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Don’t call her “baby.” No, seriously, don’t.

Unless you're Kojak. Kojak gets a free pass with the word "baby."
Unless you’re Kojak. Kojak gets a free pass with the word “baby.”

So I read a lot of creepy shit doing research for this blog. But the manosphere blog Random Xpat Rantings — slogan: “Contemplative dominance for the modern man” — seems to be trying to take creepiness to a whole other level.

In a recent post, blogger xsplat attempts to explain “How to make an attractive woman fall for you on the first or second date.” One of his hints: “If you are way into the girl, it will be way easier for her to fall for you.”

But what if you’re dead inside and can’t feel love? Well, have no fear, because xsplat has an answer for you: Pretend that the women you’re dating are your children!

If you don’t know how to feel love, here is a trick that will work for some, if you let it. Men naturally feel paternal love. Women are neotenous. Evolution is accidental, however the coincidence is meaningful. Women are neotenous because that arouses men’s paternal love. Use that to your advantage. Consider her as YOUR child. This will open up a flood of love for her. It’s ok – it’s not real incest – don’t be an idiot. It’s a trick you are performing in order to commune more fully. To love her more. To enjoy for yourself the great rush of love.

Also, I have a long history of doing this, again and again. It’s not just an accident in my distant past. It’s what I do. It’s what I did today. It’s a formula. It’s a formula that might very well work for you.

If you’re giving out dating advice and you have to specify “it’s ok — it’s not real incest” you should probably start trying to figure out just how your life has gone so terribly, terribly wrong.


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@titianblue : not sure how to report, or if what he says is true. Xsplat’s writing is super creepy and it’s hard to tell what is fantasy and what’s reality. Reading that full post and his comments feels like entering a foggy world of delusion and deranged justification. He says he’s in hos 40s but his thought process is like a 12 year old. Sad, really, because it’s obvious his mind is warped by MRA, PUA and pornography.

In reading his post i thought for sure someone would call him out on his delusions but they all seemed to support him.

The story about meeting the teenager using a fake pic reads like 100% fantasy to me. I can remember being a teenager, and if some dude 25 years older and infinitely less hot than promised had shown up I’d have bailed without even giving him time to say “but I can explain!”.

Fun fact: Babies were meant to bear babies at their menarche, which is around age 12-13.
If you don`t believe me, get a history lesson from Mr. Vaughn

Meant? More like able to. Meant wouldn’t allow either of these things —

For both physiological and social reasons, mothers aged 15 to 19 are twice as likely to die in childbirth as those in their 20s, and girls under age 15 are five times as likely to die as women in their 20s. Obstructed labour is especially common among young, physically immature women giving birth for the first time. Those who don’t die from unrelieved obstructed labour may lose their babies and suffer from fistula, a hole in the birth canal that leaves them incontinent and often social outcasts. (citation)

In 2006, infant mortality rates were highest for mothers in the youngest and oldest age groups. The infant mortality rate for single births to mothers aged <15 years was 16.7 infant deaths per 1,000 live births, approximately three times the rates for mothers aged 25–29 years (5.1), 30–34 years (4.5), and 35–39 years (5.2), the age groups at lowest risk. The infant mortality rate for single births to mothers aged ≥45 years was 11.46, approximately twice the rate for mothers in the three age groups at lowest risk. (citation)

In short, you’re both an asshole, and wrong.

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