Reactionary racist woman-hating fantasy author Vox Day has some helpful advice for street harassers on how to harass more effectively

"Buck buck buh-kaw!" is not a compliment.
“Buck buck buh-kaw!” is not a compliment.

So everyone’s favorite reactionary racist woman-hating fantasy author Vox Day has weighed in on that street harassment video that’s been going around. And his comments will shock you.

At least if you’re easily shocked and have never read any of my previous posts about him.

It’s not exactly a surprise that Vox thinks that street harassment isn’t really harassment, just a bunch of “unsolicited compliments and greetings” from friendly fellows.

But Vox does have one criticism of the non-harassers. They’re not doing it right.

Specifically, they’re being too nice to the women they’re pestering.

The ironic thing is that these men have it all wrong anyhow. They’d be much more likely to get a response from her if they glanced at her and laughed, rolled their eyes, or sniffed dismissively. Street neg, one might say.

So ladies, if you’re walking down the street and some angry weirdo sniffs dismissively in your direction, don’t be surprised if you suddenly feel a strong urge to bear his children. Because sniffing dismissively is a total Alpha move.

Vox’s regular commenters had a few thoughts of their own.

“The more we ignore them, the more they want us. Amusing creatures,” Laguna Feach Fogey sniffed dismissively.

“The day the catcalls finally stop will be far more traumatic for her than the catcalls have been,” Retrenched laughed.

“The poor thing ! but in a couple of decades she will be sexually invisible and all her problems will be solved,” PjBlue added, rolling his eyes dramatically.

Several others suggested that the woman in the sexual harassment video brought it on herself by dressing like a harlot … in a t-shirt and jeans.

“In other words,” cailcorishev wrote,

clothes that show off every curve of her body to greatest effect, so that everyone who sees her can tell from a mile away just how large and perky her goodies are. If her great-grandmother could see her, she’d be scandalized that she’s going outside practically naked.

Today I Learned that wearing clothes that cover up most of your body is the same as going outside practically naked.

Jimmy jambo offered the woman some style tips.

You’re supposed to wear baggy clothes and a hoodie so no one can see your face. I suppose this is what regular women face, but the world has already changed. Men are not required to be polite to women as in chivalry so catcalls are no different than name calling.

Wait, what?

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Devin Parker
8 years ago

Once again, I’m forcibly reminded that we white guys have NO CLUE what women have to put up with on a regular basis, apparently even from childhood. I’m throwing up in my mouth a little at some of these personal experiences. Holy crap, I don’t even. I wish there was a way to apologize for every creep that shares my gender and skin color and actually have it mean something.

8 years ago

@ Devin Parker – is cool. No need to apologise for bad things you didn’t do.

But, if you want to help, then it would be appreciated if you would talk to other men about this. They don’t seem to here us wimminz.

8 years ago

Oops, I meant “hear us wimminz”.

Devin Parker
8 years ago
Reply to  grumpyoldnurse

@grumpyoldnurse – Will do. The mental roadblocks that guys put up against such complaints are still surprising me; some react as though they’ve been asked to become celibate monks.

kittehserf - MOD
8 years ago

Devin – if only they would, preferably in a monastery on a rocky island with no way off!

Policy of Madness
Policy of Madness
8 years ago

@Devin Parker

You know what else would be awesome? Intervention. Don’t put yourself in danger or anything, but when you see a guy catcalling a woman, or talking about women like they are sex objects and nothing more, say something. “Not cool, dude.” Make it known that you don’t approve. Recognize what a rape joke is, and be the guy who doesn’t laugh at it and makes it obvious that he isn’t laughing and doesn’t think it is funny.

That kind of behavior, to be honest, has a power that is outsized for the effort it would take you.

8 years ago

@ Devin Parker – Yeah, I hear you! When I have called out friends/acquaintances on this (or heard others call them out) that was pretty much the attitude, too. What I wonder is, how many men actually find this an effective mating strategy? Has any woman ever walked up to a street harasser and asked for his phone number? I’m sure it could happen, but I’ve never seen or heard of it.

Also, what Policy of Madness said. I’ve also found it effective on limiting racist jokes and behaviours in my small sphere.

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