Kitten videos? Pimple popping videos? Russian car crash videos? News anchors screwing up? Dudes sitting in the bathtub yelling about 50 Shades of Grey?

Whatever it is, let me know.

I kind of have a little bit of an ulterior motive.

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@Mezza: I love watching folks play horror games on Youtube too! Amnesia was one of my favorites too. I managed to play it all the way through, but it was only do to my intense curiosity about what was going on and not having any internet to look it up for a couple of months.

Aside from MMDs of badass videogame characters dancing to pop music; actual people in fun, awkward pop videos!

I’m thankful that that Narwhals video didn’t autoplay, because I know from experience that it would be stuck in my head all day.

As for badgers, I prefer the dubstep mix:

I’m just going to bookmark this thread for future video viewing pleasure, lol.

I don’t actually watch a lot of youtube, though my children make me watch weird things like Potter Puppet Pals, and Warrior fan videos (the Warrior cat books, that is). I keep meaning to watch more asian SNL, but it never happens.

Some of my guilty pleasure videos that I watch are anime parodies, walkthroughs and reviews of video games with youtubers like cryaotic and peanutbuttergamer.

I also like reaction and prank videos. And that one puppy that can’t get up, I admit I’m a bit of a sadist.

I’ve had so much fun watching these, I’ll chip in a couple–both perfect examples of kinds of dance that I do.

and this:

just posting the page as for some reason the video links are downloading now instead of playing for me. I love this because it really demonstrates ‘dance as conversation’ or ‘dance as interaction’. And the other videos on the site are a fantastic resource for dancers.

Will come back with perfect examples of bellydance later 🙂

Also, I’m going to guiltily admit that I’ve only ever watched one episode of Sherlock. It was scary. I went with all the nope. If I had started in a not terrifying place, maybe I would have endured longer.

But, nevertheless, I’m still addicted to the Sesame Street Previews, and Benedict Cumberbach’s might have beat out Tom Hiddleston’s for sheer adorableness:

Tom Hiddleston’s is still pretty adorable:

As is Ruffalo’s “SEE YOU GOT IT! Wait, you don’t get it? But you just got it!” (paraphrased there…):

And it’s really hard to concentrate when you’re too busy laughing because Wolverine is being fluffy:

Nicole Kidman is also precious.

And Cobie.

And somehow I always fall down the youtube wormhole back into Pentatonix videos, courtesy of this:

…and I should stop spamming with adorable videos.

Okay… one last one. Maybe. For now! Must pack!

Still, Evolution of Music:

Beat Boxer (guy with the hat) is AMAZING… and the other guy in the front is a super-bass. And the guy on the side in the back can sing higher and prettier than me. And that dude in the middle can switch timbre’s and sound like no one, and the chick is incredible and superaltoprano.

And the blending!

OK there’s this one, of interns having way too much fun:

but the thing that really cracks me up is the bosses playing along at the end.

Yup, got to bookmark this thread. Too much good stuff.

I can’t believe no one has mentioned the Chad Vader series (Chad Vader: Day Shift Manager; Darth’s younger brother who manages the Empire market) There are like four seasons of it. The best (IMHO) is season two when Empire markets gets taken over by Red Leader Foods.

I also am curious about the “ulterior motive”; brain bleach forever?
And can anyone confirm the circle phenomenon? It seems to not work with my sister’s cats, but they’re… eccentric.

We have tried this numerous times with our cat and he ignores whatever we put around him (well, after sniffing it, of course.) I can’t say that my cat is not eccentric, but he’s just so mellow it’s hard to tell.

First episode of the second season. I honestly had no idea what a Dominatrix was, or that that was a thing.

No idea.

At all.

I lived under a rock, obviously.

I think if I were to rewatch it now, I’d probably be okay. Then? YEEEEEEEEK! Stayawaystayawaystayaway! AHHH MY BRAIN AND EYES!

Woah, so many great examples! Also, I love Daler Mehndi, the Tunak guy, completely unironically. But then again I spend a lot of time listening to Indian music.

I admit I was focused on Jim, his plots, and the sense of powerlessness that it all fostered, rather than the way Irene tries to wrong-foot Sherlock. It’s been a while since I saw the ep, though they all stream off Netflix.

The next one, based on Hound of the Baskervilles, is jump-out-and-get-you scary, the closest the series has come so far to a classical monster.

The Tunak video was his response to criticism that his music was only popular because of all the sexy women in his videos. He decided to make a video featuring only himself to prove them wrong.

I’m a How it Should Have Ended and Honest Trailer fan as well as a huge fan of red pandas and cats doing funny things.

I have a weakness for musicians hamming it up, like say Post-Modern Jukebox covering the Powerpuff Girls theme song:

Or the Ukelele Orchestra of Great Britain:

Or the Russian Army Choir (man, those hats!) singing Skyfall for an audience who I’m guessing (my Russian being nonexistent) are morning TV hosts loopy from too much coffee:

THANK THIS THREAD SO MUCH! Rocking out to Daler Mehndi on Pandora while packing to go home, and wondering how the heck I didn’t find this stuff before, because it is amazing.

Also, bookmarked this thread because NARWHALS and dogs who can’t get up, and driving Pianos to escape the cops.

Any of Many A True Nerd’s game playthroughs – but I am rewatching his Fallout 3: Kill Everything run because it makes me so happy.

Videos where people squeeze sebaceous cysts. Or really huge pimples/blackheads. Or really anything involving ppl draining something gross on their body.*

Also – there is an ear, nose and throat doctor who posts vids of various procedures, and they are FASCINATING. There was one where he removed maggots from inside someone’s nose!

(obv not going to embed any of these here, because they can be disturbing)

*My sister and I have a thing for pus. She works at a vet office, and once got a horrible cat bite on her finger – her finger literally filled up with pus, and we took turns poking it with a needle to drain it. Pretty awesome.

Also – anything like this:

I love everything on the Ever After High Youtube channel.

I know it’s designed to sell dolls to tween girls (it’s by Mattel, and the same part of the company that does Monster High), but it’s a series of videos entirely about reinvented fairytale children trying to choose whether to accept their destinies. And it’s all about young girls making decisions for themselves and being friends and generally being adorable and awesome.

This is the first video– at 8.5 minutes, it’s one of the longer ones. They tend to be more like 2-3.

Coming out of mostly-lurker mode, as your timing’s perfect: I needed the distraction from fretting about one of my cats. :-/ My guilty pleasure videos are partly goofy music-related things, partly personal videos of people’s kitties having fun (hopefully these will embed properly):

Entertainingly over-the-top 70s/early 80s music videos like this:
(and 70s/80s light-hearted rap: U Can’t Touch This, Rapper’s Delight, Push It, Ice Ice Baby, etc., which I won’t bother embedding as doubtless everyone’s seen them.)

My guiltiest pleasure is watching this anonymous biker dance to “My Humps” for sheer humor value (slap that rear!):

Cats chasing laser dots inside a kitty running wheel (check out the speed of the last cat in the first video!):

One I just discovered — videos of blind cats/kittens playing is the perfect storm of cute, funny, and fascinating all in one:
(I searched for them after reading Homer’s Odyssey: Adventures of a Blind Wonder Cat, which I highly recommend for anyone that needs a mood/morale boost. Unlike most books about pets, everyone is alive & happy at the end.)

Tracy, are you ok? Hey Tracy are you ok? Are you ok Tracy?
I can tell you’ve been struck by that smooth criminal. If you need more, they’ve made so very many videos…

And I need to provide this as well, especially for you. I have watched it just endlessly.

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