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How not to get banned from the Men’s Rights subreddit



Let’s say you wake up one morning and you decide, for some reason, that you’d like to make it your goal for the day to get yourself banned from the Men’s Rights subreddit.

If you’re a feminist, it’s not hard. I managed to get myself banned there some time ago and all I had to do was … well, I’m not exactly sure what it was I did. Actually, I’m pretty sure I didn’t do anything out of the ordinary, Reddit-wise, other than argue with the regulars there. It’s possible I may have engaged in some light sarcasm. So maybe try that.

If, on the other hand, you hate women, all you have to do is … well, again, I’m not sure. Because earlier today, as one friend of Man Boobz pointed out on the Against Men’s Rights subreddit, a dislikeable fellow who calls himself sciencegod posted an elaborate, graphic torture fantasy to the Men’s Rights subreddit. I’m posting it below as a thumbnail; click to see it full size, but TRIGGER WARNING because it’s very graphic.

sciencegod -9 points 10 hours ago* (4|13)  Always remember folks, revenge is a dish best served cold.  If you ever think about suicide again OP, you should get revenge on your abuser first- with lots of pomp and ceremony.  However, do it in a way that lets her live.  To start, cut off important body parts like her nose, eyes, tongue, hands, feet, nipples, and clitoris. Be sure to cauterize each wound as you go, so that she doesn't bleed out.  You will want to take a few days to cut all the pieces off, you know, so she doesn't die of shock.  When you're done, post a full account of her crimes, your retribution against her, the Court's abuse of your liberty and injustice, and why you are letting her live.  You might even quote a few choice Supreme Court Justices about how when the Court does not successfully resolve grievances, violence is the natural outcome.  Then let her go, to live and never again see another soul, talk to another person, feel or smell another thing, but she will hear the screams of others.  Yes, let her go through life a disfigured, isolated, and scorned monster for her crimes...  Then kill yourself in a grand fashion; a beacon to the Nation for its crimes against so many of its sons. You might try setting yourself on fire- that's always spectacular.  But more importantly than her justified suffering, the System that violated you will be forced to answer for it's abuses and you will no longer be suffering.  Let the Down Votes Begin Even Though Most OF You Enjoyed And Some Of You Even Loved The Images Of Cruel And Brutal Vengeance!
It got some downvotes, and the mods deleted the comment. But it didn’t occur to any of the mods, evidently, to actually ban this user from the Men’s Rights subreddit.

Because obviously anything he might ever have to say on the subject of Men’s Rights is much more worthwhile than anything I might ever have to say on the subject.

I asked the mods why they felt it necessary to ban me when they wouldn’t ban someone like sciencegod, and here’s the response I got back:

sillymod [M] via /r/MensRights/ sent 51 minutes ago  We don't answer to you. You have zero influence through which to get a discussion out of us. Goodbye.
This is pretty much the answer I get whenever I ask them anything. I could ask them if they thought the sky was blue and they’d send me the same response and probably put something in the sidebar saying the sky was red.

Ironically, elsewhere in the Men’s Rights subreddit today I learned this:

nigglereddit 6 points 1 day ago (19|13)  They don't actually think we hate women - if they did then they'd be happy for us to prove it every time we spoke in public.  No, the problem is the opposite. They know we don't hate women. They know we're right. And the only way they can stop people from hearing and agreeing is to censor us.
Huh. Where on earth might I have gotten the impression that there are MRAs who hate women?

Oops. There’s that sarcasm again. When will I ever learn?

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8 years ago

I have a number of miltonia x phalenopsis, and an oncidium x odontoglossum.

I bought the latter when it wasn’t in bloom and it bloomed. So I’m feeling pretty good at my orchid husbandry.

Argenti Aertheri
Argenti Aertheri
8 years ago

Your baby African violets are adorable, and I’m going to say that a 50% survival rate from cutting ain’t bad ^.^

I’m thinking I’m gonna stick the orchid in there for the winter, having lost the last one to fucking Nemo.

Ally S
8 years ago

Just a heads up that Manboobz saved your comment and is using it as proof that this subreddit won’t ban people who advocate for the torture and assault of women.

Oh, me! Oh, my! People are using actual evidence that r/mr is a misogynistic shithole! Whatever shall they do?

8 years ago

Those evil feminists are using a case in which we didn’t ban someone for fantasizing about torturing women on our subreddit as proof that we don’t ban people for fantasizing about torturing women on our subreddit!

Howard Bannister
8 years ago

Failure to ban somebody who’s posted violent misogynistic fantasies doesn’t necessarily mean that you share those fantasies, but it does necessarily mean that you don’t mind sharing space with somebody who does.

This is kind of basic logic and stuff. Do we need to start giving remedial classes?

(thinks about trolls of yore)

Really, we should have started years ago.

Jessay (@jessay)
8 years ago

Besides, at least you and that guy got to comment. Look at some feminist websites like Geek Feminism or Feministing, they don’t even approve your comment unless it’s in agreement with their equality delusions.

Clearly this dude is in denial about how dangerous leaving a comments section open on a feminist website can be. I recently had a debate with some jackass on my youtube channel’s comments policy which states that all comments on discussions on feminism will be moderated (I will have to individually approve them), to help maintain a safe space for women. The dude was of course crying freeze peach, but it’s like, I’m not about to leave a rape threat or something sitting on my video for hours, if not weeks, because I didn’t realize it was there. If I have the ability to moderate those comments before they get posted, I can ensure that triggering comments and obvious trolling/bad faith arguments don’t slip under the radar. No, I will not give equal time to trolls, cry about it.

Dude was like, “You’re gonna lose subscribers because people see this as a human rights issue.” Yeah, those trolls can see the door, I’m not concerned one bit about it. Youtube is a haven for blatant misogyny, trolling, and “debates” that dehumanize entire groups of people. Not being able to start a wankfest on one person’s channel is not a fucking infringement on your free speech. You can save that shit for someone who wants to hear it because it’s not your right to talk to me or all two of my viewers, lol.

@auggziliary, I see violentacrez a lot too but for some reason I always read his un as “violentalcatraz.” NFI.

8 years ago

Would that make him the bird-brain of Alcatraz?

8 years ago

Either way, you’re not obliged to give people a platform to speak in your own private space. It’s your video/blog, you make the rules.

Jessay (@jessay)
8 years ago

That’s what I said. But there are a lot of s/c/w/a dudes out there who have no idea how to deal with someone not automatically valuing their opinions over other people’s and feel entitled to everyone else’s time and attention, so the thought of not being able to spew whatever disgusting, uninformed garbage all over other people’s spaces sends them into a state of blind determination to restore their over-inflated egos.

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