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Angry GamerGaters Telling Brianna Wu to Shut Up and Make Games, Not Realizing That's Already Her Job

Screenshot from Revolution 60, the game with women in it that Brianna Wu already made
Revolution 60, the game with women in it that Brianna Wu already made, dudes!

When women, in conversations online,  point out the ridiculously tiny percentage of video games that feature women as protagonists, they tend to get flooded with responses from indignant gamebros telling them that if they don’t like the games out there, they should just make their own.

The gamebros mean their comments to be conversation-enders. Just as Vivian James, #GamerGate’s imaginary girlfriend, tells game critics to “shut up and play,” these guys are telling critics of the retrograde gender politics in gaming to “shut up and make games.”

It never occurs to them that some of the women they smugly tell this to … might already be doing this.

One of the more entertaining aspects of following the Twitter account of much-harassed game developer Brianna Wu — known in #GamerGate circles as Literally Who 3 —  is watching clueless gamebros try this “argument” on her.

The whole thread is here if you’d like to see what an unpleasant fellow this Simon Wood really is.

Oh, but there’s more:



It never ends:




Of course, some of her, er, critics seem to realize that she already makes games. But somehow this doesn’t keep them from yelling at her to make games anyway.

Others demand that she start making GOOD GAMES.

(Huh. Seems like a decent number of people think the game she just releaased is good.)

And this demanding GamerGater wants to know why she doesn’t make MORE games.



Oh. That.

This guy apparently thinks that instead of criticizing the game industry, Wu should be personally training a new generation of girls to make games.

It must be hard to find time to make games with all these dudes yelling at her to make games. And then yelling at her more when she does.




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8 years ago

I will never understand why neutrality trolls put so much effort into defending demonstrably false claims of equivalence. How is it fun to spend days arguing about something you don’t even care about? I just don’t get it. I guess it’s because I don’t falsely and smugly believe myself superior to everyone else.

8 years ago


Now I’m getting confused. If there are not two factions fighting, then how can one side act collectively to threaten the other side when there are no sides in the first place.

Wait, really? You’re response to “one ‘side’ of the gamergate issue is sending rape and death threats to women who have opinions about video games, therefore the two sides aren’t equivalent” is “but I thought you said there weren’t two factions?” Seriously? The point soared that far over your head?

You’re willful obtuseness is showing.

8 years ago

Sparky – you might say that the obtuseness is acute.

The fact that 4Chan – 4CHAN! – booted the Gaters says so much about how appalling they’ve been. And now 8Chan and Encyclopedia Dramatica are a-bloo-bloo-blooing about that. If your biggest online fans hang out there, you should stop selling death sticks, go home, and rethink your life.

Regarding the ‘both sides’ shtik, someone (possibly on Twitter, maybe here) offered this example: if one side says All puppies should be kicked and the other says No puppies should be kicked, proposing that SOME puppies be kicked is not a reasonable compromise.

8 years ago

I find it funny that GamerGaters (and MRAs, now that I think about it), seem to have a love for My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. A cartoon created by a feminist, that has a main cast of female characters, where the magical land is RUN by women (All hail Celestia and Luna!), whose catchphrase has become “love and tolerance”, and has feminist overtones.

Really, the irony is delicious.

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