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How not to get banned from the Men’s Rights subreddit



Let’s say you wake up one morning and you decide, for some reason, that you’d like to make it your goal for the day to get yourself banned from the Men’s Rights subreddit.

If you’re a feminist, it’s not hard. I managed to get myself banned there some time ago and all I had to do was … well, I’m not exactly sure what it was I did. Actually, I’m pretty sure I didn’t do anything out of the ordinary, Reddit-wise, other than argue with the regulars there. It’s possible I may have engaged in some light sarcasm. So maybe try that.

If, on the other hand, you hate women, all you have to do is … well, again, I’m not sure. Because earlier today, as one friend of Man Boobz pointed out on the Against Men’s Rights subreddit, a dislikeable fellow who calls himself sciencegod posted an elaborate, graphic torture fantasy to the Men’s Rights subreddit. I’m posting it below as a thumbnail; click to see it full size, but TRIGGER WARNING because it’s very graphic.

sciencegod -9 points 10 hours ago* (4|13)  Always remember folks, revenge is a dish best served cold.  If you ever think about suicide again OP, you should get revenge on your abuser first- with lots of pomp and ceremony.  However, do it in a way that lets her live.  To start, cut off important body parts like her nose, eyes, tongue, hands, feet, nipples, and clitoris. Be sure to cauterize each wound as you go, so that she doesn't bleed out.  You will want to take a few days to cut all the pieces off, you know, so she doesn't die of shock.  When you're done, post a full account of her crimes, your retribution against her, the Court's abuse of your liberty and injustice, and why you are letting her live.  You might even quote a few choice Supreme Court Justices about how when the Court does not successfully resolve grievances, violence is the natural outcome.  Then let her go, to live and never again see another soul, talk to another person, feel or smell another thing, but she will hear the screams of others.  Yes, let her go through life a disfigured, isolated, and scorned monster for her crimes...  Then kill yourself in a grand fashion; a beacon to the Nation for its crimes against so many of its sons. You might try setting yourself on fire- that's always spectacular.  But more importantly than her justified suffering, the System that violated you will be forced to answer for it's abuses and you will no longer be suffering.  Let the Down Votes Begin Even Though Most OF You Enjoyed And Some Of You Even Loved The Images Of Cruel And Brutal Vengeance!
It got some downvotes, and the mods deleted the comment. But it didn’t occur to any of the mods, evidently, to actually ban this user from the Men’s Rights subreddit.

Because obviously anything he might ever have to say on the subject of Men’s Rights is much more worthwhile than anything I might ever have to say on the subject.

I asked the mods why they felt it necessary to ban me when they wouldn’t ban someone like sciencegod, and here’s the response I got back:

sillymod [M] via /r/MensRights/ sent 51 minutes ago  We don't answer to you. You have zero influence through which to get a discussion out of us. Goodbye.
This is pretty much the answer I get whenever I ask them anything. I could ask them if they thought the sky was blue and they’d send me the same response and probably put something in the sidebar saying the sky was red.

Ironically, elsewhere in the Men’s Rights subreddit today I learned this:

nigglereddit 6 points 1 day ago (19|13)  They don't actually think we hate women - if they did then they'd be happy for us to prove it every time we spoke in public.  No, the problem is the opposite. They know we don't hate women. They know we're right. And the only way they can stop people from hearing and agreeing is to censor us.
Huh. Where on earth might I have gotten the impression that there are MRAs who hate women?

Oops. There’s that sarcasm again. When will I ever learn?

134 replies on “How not to get banned from the Men’s Rights subreddit”

Does the mrm think no one can hide trauma? That the world stops just because something horrible happen? Because it doesn’t. You can’t stay stuck in one place just because something horrendous happen to you.
There are many different ways to cope with something like that happening.

@Snacky Cake

I don’t think even women who have been raped would come out with that vile, deranged rant. He should be locked up as he sounds like a violent nut job. The men on these forums are just embarrassing drama queens screeching to anyone who gives a fuck. Mind you if I feel a bit down which isn’t often I’ll head off there and read their horrendous tales of woe and thank God I was born a woman as these men’s lives seem to be so unbearable and wrought with angst the poor lil daaaaahhhhlings. Big Mary’s the lot of them. Go your own way. Like go quietly ffs.

Thanks for the exceedingly awful “support.”

@some guy etc etc

You can only actually be banned from a space once, until the issuer of that ban rescinds it (at which point, if you continue to do whatever got you kicked out in the first place, you might get yourself banned yet again). If you violate that ban and intrude where you’re not welcome, the issuer might enforce the ban that you’re ignoring like a total creeper, but that doesn’t mean you’re banned again.

Imagine, for a second someone here made post about an ex-boyfriend and how they wanted to cut his member off. What would the reaction be? But then, again, if the man cheated it obviously would be because of the woman’s fault etc etc blah blah.

1: Yup, my brain went to the Princess Bride, too. And I know exactly what the poster was doing when watching it–rooting for Humperdink, who wants to kill a woman to justify a manly man’s activity (war). If only it weren’t for that damned Beta Mangina Wesley coming along and screwing everything up.

2: The bit about ‘they’d be happy when we confirm it by speaking in public’ is a very, very weak attempt at playing Heads I Win, Tails You Lose. If you don’t get upset about misogynistic rants, well, obviously we’re not bothering you; if you do, then you should stop and just be happy about them, because they prove you right, right? So there’s never any reason to complain about the MRM’s vile conduct.

3: On the bit from the Cracked discussion thread: Dear fuck, no, shitwad, women aren’t walking around in a state of perma-shock. Neither, by the way, are the kids who grow up in war zones with constant bombings and guerrilla warfare; human beings in general are more resilient than that. Still, they DO suffer long-term effects that aren’t always immediately evident on the surface, and the trauma is very clearly not something they want.

Gizwardo — considering they still harp about someone’s support of Bobbett YEEAAARRRSSS ago…yeah, they’d dox over that prolly.

4: Snacky Cake: You’re getting some pushback on your post here. I’m’a try to explain, so you know it’s not just folks jumping on you for no reason. See, your post included multiple gendered slurs, specifically geared to suggesting that the men who are acting badly were ‘acting like women’. (Drama queen, and Big Mary). When you do that, you:

a: Insult women, by declaring anything associated with femininity weak.
b: Play into the environment of toxic masculinity that actually pushes along much of rape culture and the patriarchy in general.
c: Also are using language that’s been used to stereotype women and homosexual men alike.

This will not make you popular here, despite the fact that yes, you agree with us that these are awful, pathetic individuals. If that’s the thrust of your point, then my advice is thus–post an apology for the language used, try to do better, and in the meantime, enjoy the cat pics. Most of us have erred at one point or another, and sincere apologies are generally accepted (so long as the person making them makes an equally sincere effort at reforming the conduct in question). You’re getting stronger pushback, in large part, because that was also your first post here. We’ve had folks that try to push the boundaries on this sort of thing before, and those who aren’t willing to at least moderate their behavior here (let alone make a sincere attempt at actually considering the views expressed) have generally not left good impressions.

4.2 — this resident nut job is neither violent, nor thrilled to be associated with them.

OT — word is they’ve decided to send my grandfather to rehab, not hospice. I am a little cranky that they’d change opinion so drastically in <72 hours.

That’s great news, Argenti. I don’t blame you for being cranky, though. Did they say why they changed their minds?

I don’t think even women who have been raped would come out with that vile, deranged rant.

Of course not. Women who have been raped do MUCH WORSE when they can’t get/win a trial. They have the audacity to TALK ABOUT IT AND NAME THEIR ACCUSER, RUINING A MAN’S LIFE!

Serrana — not that I’ve heard, no. My father said he looked terrible Friday, but when I was there yesterday he was looking like his usual smart ass self, so I’m guessing they were being hasty since he’s nearly 87. Yeah, 87, old enough to have been fighting the gov’n for years to get them to recognize that he actually was in Korea…stubborn as a mule doesn’t cease being stubborn just because he keeps falling over. (Stubborn and a smart ass, yes that’s where I get it from!)

auggzillary said:

I remember seeing a post on cracked about MRAs, and all the MRAs in the comments started with something like “those are the radicals, most are neutral and don’t support those horrible views”… But then they argued and showed that they did believe I those horrible views, but they didn’t think they were horrible. One guy who made like 3 comments about how MRAs are great and want to help women too, later flipped out saying that “rape victims must not have minded being raped because I don’t see 1/5 women being frozen in shock all the time”.
I honestly cannot believe it’s possible to be an MRA and be “neutral”. Sure, MRAs have a lot of different “branches”, but they’re all pretty terrible. If an MRA is neutral but just didn’t know about those horrible things, well zie is probably not reading, and isn’t relevant enough to judge the MRM.

And facepalm. So much wrongness. “Those women couldn’t have been raped! Rape victims only ever act in the way I think they act, and if they don’t, they must not really be rape victims.” No, wrong, just no.

And I’m pretty comfortable calling the MRM a hate group. I don’t think there are any “moderates” there; it’s like looking for moderates in any other hate group. They don’t exist. Anyone who would be truly “moderate” would be completely repulsed from the group by the rhetoric.

Good on the students – they’re why I have faith in young people!

But what kind of high school books someone like that as a “motivational speaker” in the first place? WTF.

“In response to these protests, the school issued a really weak apology explaining that it did not “support some of the terminology used by the speaker to generalize student behaviors.””

These kids deserve a better school.

As someone who enjoys criticizing Texas probably a bit too much, I’ve gotta say–when the folks down there get something right, it REALLY makes a powerful impression. I’m already calling for drafting Wendy Davis for the next Democratic ticket.

I suppose that living in a state so deeply entrenched means that you have to be extra-strong to stand up to the jerks.

I’ve gotta say–when the folks down there get something right, it REALLY makes a powerful impression.

Yes, because we’re all a bunch of ass-backward inbred dumbfuck hicks. Granted, there is plenty to dislike about Texas, but this comment really rubbed me the wrong way. You may not have meant it, but it came off as really condescending and rude.

I’m not really digging the idea of people outside the state deciding who runs on the state’s ticket either. It does smell of the idea that people there can’t get anything right by themselves (I guess Ann Richards was a figment of the collective imagination).

Is it sad that my first reaction was, “pathetic, this chucklehead can’t even come up with his own tortures”. The he had to use a threat made to convince someone else to surrender in a piece of fiction because his hate is so vast; and his scope of thought so limited, he can’t think of anything suitably horrid to do to the class of people who people his obsession?

It’s an interesting illustration of how self-focused MRAs are. When they say that they think feminists hate men I believe them – I think they’re wrong, but I believe that they genuinely believe what they’re saying. Whereas they don’t seem to be capable of recognizing the fact that other people see things differently than they do. There’s a consistent sense of “and now i will ignore your reality and replace it with my own” that makes me wonder if they understand that people other than themselves have subjectivity.

hellkell: Sorry, I meant the next Democratic Presidential ticket, to be precise. I can’t vote for her for Texas Governor (though I do hope she wins). I want her, or someone like her, that I can actually vote for directly.

Alternately, I would cheerfully applaud her moving to Illinois, since we lack strong-willed candidates here, leading to a hopeless muddle in our statehouse.

I know what I was trying to say with the “strong impression” comment. I’m also aware of how it reads right now. Mea culpa, and frankly, I’m gonna exercise the First Rule here.

And since I didn’t do a re-read, I also dropped the actual apology, so: Sorry for the accidental condescension, hellkell (and other Texans).

Oops, sorry. Hit the post button by accident!

MordsmithJ said:

“Meh, he stole that from The Princess Bride.”

Except that in MHO Wendsley did it far better. I think it was something about the clipped English accent and the deadpan delivery.

Some Dude said:


I love it when they get all incoherent and melodramatic!

If disagreeing with David or his crowd gets you banned, how come we’re still here?

We disagreed with David over the definition of rape recently.

We disagree with each other over heaps of things, sometimes heatedly.

So … who’s doing the banning? Are we banned for disagreeing with David? Is he banned for disagreeing with us? Are we all banned?

::head explodes::


Translation: Why won’t you let me fling poop around here like a flying monkey gone berserk? MISANDRY!!!

Seeing how we’re all David, I guess we’re all both banned and unbanned? Schrödinger’s banning?

Is David going to write a book on how he made 300 sandwiches for one person one sandwich each for 300 people?

Shrodinger’s banning, I like it. You never know if Schrodinger’s Cat has hit you with the banhammer until it’s too late!

Rereading the post this morn, I had a few random thoughts:

1. “Sillymod”, while obviously meaning sarcasm with that choice of monickers, actually picked the exact right name. The bar is obviously set very low for mods there, if indeed there is any bar at all. (See also Irony, impaired sense of.)

2. “We don’t answer to you” = we like our little woman-hating echo chamber, thankyouverymuch. Stop questioning and criticizing us, you bumptious interloping brute! MISANDRYYYYY!

3. “They know we don’t hate women” = see again Irony, impaired sense of.

4. Deleted comment was deleted only because it directly contradicts #3. And because it gets in the way of people seeing and agreeing. And that totally ruins the nice, tidy echo-chamber effect that the aptly named “sillymod” is striving so hard to maintain!

5. Violentacrez. Srsly, WTF???

6. Nope, I won’t be joining Reddit any time soon. Or EVER.

katz: That troll comment was particularly amusing because David was criticizing r/mr for not banning people.

More like he was complaining the standards by which they ban are fucked up.

All in all, we could probably survive a higher ban rate; but I don’t quite know where to draw the line. I get the feeling that was some guy (it didn’t have the feel of an Eoghan, or some of the other really creepy dudes from the past).

Someone who got upset that because he got the bum’s rush, he’s not allowed back in.


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