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A dramatic reading of that terrible, terrible 4chan/#GamerGate crowdsourced book

Hey, remember that beyond-terrible “crowdsourced” GamerGate book I featured here not long ago? Well, Zoe Quinn has put together a crowdsourced dramatic reading of it! That’s it, above, if you hadn’t already figured that out.


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7 years ago

Aww I missed the sock! I must say that his use of the terms “human female/male” smelled a bit musty.

That video of “Animals” was some disturbing shit. I don’t really know what Adam Levine’s political leanings are, I know he supports gay rights. But, I have seen some of his other videos and I don’t think he’s a misogynist. I think the video is meant to be disturbing and frankly grotesque. It’s sort of a trend in music videos these days. I could be wrong though, I tend to be a bit of a Pollyanna about most people until they blatantly fling hateful shit my way.

7 years ago

He actually took a dump in this space with his disgusting rape apology, claimed all men are potential rapists/terrorists, then when his identity was revealed, acted like he was the guest villain on the old Batman show. Cripes. I hope no real women talk to him in meatspace. He was so disgusting. Degenerates like that make me wish it were impossible to post anonymous on line — most of these trolly socks wouldn’t have the guts to post if everyone could see their names.

7 years ago

Well, that’s what happens when I go to bed at a decent hour! I miss nasty, smelly old socks.

I’m glad, actually. I left when I thought he was high on something. If I had found out that he really thinks that stuff when sober, I would have had nightmares!

7 years ago

Aw dang, did I miss the unmasking of yet another smelly sockie? That’s what I get for going to bed at ungodly hours to save my sanity…

I know some upper class Filipinos, and they’re just as awesome (and would be just as embarrassed to be associated with this sad creature) in the US as they are at home.

Phew. I was going to say that it was a good thing #NotAllUpperClassFilipinos, but then again, unlike Annoying here, I don’t subscribe to stupid pseudoscientific racist/sexist ideas about pent-up bullshit cannons who not-so-secretly fantasize about molesting under-age girls, and disingenuously use that as a leverage against feminists.

Also, assuming the sock can still read this and hasn’t been banhammered again yet, I seem to recall that this whole “put up, shut up and put out or be very very afraid” thing was debunked here already the LAST time there was a mass shooting. Or was it the time before that? I’m losing track, because the US doesn’t have anything even vaguely resembling a sensible policy when it comes to guns. Any idiot can own one, and a great many do, because crapitalism. Does that mean I have to walk on eggshells around idiots? No, because I live in Canada, and we do things differently here.

Also, T’Annoy? I’m not a liberal, as you seem to ASSume I am. Nor am I a Nazi. I’m a socialist with some anarchist tendencies. In other words, I’m the polar opposite of a Nazi. Also, I’m one of those red commies that your grandpa probably warned you about, in true paranoid fashion. Booga booga booga!!! Get scared, T’Annoy, we are coming for youuuuuuu!

7 years ago
Reply to  dNychus

I don’t remember Abnoy but I certainly remember Smerdis.
Definitely seconding the removal of “sort of” before racist. “Urban Blacks” describes a narrow majority of my coworkers and the vast majority of the patrons I assist … any outsider who wants to opine on those issues really needs to come to Chicago (or Detroit, or whatever other “urban” area you’re talking about) and listen to some of these people before they open their mouths.

7 years ago

I’m awake and at work.

“Sort of” was supposed to be tongue in cheek, because you all are totally correct. However, TTTtheSORWRAA doesn’t really deserve tongue in cheekiness, in hindsight. The revised moniker is now:

Flounce Failing Tedious Tinfoil Tion the Ridiculously Racisist and Silly Sockpuppet Annoying Abnoy.

7 years ago

Ahem, sorry, I can’t spell in the morning, apparently:

Flounce Failing Tedious Tinfoil Tion the Ridiculously Racist and Silly Sockpuppet Annoying Abnoy.

7 years ago

The Dark Lord’s banned Annoy again.

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