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Wil Wheaton to MRAs: You’re idiots. MRAs: Yeah, well, you’re a mangina! And women actually like you! And your narration is bad!

Wil Wheaton is hiding somewhere in this picture. From
Wil Wheaton is hiding somewhere in this official portrait of Kim Jong Un and pals. From

So the Men’s Rights movement has faced some setbacks in the past. The Southern Poverty Law Center profiling them as a movement filled with hate (if not literally a hate group by the SPLC’s strict definition). Events that literally no one showed up to. Paul Elam.

But MRAs have never faced anything quite like this.

Wil Wheaton — yes, that Wil Wheaton, the one who was on Star Trek TNG — has stated publicly that he thinks they’re a bunch of idiots:

Naturally, this tweet has the fellas in the Men’s Rights subreddit feeling hurt and angry. Well, they always feel hurt and angry, so I guess I mean they feel even more hurt and angry than usual, with a lot of this hurt and anger directed in a Wil-Wheatony direction.

Here are some of their comments. I don’t really have any jokes to make about them because, I mean, just read them. I can’t top this sort of ridiculousness.

Click on the individual comments to see them in context on Reddit. Oh, and note that this comment at the top has MORE THAN ONE HUNDRED UPVOTES.

giegerwasright 119 points 7 hours ago (150|31)  Wil Wheaton has never had to live life as a regular man. He has never been treated by women as a regular man. He is a privileged white male. All those things that feminists say that white men have that we recognize are actually really only reserved for rich white men? Well. He's a rich white male. So. What do you expect? Perspective? LOL. He has media to sell and pussy to pander to for approval, hanglowstankin, and profit.      permalink     source     save     give gold     hide child comments  [–]cfornax 63 points 7 hours ago (82|17)  Ironic isn't it. He undermines men to elevate his privileged status in eyes of feminists who wish to undermine his privileged status.      permalink     source     save     parent     give gold  [–]giegerwasright 39 points 7 hours ago (53|17)  And that, my dear lad, is how the wealthy mangina maintains his status. Key word being "wealthy", a distinction that the unfortunately unwealthy manginas don't recognize.  Always. Follow. The money.

Wait. What is “hanglowstankin?” Oh, never mind.

Also, I would bet a mint-in-box Wesley Crusher action figure that Wheaton didn’t call you guys “idiots” because he wanted to pander to “pussy” but rather because you are the sorts of guys who routinely refer to women as “pussy.”

ruboos [-2] 10 points 7 hours ago (16|6)  Wil Wheaton has always been a self hating misandrist. I've never liked him. And his narration is atrocious. Listen to "Ready Player One" if you don't believe me. The dude is a joke. Thank you for calling him out in public. He has no excuse.

AnotherDAM 14 points 7 hours ago (24|10)  Just because someone is famous in one context does not make him an expert in any, or every, other context. The man made a decent beer with Stone Brewing, he is incredibly practiced at talking with people so don't expect to win a war of words with him or out "cool" him. Just point out to him that he has had everything handed to him on a silver platter his entire adult life ~ he doesn't need to worry about money or getting girls or an invite to the uber-cool CES ~ does not actually mean his opinion matters to anyone but himself. He will eventually get it when all of his male friends start dying decades before his female admirers.      permalink     source     save     give gold     hide child comments  [–]VortexCortex [+1] 4 points 3 hours ago (5|1)  I would merely appeal to his sense of logic: "There's much evidence to the contrary, Wheaton; You have not tried try to refute the null hypothesis before holding your belief."  Not that it would actually work -- He's an actor who once played a young scientist -- but many of his viewers practice rationality.

DaveDodo007 1 point 46 minutes ago (1|0)  Actor benefits from hypergamy, 'I'm all right Jack so fuck you lot.'

Your_Bacon_Counselor 3 points 5 hours ago (6|3)  Mr. Wheaton works in an industry that provides the voice to the feminist agenda. If he has any mind what so ever, he knows he can't speak the truth even if he wanted to. Pity the poor servant.

AlphaWookieage of consent laws "criminalize human sexuality" 12 points 4 hours ago (19|7)  Will's tune will change when his adopted son goes through the ringer.

But Wil had one defender amongst the Men’s Rightsers:

chocoboat 6 points 5 hours ago (25|19)  Wil is still cool. He just got misinformed by some feminists, who in an effort to protect their privilege, smear the name of MRAs and fight against equality when it doesn't serve them.  He was taught that MRA = a whiny bitch who wants a return to 1950s gender roles and can't stand women having any power over anything. Of course he thinks that kind of person is an idiot.  Don't bash Wil, bash the people who misinformed him. I can virtually guarantee you that he would support the same pro-equality ideas that MRAs do, and that he's against the sexist situations that men sometimes run into (such as being arrested after calling police when your wife attacks you, or being made to change airline seats due to "every man is a pedophile" hysteria).      permalink     source     save     give gold     hide child comments  [–]Zetadood 17 points 4 hours ago (23|4)  Nah, no one gets a pass for misinformed ignorance. If he changes his views later on that's different, until then he's a tool.

EDIT: H/T to the AgainstMensRighters for pointing me to this.

359 replies on “Wil Wheaton to MRAs: You’re idiots. MRAs: Yeah, well, you’re a mangina! And women actually like you! And your narration is bad!”

Anita, Will, and Johnathan, have been exposed several dozen times by Chris Ray Gun, Thunderfoot, Ms Misanthropist, Amazing Athiest, DirtyHippyPanda,Sargan of Ackad, Mr. Repzilion, ShoeOnHead, Bearing, Sugar Tits,

Hi, Chris!

Care to explain what you mean by “exposed” when you say that “Anita, Will, and Johnathan, have been exposed several dozen times”? Cause all I’ve ever seen the parade of jerks you mention do is complain about things they don’t like on the internet. I’ve never found them to be very convincing. Care to give some more details?

Ranting about people you disagree with isn’t exposing them, regardless of whether or not you had a point, which, to be clear, none of those guys do. To “expose” someone is to reveal something damning about them that wasn’t clear before. I’m pretty sure the fact that Anita Sharkeesian raised money to make feminists videos isn’t news to anyone familiar with her.

But assuming that “exposed” to you means “criticized in any way”, then pretty much every prominent MRA has been exposed on this site, which negates any future criticism of David, at least according to your logic, right? Right?

Oh, The Amazing Asshole has “exposed” Anita and Wil? Someone bring me a fainting couch!

P.S. Who is Johnathan? I think I like them already.

I’m not willing to watch a TAA or Tf00t video under anything short of Clockwork Orange levels of duress, so I’m just going to have to guess at how these prominent individuals have been exposed. Best theories:

Will Wheaton, EXPOSED! Actor discovered to be time traveller from 24th century named Wesley Crusher. Most of Star Trek: The Next Generation revealed to have been autobiographical.

Anita Sarkeesian, EXPOSED! Presumed-human Anita Sarkeesian is actually 5 goombas standing on top of one another. In order to defeat their eternal foes Mario and Luigi, the highly-organized goombas have been attempting bring down the entire video game industry through feminist critique.

Johnathan, EXPOSED! as being some random guy I don’t know anything about.

I can only assume that Chris made the classic blunder of assuming that “exposed” is a synonym for “gave exposure to”, as in, the listed youtubers drew attention to Anita and Wil and Jonathan (not a very good job with Jonathan though, I’m not sure who that person is). I can see why one would think that these two phrases are the same. They have the same root words, but the connotation is actually quite different. It’s okay, though. We all make mistakes.

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