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A Cat for Christmas. Also, Man Boobz TABLE OF MISANDRY Art Contest WINNER!


Merry Christmas, if you celebrate it! And a very happy day in late December, if you don’t! Whatever your religious beliefs, or lack therof, I think you will appreciate this gif of a cat enjoying a traditional Christmas banana.

Also, I’d like to announce the winner of the MAN BOOBZ SLIGHTLY BEFORE CHRISTMAS ART CONTEST. It’s Myoo, for this take on the Table of Academic Misandry described by A Voice for Men’s Paul Elam in a recent post. You know, the one that has legs made up of “rape hysteria, demonization of men, fraudulent academic feminism and the continual erosion of due process for men and other Constitutional principles.”

The Table of Misandry
The Table of Misandry (Click pic for a larger version.)


I think this pretty much nails it, though I do feel obliged to point out that technically that is not an octopus.

Thanks to everyone who submitted pics! You can find more in the comments of the original thread.

108 replies on “A Cat for Christmas. Also, Man Boobz TABLE OF MISANDRY Art Contest WINNER!”

Congrats to all the survivors of Christmas 🙂

I clicked to look at Falconer’s Christmas baby pic, and then my brain got caught on “WAIT WHAT where is that bright light coming from?”

Days have been rather murky here, with solar angle around six degrees, typical heavy cloud cover and somewhat atypical lack of snow. Even on clear days, the sun wouldn’t shine indoors unless you have a south-facing window with unobstructed horizon.

Wasn’t me, LBT (although I had to go through the entire thread and check to make sure I hadn’t made a comment and then blacked it out of my memory, because it really unnerves me when I do that).

I’m supposed to be on a Caribbean cruise right fucking now, but instead, I’m not. My car’s block heater no longer has a cord, and it’s going to be -34 to -28 C over the next 4 or 5 days, which is to say I won’t be going anywhere unless the roomie takes me. Winter both sucks and blows.

However, I did get out and about today, and we’re stocked up for the week with a giant, pre-cut ham and other pig-related goodness. If the firewood fairy would drop by with a cord of wood, I’d be a pretty happy camper.

RE: CassandraSays

I hope you’ve got some good outdoor wear! Ohio in the winter can be really fucking cold.

*sigh* My coat and ski pants are, like most everything else, in a box. Fortunately, with my magic layering powers and my newfound cold tolerance, I can handle temperatures down to the teens (Farenheit) without a coat. I AM IMPERVIOUS.

lol the Octopus holding the devil horns to the demonization of the mens was hilarious. I wish there were awards given out for this type of thing <3

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