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Melbourne hotel boots pickup artist advocating emotional abuse and physical assault. #TakeDownJulienBlanc campaign continues

Julien Blanc, also known as RSD Julien, is a self-described “executive dating coach” seemingly without a conscience. In expensive seminars held in hotels around the world the Real Social Dynamics instructor teaches men to “Make Girls BEG To Sleep With You After SHORT-CIRCUITING Their Emotional And Logical Mind,” as his breathless promo material puts it.

What this means in practice? Manipulation, mind-fuckery and in some cases outright physical assault — none of which he makes any attempts to hide.

Indeed, a video Julien himself put out in September showed the “dating” guru working his particular magic on unsuspecting Japanese women — by putting them in headlocks and/or pushing their heads to his crotch.

In footage from one of his recent workshops, he told a roomful of hopeful creeps that in Tokyo,

if you’re a white male, you can do what you want. …  I’m just romping through the streets,just grabbing girls’ heads, just like, head, pfft on the dick.

After discovering a video featuring some of this footage — the one I’ve embedded at the top of this page —  feminist activist Jennifer Li set up a petition on urging the Como Melbourne hotel, and other hotels hosting Real Social Dynamics seminars, to boot Julian and his comrades, charging them with “[making] a living by teaching men how to violate women through physical and emotional abuse.”

Li also started up the hashtag #TakeDownJulienBlanc in order to spread the news and organize opposition to Julien’s seminars.

It worked. The video featuring Julien’s abusive tactics went viral, racking up a quarter million pageviews on YouTube, and the petition quickly garnered nearly fifteen thousand signatures.

And the Como Melbourne hotel listened:

[UPDATE: RSD quickly rescheduled the event at a different location.]

Li and the other #TakeDownJulienBlanc organizers are now aiming their sights on hotels hosting other RSD events in Seattle and Austin, Texas. Anonymous has also gotten into the action.

It’s easy to see why the  #TakeDownJulienBlanc campaign has spread so quickly. Pickup artists are a sleazy, manipulative and generally pretty amoral bunch  But “RSD Julien” takes PUA creepiness to a whole new level, teaching his acolytes a form of “pickup artistry” that bears a strong resemblance to domestic abuse.

In his promo material, he boasts that his approach is

Offensive, It’s Inappropriate, It’s Emotionally Scarring, BUT IT’S DAMN EFFECTIVE

He tries to pass this off as a joke, but it’s really not; his techniques are clearly abusive.

I pointed out some of his bizarre gaslighting tricks in a post last year. But if anything he seems to have gotten worse since then.

Indeed, Julien recently Tweeted a picture of the Duluth Power and Control wheel, a tool used by anti-DV activists to highlight abusive behavior, declaring it to be a handy “checklist” of techniques to use to “MakeHerStay.” (Another sleazeball pickup guru I’ve written about a lot, Heartiste, also claims to have found inspiration in the Duluth wheel.)

And then there’s what Julien calls the “Choke Opener,” which he has documented in a series of pics showing him with his hand around the throats of assorted women, all of which he’s helpfully tagged with #ChokingGirlsAroundTheWorld.

rsdchokeAs Julien sees it, these, er, pickup techniques enable men to, as he declares in all-caps on his site, to


Well, he’s generated some powerful emotions, all right, though I don’t think anger and disgust were the ones he was going for.

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I feel like a lot of people misunderstood that comment. He wasn’t suggesting there was any medical benefit to putting an aspirin between one’s knees; it was just a florid way of saying “keep your legs closed”.

When he made that comment, I thought that nobody could possibly mistake what he was saying. But at that time, I wasn’t aware of the manosphere. Now … I’m not so sure.

Really? Someone just challenged David to a notch count competition?

You should try growing up sometime, d00d, it’s fun and rewarding.

Too right, kittehserf! If he had to start treating women like human beings, then he’d probably never get laid again (at least, not without a personality transplant). And, as we all well know, a sad boner is the greatest tragedy in the history of the universe.

t with comic abundant book paraphernalia and Mountain Dew.


So, either:

A) Comic amounts of book paraphernalia (it’s abundant, and it’s comic that the sheer volume is so much)

B) The books themselves are inherently funny (comic, abundant), and the comic abundance of books is a testament to a very large amount of comic books

C) abundant comic book paraphernalia, which is to say, action figures and other such paraphernalia related to comic books

D) abundant comic book paraphernalia, stuff related to books, like book lights and extra covers and lots of shelves and scribbled love poems to the dewey decimal system

E) the mountain dew is funny and so is the book piles

F) he owns stuff related to books and mountain dew (like collection of bottles?)

FORMAT YOUR SENTENCES IN WAYS THAT CONVEY UNAMBIGUOUS MEANING. If Futrelle has mastery over ever expanding venues depending on how one reads your sentence, then Futrelle really must be a master savvy social artist of all areas and all spheres.


Absolutely, grumpyoldnurse! It’s a travesty of human rights and the UN is totally remiss in not including freedom from sad boners (for men, of course – not freedom for women from being harassed about them) in its human rights charter.

Yanno how some people give the impression that they leave a slime trail behind them as they move through the world? Alec is one who gives that impression.

If Futrelle has mastery over ever expanding venues depending on how one reads your sentence, then Futrelle really must be a master savvy social artist of all areas and all spheres.


Well, he is the Dark Lord, comprised of cats wearing ferret suits wearing cat suits wearing a human suit. Who knows what powers he/they may have?

Well, kittehserf, it’s not like women are human or something! Let’s not get carried away! You have to keep perspective on things like harassing women and physically assaulting them. I mean, it’s not like JB (julien, not janet) is hurting people or something! Besides, not only is it just feeeemalze, it’s only a joke! Why can’t feminazis laugh at stuff that normal people think is funny? /sarcasm

@ Fibinachi – may I please have option B? I would love to have a comically over abundance of funny books. (It would help take my mind off all this misogyny)

@ thebewilderness – Makes one wonder if he responds to salt the same way as slugs do? Sorry, but sometimes I just have evil thoughts.

I would be shocked to find that Julien Blanc has bedded more beautiful women than Mr. Futrelle, but I suppose the only real measure would be a field study where their wits are matched and we determine once and for all whether the Julien choking/aggressive approach method or the porcine Futrelle feminist obsequiousness method is superior. I think it is only fair if Mr. Futrelle picks the venue – which I assume will be a place where he finds some degree of comfort and therefore would consist of some sort of basement with comic abundant book paraphernalia and Mountain Dew.

Your fingers are flapping, but nothing intelligible is coming out. Please try again, this time with more intelligence and brevity.

These dolts never seem to get that not all men are as insecure as they are, so attacks on their “notch count” aren’t even really attacks.

The “you can’t get laid, nyanyanya!” thing is one of those buttons that get implanted in boys by society at puberty — sort of the mirror image of the slut-shaming button that gets implanted in girls. It’s not that guys necessarily don’t feel insecure about their notch count, particularly when someone (occasionally it’s even a woman — ouch!) pushes that button. It’s just that using the lying, badgering, and even almost-rapey techniques on women (often women you don’t even find that interesting), that it takes for an average guy to build up an impressive notch count, doesn’t appeal to a lot of men. What good is getting laid if you feel like a weasel afterwards?
Guys who push that button are usually showing that they have no sense of weaselhood and that their own button is quite large and easily pushed. They think other men find their insult just as insulting as they do.

The “you can’t get laid, nyanyanya!” thing is one of those buttons that get implanted in boys by society at puberty — sort of the mirror image of the slut-shaming button that gets implanted in girls.

I find it so funny (peculiar AND ha-ha) that those things can exist simultaneously. It makes no sense, really, because to have a notch count, guys have to sleep with somebody, and to not be sluts, girls have to avoid BEING that somebody. Which then begs the question: Who are these guys with the notch counts doing it with, if no “good” girls will do it with them? And if all that these guys can get are “bad” girls, then what does that say about those guys?

Isn’t this where the tired old idea of women a sexual gatekeepers comes in? We keep them out (to defend our sexual ‘honour’) but the manliest men get in and thus up their notch count (and ‘score’).

Pretty messed up, IMHO.

The old “seduce” (or outright rape, little difference) and then discard thing, isn’t it? And of course women are to blame whatever happens. If we don’t have sex with them, we’re prudes or frigid or lesbians, but at the same time, if we have sex with anyone else, we’re sluts. Plus, of course, once they’ve got their notch count by shoving their dicks into us, we’re sluts anyway, even if we never had sex with anyone else before or since.

I think a lot of these guys think of sex as a battle game where if a man and woman sleep together then the man has won and the woman has lost. They are incapable of regarding sex as something that even could be mutual. That makes it almost a bad thing if a woman wants to sleep with you — if her will isn’t overcome, if there’s no conquest, then what’s it all worth anyway.
That’s my best attempt at mansplaining as a senior citizen past my bedtime.

That explanation works for me, GrumpyOldMan. They treat sex as something women don’t ever want (because no sex drive, blah blah blah) and/or that we’re meanly withholding from the men who have the right to fuck us, ie. them. So it’s all about punishing us, and that’s what gives them their jollies. There’s a hell of a lot of sadism lurking in all this.


I think it’s easier for these dudes to think that women don’t want sex than to engage in any introspection and realise that maybe they’re just not that interesting to women and to work on becoming actualised human beings. Because it can’t be possibly them. I simply can not be the common denominator (them) in their negative interactions with women.

The most taboo thing to their egos is the notion that a woman DOES want sex, but just not with them. That can’t happen! He’s an Alpha Male™! Women find him irresistible! (Says so right in the videos!) He must get his! So he does — forcibly — and then suddenly, SHE’s the slut? Um, NO. If the man’s got the style of a cesspit and the attitude to match, and he thinks he must “get it” by hook or by crook, then he’s the one who’s doing wrong and should be ashamed.

“The most taboo thing to their egos is the notion that a woman DOES want sex, but just not with them.”

That’s a big part of it, of course. And they don’t have the interest or energy to try to figure out what a woman might be looking for in a sexual encounter (hint: it’s probably not adding to her notch count). And in that previous sentence I mean A WOMAN, not WOMEN — the PUA types are trying to work out a system that will work on any woman without having to know anything about her as an individual, which is just too much trouble. I will never claim to be an expert on women, but it is my impression that being treated as an anonymous conquest is not the golden way to get into the average woman’s pants. Some years ago I read an article where a woman wrote, “You have to seduce my mind before you can seduce my body.” The notch-counters don’t want to be bothered with a woman’s mind. And notch-counting is, of course, an implicit competition with other men with women as mainly the means of scoring — sort of like a glorified game ball. And there’s projection too — many men assume that women are just as interested in a man’s penis as they are in a woman’s vagina. I think a man like that doesn’t want a woman who’s too interested in sex because she might be treating HIM as a conquest — many men don’t like that kind of role reversal: they know how they treat women, and they don’t want to be treated like that themselves.

And then if you want to run up your notch count you need to stay out of relationships — once you’ve fucked a woman, you get no additional score for fucking her again. (That’s why it helps to not look at women as people, nor be able to relate to them as individuals, because you might discover that you actually like being together and that would certainly fuck up your notch count. My own notch count is in single digits, partly because I’ve been married for the past 46 years (except for about a year from when I decided to divorce my first wife until I got involved with my wife). There are absolutely no scoring points given in male competitions for having sex with your significant other.

Some years ago there was a best-selling book called “The Rules” whose premise was that men love the Chase and Conquest, so a woman needed to increase her Sexual Market Value (no, they didn’t actually use that term) by playing hard to get. Even with a man you’re dating, you should never call him, never talk for more than ten minutes when he calls, never accept a date for Saturday after Tuesday, etc., etc. The question they never seemed to ask was, if a guy is really into the Chase and Conquest, wouldn’t he just move on to another woman after his current objective says yes. And why would you even want an LTR with as man like that? Now I myself totally hated the Chase, so I never asked a woman for a date unless I was totally sure she was interested. (My wife even asked me out first.) (I even friend-zoned a couple of interested/interesting women who asked me out, but that was because they hadn’t made the final break in existing relationships that included children, and I just didn’t want to be involved in that sort of situation — and in fact they both got back together with their previous partners.) I always thought that it was better to explore relationships with women who actually seem to like you — in fact, that was my first requirement.

I always thought that it was better to explore relationships with women who actually seem to like you — in fact, that was my first requirement.

Yeah, that would make sense for me, too. There’s nothing that gives me the willies more than the idea of just cold approaching someone. I’d rather have a warm start than a cold one anyday.

My wife dated an Aussie before me. She brought him on a hiking trip I was leading, and near the summit I ended up standing on a ledge next to him looking out at the view. He made some comment about her and I answered, “Yes, Debi is a very attractive young woman, and if she were interested in me I would find it very difficult to resist her.” After she declined to move to Australia to live with him, he told her what I had said, so she knew she wouldn’t have to deal with a cold rebuff. As to whether things would work out — well, you can’t ever know that.

I would be shocked to find that Julien Blanc has bedded more beautiful women than Mr. Futrelle,

Me too.

Actually, I would be more shocked to find a troll who proofreads his own glurge before posting it.


The notch-counters don’t want to be bothered with a woman’s mind.

It’s all about playing on the easy level, with cheat codes. “Hacking” women gives them a thrill of superiority. Unearned superiority, of course (which is what’s so entertainingly hilarious about these self-styled alphas). It takes much more maturity, patience, and wisdom to treat women as fully rounded people and take on the challenges of adult relationships. Some people just aren’t cut out for emotional intimacy, and that’s fine, but it gets annoying when PUAs try to claim that their failings reflect some deep universal truth about gender relations. That’s when their “I must be a winner at ALL COSTS!!” mentality crosses the line from amusing to harmful.

Also, I totally agree that The Rules are full of terrible advice. Why would anyone want to be with someone that they had to trick into a relationship? It would be so exhausting playing all those little games to try to keep the other person interested and coax them into making a long-term commitment. The Rules makes it sound like men have to be lured into marriage and emotionally healthy self-expression like frightened little bunnies. That’s insulting to both men and women!

“Why would anyone want to be with someone that they had to trick into a relationship?”

But that was sort of the pattern for a conventional middle-class pre-feminist marriage. For a “Father Knows Best” family to exist there had to be a mother carefully stage-managing everything.

Lets all not forget that one or both (can’t remember) of the women who “The Rules” got divorced. Maybe tricking a man, any man as long as he is gainfully employed, into proposing is not really the key to a successful relationship. Who’d have thunk it?

But…but…it’s all about getting your Pretty Princess Party! It’s more important to be a bride than a wife, ya know.

Actually, I don’t understand the popular trope that men have to be dragged kicking and screaming into marriage. Marriage (the traditional kind celebrated in Bob Hope jokes) seems like a really good deal for the guy – free housework, sex, cooking, child care, nursing, etc. – but not so much for the woman, who gets a ton of additional thankless chores and the bottom spot on the emotional totem pole. (#notallmarriage, of course, just the 1950s kind beloved of social conservatives). Only an MRA would see that as some kind of gold-digging ball-and-chain arrangement.

In my experience there’s only been one situation where the woman in a couple was more into the idea of getting married than the man was, and that was probably because she was a Mormon and he was an atheist. In every other case that I’ve personally witnessed it’s been the men pining after marriage and the women going yeah, sure, I guess we could do that.

May every PUA fall hard for a Rules devotee, and may they cancel each other out. Two birds, one stone.

And now I’m imagining a candlelight dinner where both the man and woman are frantically sneaking peeks at their instruction manuals under the table.

Ehhh, actually, that’s a bit too adorable for these folks. Let’s go with a perpetual misery of one-upping the other, each pointing to the “games” the other plays as justification for their own, but somehow still both obsessed with “winning” the relationship.

May they stride together, one hand on the other and one on their books, across a sea of legos for perpetuating this codswallop.

I always thought traditional marriage worked roughly 70/30 in favor of the man, and he got to grouse about “the old ball and chain” to boot.
I can understand why women are wary about marriage. A mistake in marriage carries a much heavier burden for women most of the time, particularly if there are children.
According to Wikipedia, one of the authors of “The Rules” was an accountant who later divorced and remarried and the other was a writer who never married. From my own point of view, if a woman had treated me the way they recommend I would have assumed that she was not interested and that continuing to pursue her would be borderline harassment.

That’s precisely the problem I’ve always had with the notion of “playing hard to get,” and all of that attendant philosophy. If a woman pushes me away, I assume it’s because she’s not interested, and I’m not likely to push the matter because I respect her boundaries. Granted, once I was madly in love and it was very difficult for me to stop pursuing her because I was hoping against hope that her feelings toward me would change. But that ended up annoying the hell out of her and putting a huge strain on our friendship. Stories like the ones that “The Rules” perpetuate put both women and men in an ugly position, where they’re constantly questioning their own judgment – “What if she’s just testing my resolve?” – and acting against our desire to be considerate of each other. It’s pointless, ugly antagonism, and deeply confusing to a young person who doesn’t yet know much about how relationships actually work.

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