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Harassing feminists for expressing their condolences for Robin Williams: Men’s Rights Activism at its finest

Another victory for Men’s Rights activism!

The guy who posted this was so proud of his work here that he pinned this Tweet to the top of his Twitter home page.

Naturally, he went after Jessica Valenti for the same, er, crime.

MRAs are so convinced that feminists hate men that when feminists express their genuine sorrow about a man’s suicide it doesn’t occur to MRAs to perhaps reconsider some of their beliefs about feminism. No, they’d rather use it as an excuse to attack individual feminist women.

Speaking of which, here’s how the  folks at A Voice for Men are mourning the death of Robin Williams — with a supremely nasty and opportunistic attack on Valenti.

More on Valenti in a bit.


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The gendered nature of cutting and the cultural response to it has always bothered me. If young women are so desperate for someone to notice that they’re unhappy and take their misery seriously that they’re slicing their arms up with razors, then how is mockery (lol you’re an attention whore) an appropriate response to that? If that’s the assumption about what’s happening, then why does nobody ask why young women feel that they don’t have enough of a voice to express how they’re feeling any other way?

I feel physically ill when I read the shit David quotes from the source. His critics constantly complain he takes shit out of context in order to make it look bad. I find it so much worse when I read this stuff in context! What the hell are they talking about? The emotional hurt and nausea I feel when I read manospherean bullshit in situ is worse than what I experience when I see sad puppy commercial and I change the fucking channel when I see sad puppy commercials.

Re: attention

Growing up with a looooot of siblings, I certainly did a lot of thing to get attention, hardly ever realizing it was so.

Of curse, there was always the accusation of doing stuff “to get attention”, but ironically enough they were often directed at my real interests.

It took me a long time and maturity to be able to say: “yes, I fucking need some attention here, why is everyone acting like an asshole about it??”

But in he mean time, I did a hell lot of self-censoring just in case something I would do or say was out of that “need for attention”.

I hate that this type of oppression is so common and so clear, and yet so hard to explain to someone who doesn’t get it.

When someone starts in with the “lol that girl just wants attention” thing the question to ask them is why they think girls should be invisible.

I find that people who point the finger and accuse others of “attention seeking” tend to be the worst attention seekers themselves.* It’s a projection technique – they don’t like the limelight going onto someone else.

* there’s another group who are shy and are very uncomfortable with any reflected attention. But I find they don’t tend to use the term.

Oh man, I HATE the “just want attention!” thing. For YEARS, throughout our adolescence, we carefully hid anything depressing we wrote about, for fear people would think we were just doing it for the attention. We stopped drawing anything that might be construed as sad for years.

I just wondered a bit….MRAs seem to have this false idea in their heads that women aren’t human beings. We are terrible, awful creatures. And yet…I think deep down they see that feminists DO care. Women DO care. And that pisses them off more than anything else. Women are supposed to be terrible and sub-human to them. Yet, they are behaving better, more compassionately and bravely than they ever could. And that just sticks in their craw.

“Stop acting like you’re people, you bitches” pretty much sums up most MRA arguments.

“We are against feminism because this feminist will not put us down and let us go eat all of the cereal that someone spilled on the floor”

@NonServiam: Oof. I’m glad to hear you’re working through it, but I’m sorry it happened to begin with. Keep your supports close and remember that you escaped and survived, but even before that you endured–you were and are very strong, and you’ll only get stronger.

Robin Williams was strong as well to hold out as long as he did. I just heard a podcast with Marc Maron where he replayed an interview with him. He talks briefly about considering suicide once when he was drunk in a hotel room with someone he didn’t know (something that resonated with me in the aftermath of my own abusive relationship four years ago; did a lot of things I’m not proud of to bury that pain), and it about had me in tears. He joked about talking it out on a podcast instead of in therapy. I wish there wasn’t such a stigma surrounding seeking help for mental health issues. I wouldn’t have lasted much longer if I hadn’t gotten back on medication and into the right therapy program.

Kitten bouquets are the best flowers anyone can receive. Also, I couldn’t come up with a good anti-feminism thing for them. They’re too cute I can’t think.

BTW, misogynist scum reading this:
Robin Williams was a feminist. He was a great big lefty progressive and a feminist. He’d have laughed his ass off at you not getting the “male tears” joke. He wasn’t one of yours. He was one of ours. Stop using his tragic death to try to hurt the people who admired him and felt an emotional connection to him. If he were still here, he’d mock you mercilessly. Since he’s not, the rest of us will. We may not have his comic genius, but we’ll do our best to make fun of you being the worst.

Really? I didn’t know that, that’s awesome!

It’s also notable, given how many prominent middle aged and older feminists there are whose beliefs are far less man-friendly than Valenti’s, that it’s her he’s fixated on. It’s always young women who MRAs fixate on. Someone like, say, Catherine McKinnon? She’s been around for years, and says a lot of stuff they’d presumably find offensive, but they don’t care. What they’re actually fixated on is women who they want to fuck who’re non-compliant.

I think you’ve hit the nail on the head.

Did Robin Williams tears feel extra special to you?

Compassion for Men and Boys™. Quod erat demonstrandum, baby.

Of course, this troll probably sneered at the whole premise of Mrs. Doubtfire — namely, that sometimes taking a walk in a woman’s shoes for a while makes a better man (and PERSON) out of you. Because [insert misogynist bullshit “reason” here].

Humans are social creatures. We need attention from other humans, as much as we need food and water and sleep. When did this culture decide that “wanting attention” was a moral failing?

I don’t know when this started (probably longer ago than anyone could imagine!), but I’m fully in agreement…this denial-of-attention thing is bad for the mental health. Not only of the ones being deprived, but of those doing the depriving, too. Because if the thing goes to its logical end…who will be there for them when they need attention — and not the narcissistic kind, either?

The logic of that does seem to lead towards a world that I don’t think many of us would want to live in.

I can’t say that I’ve gotten used to the bullshit spouted by the MRA and misogynist douchebags. I can say that I’m numb to it. I hear it and I’m so emotionally detatched from it that I can’t really muster much outrage anymore. Same with work. I dont really even get angry when a customer essentially sexually assaults me. I bend his fingers back, tell him to stop and I’ve forgotten about it by the time he slinks out if the club. It’s doesn’t even register anymore. It’s routine, its normal and, while it can get annoying, it stopped being personal for me.

The only emotional damage that can potentially be done are by those that I allow access to that side of me. Shit on the internet or some asshole customer doesn’t even come close. Maybe its extremely thick skin. Maybe it’s unhealthy. But, it certainly works.

Funny how MRAs claim that feminists will make any topic and make it all about feminism, but it appears that here they have taken a tragic death and made it all about hating feminism.

Funny how MRAs claim that feminists will make any topic and make it all about feminism, but it appears that here they have taken a tragic death and made it all about hating feminism.

Been seeing some lovely Robin Williams stories around, BTW:

Here’s one

and here’s another.

Reading these makes me doubly sad. Not only is this sweet menschy guy who cheered and brought joy to so many people now gone in the most tragic way imaginable, but all these wet-blanket and droopy-drawers MRAs are still around, poisoning the atmosphere with their hot, smelly off-gassings, and worse, they’re getting their fucking kicks out of it.

There really is no justice sometimes.

Robin Williams killed himself because he just didn’t give a fuck anymore. Not because he was “severely mentally depressed.” He was developing dementia, and he was going to have to keep working to continue paying off alimony from two divorces. he made a rational decision to off himself, everyone needs to stop feeling sorry for him, I’m sure he wasn’t feeling sorry for himself. He probably feels relieved now. It’s annoying how everyone is trying to use this as a stepping stone for their personal agenda.

Kyle, I’m just going to echo what weirwoodtreehugger stated in the other thread: Get help. You clearly have issues.

That said, expressing condolences for a suicide victim and deriding assholes who use Williams’s suicide as a reason to hate on feminists is not a “personal agenda”, and it’s generally not a good idea to speculate on the motivations of a person you’ve never even met. You’re projecting your own problems on Williams, and you’re using that projection to be a jerk to people who are genuinely sorry for his passing. Don’t do that.

Also, what you said in the other thread about ‘female validation’ being necessary for a man to not commit suicide; Don’t do that. “If women won’t date me I’ll kill myself” is manipulative and assholish. You’re better than that.

I’m not trying to analyze you here, but based on some things you wrote, your bleak worldview may have to do with you buying into some MRM myths about human relationships, and that’s not a good place to be. Don’t believe them, they’re assholes.

Again, please get help.

Let me expand that: what I mean to say is I don’t believe for a second that Kyle is sincere. I’m 100% certain he’s just trying to say the most objectionable thing he can say. Old-school trolling, if you will.

Kyle how about we don’t speculate about the reasons that complete strangers commit suicide? Also, I’ve seen nowhere that he had dementia, he actually had depression and parkinsons and I’ve seen various people say he was diagnosed with bipolar disorder though I’ve not seen it officially confirmed. The alimony line has only been run with my MRA’s and others of a similar ilk. Bizarre for you to play that angle and then accuse others of “using his death to further an agenda”.

Fuck you, Kyle. Seriously. You aren’t merely factually wrong. You’re also a disgusting, horrible, human canker. I hope every single time you slice a lemon or a jalapeno, you find a paper cut.

Kyle, so why don’t you stop coming here and using his death to further your agenda? Fuck off.

Robin Williams killed himself because he just didn’t give a fuck anymore. Not because he was “severely mentally depressed.”

Leaving aside the obvious fact that Kyle is a troll… how are those two things contradictory? Seems to me like the former could well be a consequence of the latter.

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