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Check out my interview about the dreaded Friend Zone on Amanda Marcotte's Reality Check Podcast

Like video games, the friend zone is not real.
Like video games, the friend zone is not real.

If you missed my talk at Northwestern on the Friend Zone, and most of you did, I go over a lot of what I said in it in my interview with Amanda Marcotte here. My segment of the podcast starts about 8 minutes in. (The rest of the podcast is interesting, too.)

The one thing missing from the podcast that my talk had was … a gazillion terrible Friend Zone memes to illustrate all my points. So here are a couple of the ones I refer to in the interview.



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7 years ago

Okay guys what’s up? This is Warper. I know this entry is kinda old and I know it is possible won’t get replied to.

You make a lot of valid points guys and girls. But I feel some comments here were biased too. I agree for example that Patriarchy’s remmants are in fact screwing men over and some men blame these elements on women (for example society expecting men to ask women out) and we should recognize it. At the same time there are some legit problems.

I have seen some comments implying men shouldn’t even ask women out and just wait for a woman to ask them out, even if it means that will never happen.

And that saying a polite no is not necessary and saying a rude no even if a guy approached you nicely without ill will is acceptable.

Now I find these views unreasonable and I want to know what do you think? I am not here to fight, I am here to understand. I hope we can get along. If you reply please be polite as I am being to you, have a good night.

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