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Pierce Harlan, "false rape" activist, gives up blogging in disgust with fellow MRAs. Then he doesn't.

Some other impressive flip-flops
Some other impressive flip-flops

We’ve seen a lot of epic flip-floppery from Men’s Rightsers in the last few days on the subject of the Occidental College fiasco — that is, for those who haven’t been following it closely, the organized spamming of Occidental’s anonymous online rape reporting form with false reports by Reddit MRAs and 4channers. Notably, the Men’s Rights subreddit mod known as sillymod went from blaming the false reports on trolls one day to hailing them as necessary activism the next.

But a reader has alerted me to an even more epic flip-flop, this one from Pierce Harlan, a blogger obsessed with what he sees as an epidemic of false rape accusations.

Harlan started out as one of the voices of reason — at least by MRA standards — on the Occidental College spamming.  Refraining from the hysteria of his fellow Men’s Rightsers about Occidental College’s anonymous form, he actually pointed out in one post that the form wasn’t being used to punish anyone and that anonymous reporting may be “a necessary evil” in order to get a true picture of the extent of rape.

On Friday, he went further, announcing in a post on his blog The Community of the Wrongly Accused that he was so disgusted with the behavior of his fellow Men’s Rightsers in the Occidental fiasco that he was planning to give up blogging entirely. The phony reports from MRAs, he sadly noted, “did no favors for the wrongly accused,” and this sort of “activism” only served to make MRAs look bad.

[T]he actions of the spammers were misguided at best, puerile and malicious at worst. They’ve given those of us who are trying to raise awareness about these issues in a serious way a black eye. I couldn’t care less how some radical feminist characterizes this incident, my concern is how it plays to middle America — and this can’t be spun in a positive way.

The incident, he wrote, was

the proverbial straw that broke the camel’s back. We’ve long sought to engage our readers, both here and via Reddit, to take certain actions that we felt could actually make a difference for the wrongly accused. These efforts invariably were met with either a lukewarm response or the sound of crickets chirping. …

Yet, now, someone suggests men’s righters spam a school’s rape reporting site, and for that they come out in droves. Hundreds of false rape reports. …

If we could have had this kind of support for the various initiatives we’ve tried to launch, I think we actually could have made a difference for the wrongly accused. We didn’t.

And so, he concluded in frustration,

the time has come to hand this blog over to others who will continue to raise awareness about the injustices to the wrongly accused. I will continue to follow the issue and offer my two cents on issues I think are important, but I’m not going to run this blog any longer.

Yep. That’s right. MRAs are such shitty “activists” that their most notable and attention-getting work of “activism” since I’ve started this blog drove the MRA most dedicated to that issue to such disgust and despair that he announced he was basically giving up the fight.

But Harlan’s retirement didn’t last long.

Apparently deciding that his camel’s back could handle a bit more straw after all, Harlan quickly took down the post announcing his retirement — though it’s still up, at least for now, in Google cache, and when that goes away, here’s a handy screenshot. (In case you’re not an ant, click to see it full size.)

Community of the Wrongly Accused- The Last Straw 2013-12-21 15-38-19

On Saturday, Harlan came out with a new post suggesting that maybe he’d been wrong to challenge the hysteria of the false-report-submitting MRAs in the first place. Remember that bit from above in which Harlan said that the actions of the false-report spammers “can’t be spun in a positive way[?]” Well, Harlan decided he was going to give it the old college try:

Progressives are having a bona fide conniption over the Reddit Men’s Righters who spammed Occidental College’s anonymous rape reporting system with fake “rape” claims (from what we can tell, they were not really false rape claims, just snarky comments about the injustice of anonymous reporting). The righteous indignation from feminists is deafening. The spam attack, they tell us, is typical men’s rights hysteria, the result of an undeservedly privileged class being stripped of its power.

The men’s righters were out to prove that it’s too easy to abuse the college’s anonymous reporting system. We disagreed with the men’s righters and said we weren’t much concerned about the anonymous reporting system, but the more we read the progressive take on the incident, the more we wonder if we blew the call — maybe we should be concerned..

There was, of course, no reference to his post from the previous day, no acknowledgment that the “activism” he was now defending was the very same “activism” that had led him only one day earlier to decide to quit blogging altogether.

Down the memory hole it went. (But Google cache remembers.)

I guess when you’re a Men’s Rights activist, you have to take what you can get, and incredibly shitty slacktivism is about as good as it gets.

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Hey, y’all know what corroboration is – it’s those four reliable male witnesses, because you can’t possibly believe someone identified as female when she says a thing happened.

Creeping sharia, MRA style.

Memo to the troll: Eat shit, bro. You have NO idea what you’re talking about.

Auggz — and other genders, since I’m clearly too tender to deal with the lack of fun that is reporting sexual assault.

And thanks guys, he really pissed me off. But we went to the fish and reptile specific pet store and I got to squee at rare fish and baby cichlids and such. And got puff a turtle platform (so I can raise some decor up to his usual range) and a skull. I may not share that skull, but he is my baby 🙂

Also, mango lemonade with lunch. Cuz mangos. It was good, pecunium got texted this, but no reply (utterly not surprised, I already knew he was busy today)

What is with these trolls conflating a college’s attempt to gather data about sexual assaults on campus with the criminal justice system? There’s been, like, 3 or 4 (or more) so far. Do they really, really not get that this has absolutely nothing to do with the police? Are they really that stupid? Or that disingenuous?

“This dialog proceeds as though there already aren’t Star Chamber like proceedings on college campuses where men who are accused have their rights violated,…”

There aren’t.

“… and don’t exist on a continuum with other bizarre procedures like “no contact” orders.”

How very telling that you find no contact orders – a type of protection order – bizarre. What’s so bizarre about attempts by the criminal justice system to keep victims of stalking and abuse safe?

Oh yeah, and, cool story, bro. ::roll::

“But you see, this power was handed to this 20 yr old girl…”

Woman. A twenty year old is an adult, so that should read “twenty yr old woman.” Also, that “boy” you keep referring to would be a man. We’re talking about adults here.

And you just hate to see that “20 yr old girl” with any kind of “power,” don’t you? You just hate that there’s efforts being made to actually take women seriously when they say they aren’t safe; that they’ve been raped and/or abused, instead of automatically being dismissed as liars and sluts (and worse).

“Actual reports of rape and sexual assault are so low at colleges that even if you use a 95% assumption of under reporting, the figures would still be an order of magnitude off from the ridiculous statistics reported by junk “studies” which inflated the numbers of sexual assaults actually occurring in the first place.

It must be fun to just pull “facts” and “figures” out of your ass. Did you know that 96% of dentists enjoy miniature golf.

” Feminists are shown to be building their belief system on a foundation of nonsense by what actually happens in the real world, so they seek to juke reality to continue with their BS like “rape culture theory” and all the rest of it.”

Rape culture is BS. What part exactly doesn’t jive with reality? The part about the extent of rape being outright denied, or the part about “20 yr old girls” not being able to tell rudeness from abuse? Or the part where a simple attempt by a college to gather data about the extent of sexual assaults on campus provokes slathering rage from guys on the Internet? Oh yeah, you seem to think that:

“Cops today are incredibly sensitive to handling the reporting of such crimes with respect and privacy.”

If you think that, you’re the one completely out of touch with how the real world works. Yeah, its gotten a little better, but not by that much. Citation desperately needed.

Hi, blockquote monster.

I’m gonna throw some cute animals into that big ol’ barrel of hugs, also some contact and non-contact hugs, good vibes and general support:

cloudiah: I hope your mom gets out of the hospital soon. I hope she’s doing okay. It’s always rough on everyone, and sometimes the medical personnel don’t understand that illness and hospital stays are rough on the family as well as the patient. 🙁

Argenti: I’m sorry that happened. That is awful. I don’t know what else to say, other than that’s horrible and awful and they shouldn’t have done that and rapist ex is a total asshole. 🙁

Heaven forfend that a 20-year-old woman, away from home for the first extended period of her life, should feeel safe on campus. The horror. The HORROR. Yeah, taking measures to prevent harassment, assault and rape is SO Star Chamber-y.

“Walk/Do not walk” lights and crossing gaurds are a serious human rights violation. They assume that all drivers are dangerous. And pedestrians should just be more careful. And besides, if a pedestrian is hit by a car, it should be reported to the police instead of relying on an anonymous street light.

Cynic here, but you know why I think guys like Scribbly want to make the small violations and women’s right to put the brakes on there and then the hill they die on? Because they know that the larger violations almost always build on the small ones. Before rape happens, or psychological abuse happens, groping happens, and crossing of verbal boundaries in a way that always falls just short of actionable happens. If women are able to put on the brakes as soon as they feel their boundaries being crossed, and society/institutions back the women up, then guys who depend on creeping, gradual boundary violations to get away with the big stuff won’t be able to escalate to the big stuff, because their social license to operate will have been removed.

That’s why stuff like colleges standing behind the right of their female students not to be verbally harassed and to have their “go away and leave me alone” respected is a big deal. When societies start seeing the idea that women and girls have a right to say “stop” and have their wishes taken seriously, the framework that these guys rely upon is being pulled out from under them.

To paraphrase a meme making the rounds of Facebook lately: Trying to understand the mentality of MRAs is like trying to smell the color 9.

So he changes his mind and that’s a big problem? Huh. Me? Anonymous rape reporting is absurd. The reason we have a criminal justice system is to balance the rights of victims against the rights of the accused, while logical search for the truth is undertaken. An individual’s claim of a crime is nowhere near the standard required to assess a claim. Period. And the admin said that she was using it to identify that 4% of men who are serial rapists.

This dialog proceeds as though there already aren’t Star Chamber like proceedings on college campuses where men who are accused have their rights violated, and don’t exist on a continuum with other bizarre procedures like “no contact” orders. I was speaking with two female students at my local college, Keene State, recently about what it was like between the boys and girls on campus and she proceeded to tell me a story about a boy who had been a bit of a jerk to her, as she put. He didn’t threaten her, harass her, stalk her, sexually assault her – but just was rude to her. She went to some person on campus who told her to get a “no contact” order, just to be safe, even though there was no issue of sexual harassment going on. It was quite strange to hear her discuss it. she even said, “He didn’t do anything to deserve it but I did so because the administrator told me I should.” These “no contact” orders are supposed to be only for cases where there has been sexual misconduct of some sort, like a breakup or following or bothering or asking out too many times. Not for any social transgression.

But you see, this power was handed to this 20 yr old girl and she was egged on by someone in the administration to misuse it. This is now on that boy’s college record and can be used against him as part of a pattern – and he did nothing that warranted that action against him. So please, don’t try to tell us that an anonymous rape reporting system won’t be misused – why wouldn’t this be too? It’s just another lopsided privilege granted to women.


What a sight
A trivial plight
Try as I might
I can’t quite decide
What could be the right
he’s trying to fight

Foooooooooorrrrrrrrr crack rrrrrrrrrrrghahsha ack ack cough arck.

The administrations ministrations aren’t law in nature or applied across the nation
but the 20 year old girl-woman who was “handed” power is somehow at fault… even if she was merely a tool by an inept administration (to give you the best possible reading of your presented case).

Awast scallywags, what a rapscallion dastardly blackguard, that! Being egged on by OTHERS to fill a form!

Do you want to hold taxpayers accountable for every drone death in the Iraq or every prison rape in a government prison too? Or does your moral righteousness only reach across the divide of responsibility when it’s women you can rage and rag about?

And, well, let’s be honest here, he did something to warrant the action that was taken against him – according to your friend he was a bit of a jerk and rude to her. And she was asked to fill out a no contact form, to avoid a rude jerk.

… What, was she supposed to just endure the presence of some rude jerk with no recourse? You tell me what the difference is between a fuck off phrase and a fuck off form, when neither is permanent or used later, but only applies to the one person who no longer wants your company.

But nooooo, heavens forbid we grant the people to associate with those they want to associate with. Free association is for fucking communists, it is! You better damn well just accept people being rude jerks to you, silently take it and nod and smile, because if you don’t want them around, you’re messing up their future! Other people might hear about someone being a rude jerk, and you’ll have totally ruined their reputation forever!

How come it’s only ever when something is written down people with the “They Shouldn’t!” come out of the woodwork? Is it, perhaps, and excuse my conjecture, that the written word in some form is more permanent and easier to bring up again when someone wants to cite it, while mere vibrations fade from memory quickly?

… Well gasp, we wouldn’t want someone to be able to enforce their boundaries by referencing specific written contracts, would we? That’d be… That’d be…. reasonable.


To any troll who is going to post about the Occidental fiasco, make sure you know these before posting:

A) The form is totally gender neutral. Men can report, women can be reported. Let me repeat. Any gender can report. Any gender can be reported.

Oh yeah, that

Good point.

Say, Trollious, of Trollhome, from whence thou cometh to trolleth, why is it a power given to women if its gender neutral form? Lopsided priviledge granted to women, you say?

… ahem.
Excuse my vodka enfused ramble here (Turns out making skittles vodka in preperation of New Years is great, but you have to be sure it tastes right, and, well…. tihihihihi), but, if I can just squeeze in that your hetereonormative assumption that rape is a crime perpetrated upon women by men and that systems intended to engender a reduction of rape solely empowers women to strike back righteously at any and all sans oversight because any female of any age is just an asine, animal passive receptable for intrusion and penetration and men who are some hunted, haunted vigilant employer of power and passion who take things by force, rightfully and repeatedly, but who are now scrutinized by vehement witches for the slightest mistake because they’ve upturned the natural order and been given unnatural priviledges they will, of course, use to unleash retribution of malign, misguided and disproportionate kind kind of tells me more about your view of the world and the fear that runs through it than it does much anything about an online form.

Now excuse me, I have to come up with a name for a neon green drink.

Ectoplasmic Explosion?
Pretty Much Just Arsenic?

Fibi — that fish is stunning!

Sparky — hope that picture didn’t use a flash, I think that puff is taking a nap, mine naps on the bottom like that (well, he naps in a nook atop a mini pantheon, but either way)

Thanks for the cuteness and hugs guys, as always, you rock.

Regarding that ex, looks like someone evaded a few more drug convictions (whatever, pot isn’t exactly a huge deal), got six months for violating probation and is facing charges again for larceny. Sooner or later something is going to stick.

But nooooo, heavens forbid we grant the people to associate with those they want to associate with.

Ahaha, but it’s not people, you see, it’s women. Who, of course, aren’t people, but fucktoys who should shut up and let whatever man wants to grace us with his swearing and harassment and all the other escalations he fancies. How dare we think we have the right to stop a man abusing associating with anyone he chooses!

@Argenti Aertheri – I’m so sorry that happened to you! Best wishes from this stranger (and hoping that comes across good (as it was meant), and not weird).

And to the bit about cops being so gentle and wonderful – while some are, I would like to add that it took me MANY tries just to get one to listen to me to check out whether or not someone was buried in the grave the rapist meant for me. Forget investigating what happened to me – no, I knew better than to ask for that – I just wanted to make sure there was no one buried there. FINALLY got a good cop to check. (And no, he didn’t bury anyone else there – still, technically, fwiw, my grave.)

Rahu — doesn’t come across as weird, and consider the sentiment returned, I’m sorry. Would it be weird of me to suggest using the intended grave for something healing? Like planting a tree in it or something. That must be so freaky, knowing there’s still, technically, a grave someone had planned to put you in, I can’t imagine. Please ignore me if that suggestion was out of line, I don’t mean to cause any hurt (not that intent is magic or anything!)

Fibi, cloudiah — if you want to privately exchange emails, click my nym and use the contact form to give me permission to send the other your email (the form input can be seen by anyone with back end access — all long term boobzers, but idk if you’d want your addy in the Borg back end, whereas sending anything through that form will give your email and then you can talk privately)

If you have each other’s email, just ignore me!

@Argenti Aertheri – thank you! And I love your suggestion! It’s in a foresty section of a park, so a tree would fit right in. And yeah, it is very freaky, having it. People (not knowing) will say something like the “someone’s walking over your grave” – (you know, the phrase if you suddenly get chills), and I’ll think “hmmm, maybe they’re lost, ’cause it’s well off of the path…”

Isn’t Fibi in Scandihoovia? (Yes, that is what USians call the land of lutefisk and puffins.) Just ship me some metaphorically speaking, and I’m good.

Argenti, are you still needing themes for Femborg? I have some ideas, but my brain is totally fried and I can’t even remember how to login or anything. I actually wanted to write something this month, but then … shit happened.

Cloudiah — email me, I’ll reset your password. I think we’re doing mental illness for January, but what to do for February came up while discussing January, so feel free to weigh in (once I do the reset obviously). And no idea where Fibi lives.

Rahu — I’m glad my suggestion wasn’t out of line, and sorry that such a random phrase causes such memories.

Why am I watching monsterquest? They’re going to find a way to turn giant catfish into man eaters, catfish are herbivores or bottom feeders, they don’t eat live meat. And please, fucking please, don’t turn the Mekong giant catfish into some trumped up threat, they’re fucking huge, but critically endangered herbivores, the last thing they need is humans killing them out of fear.

Puff got a turtle rest and skull today, they’re soaking in my fish bucket as the turtle rest was COVERED in dusty stuff. I’ll rearrange his tank tomorrow once he’s eaten and is less likely to be all over my hands while I’m moving things that could crush my inquisitive little cutie. Got to oooh and aah at all sorta of cool fish today, including explaining to my mother, brother and his best friend how elephant fish feed. And see an adorably small polypterus and small ctenopoma. I’d love to have a polypterus, but they’re even more demanding than puff. I’m not really up for a foot long carnivore.

I’ve never heard of Scandihoovia, but the Swedish & Norwegian side of my family refers to themselves as Scandihooligans.

Healing vibes heading out for Argenti, Rahu, and really, anyone who needs some.

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