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Kevin Federline-andry: The most pressing men's human rights issue of our age?

Presented, without comment — ok, besides this comment, and the comment in the title of the post — is this headline from the Men’s Rights subreddit:

Kevin Federline received $13 million from his divorce with Brittany Spears. Would he have gotten more if genders swapped?

Thanks once again to AgainstMensRights for finding this one.

Also, it’s BRITNEY. Not Brittany. Britney. One T, followed by NEY. B-R-I-T-N-E-Y. It’s not hard to remember.

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La Strega
8 years ago

I got food poisoning from a pastie in York. What’s in those things, anyway?

8 years ago

@La Strega nipples?

this one is between perspectives
this one is between perspectives
8 years ago

Exactly Kittehserf, once they no longer need his superior man-technology skills they will relegate him back to his mangina position as sex slave. But I’m sure he won’t mind too much, I mean as the MRAs know, sex is really all men think about anyways…….

8 years ago

How wonderful that we dizzy females have the all-knowing DefJam to tell us what we should and should not take offense at. Cause obviously, we are incapable of any kind of critical thinking, and should in no way trust our own thoughts, feelings or judgements.

“I decide when I’m being misogynistic, little missy!”

Argenti Aertheri
8 years ago

emilygoddess — luckily no one here likes raisins, and grapes don’t last very long around me! But thanks for the reminder.

And yeah, the dog is big, problem is the cat happily eats from his bowl, and she, obviously, isn’t an 80 lb dog.

It’s not the using the stomach part that gets me, it’s the eating it part. Drying it as a pouch would make utter sense for example. You’re right though, it probably was out of necessity and romanticizing why the Native Americans use(d) all the parts is a shit ton of stupid. I don’t eat hotdogs though, soy dogs for me please!

8 years ago

RE: Kittehs

(Actually those horrible things were around in the 60s. My brother had a couple. I loathed ‘em, not least because they had no craniums.)

I am shocked that those creepy things had enough of a following to be around for thirty years. Yeesh!

RE: DefJam

There’s no woman-hating at There’s some well-earned anger and heated jocularity,

I love how a lot of these guys act like being an asshole is a part of all male bonding. Like, if I wanted people to be an asshole to me, I’d just join a random chat room or go to 4chan. Do I have to give up my man card now because I like to bond with people by mutual kindness, not mutual, “Lolz, women am I right?”

RE: titianblue

What do you think hot dogs are made from, precisely? 😉

Oh god, don’t remind me. I saw a How They’re Made on that once and it turned me off hot dogs for life. D:

RE: emilygoddess

@LBT, I haven’t been following all the borg-critter comments. Do you have a parrot of any kind?

Nope, no parrot so far, only a secretary bird! If you DO sponsor a parrot, however, unless you have a specific breed in mind, I’ll probably do the kakapo.

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