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Debate: Matt Binder of the Majority Report vs. Paul Elam of A Voice for Paul Elam

So there’s a LIVE debate tonight between Matt Binder of the Majority Report with Sam Seder and a fellow you may have heard of by the name of Paul Elam. Since Elam evidently refused to debate on the Majority Report — for some reason he doesn’t like to debate people when he doesn’t control the venue — Matt Binder agreed to debate on A Voice for Men, with Dean Esmay as the, ahem, neutral moderator. It’s at 6 PM Eastern.

I expect some shenanigans.

Here’s the video that inspired Elam’s debate challenge:

Here’s Matt’s video accepting the challenge:

Check out Matt’s other videos on Men’s Rightsers and our dear friend Stefan Molyneux.

209 replies on “Debate: Matt Binder of the Majority Report vs. Paul Elam of A Voice for Paul Elam”

[CN: child abuse, animal abuse]

The punchline was supposed to go like this:

A rented mule is whipped by the person who rents it.
Meringues are made out of whipped egg whites.
A red-headed step-child is whipped by their parents.
The Brazilian Soccer Team was whipped (by the German Soccer Team).
And Paul Elam was whipped by Matt Binder in that debate.

It’s a really gross joke, and I’m spoiling the punchline so that anyone who finds the joke triggering can have an easier time identifying why it’s so fucked up.

Why do people think jokes like that will be welcomed here? Learn to read your audience, people.

Orion: A gravatar?

If you post regularly, people will recognise even the one assigned by the randomiser, but something like my mushroom, or a catvatar, etc. would do that with more speed.

The completely skewed reaction of the AVfM-ers to the discussion (calling it a “debate” implies both sides actively engaged on even terms!) reminds me of nothing so much as the rusted-on GOP response whenever Sarah Palin made a fool of herself when she was running for VP. Getting schooled by Biden in debates, freezing like a deer in headlights when she was asked to name a newspaper she read…. every single thing was spun by the base as either being a huge victory~! or Teh Ebul Lamestream Media Picking On Her.

I’m hoping some of the redpillers have started to realise how hollow their movement really is after seeing AVfM’s leader unable to discuss anything rationally. Or is all their criticism simply levelled at his preparation, and still assuming the base doctrine is unassailable?

Orion, you may want to rethink putting so much personal info on this site. It is read by some very toxic trolls. If you want, that comment can be deleted.

Using a gravatar to differentiate yourself’s easy. If you click on the blue square next to your name, you’ll get to the Gravatar site. Sign up for it and you can upload whatever pics you want to use.

That might be a good idea. Normally I’m extremely open. It wouldn’t be that difficult to track down any of that information if someone wanted to. But I forget how many hostile reader we have. Thanks.

“Yes, orion with a lowercase ‘o’ was the asshole who proclaimed to be LBT’s “gay muse”. Orion with a capital ‘O’, by contrast, is cool.”

My mistake Orion! I offer my sincerest apologies for my snafu!


What does a red headed step child have in common with a mango? (The color, sort of, I’m all wonky sleep wise and needed a mango joke)

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