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Pickup guru Roosh and his buddies think women drowning is just hilarious

Even babies are disgusted by Roosh
Even babies are disgusted by Roosh

Some of you may have noticed that I often tag my posts here with the phrase “Men Who Should Not Ever Be With Women Ever.” From time to time I worry that I’m being a tad harsh. After all, not all of these fellas are totally irredeemable, right? Right?

And then I run across some guys for whom my tag is if anything a gross understatement. So today, some Men Who Should Not Ever Be With Women Ever Ever Ever Ever Ever. And our dear old friend Roosh, the woman-hating woman-chaser, heads up the list.

The other day on Roosh’s forum, some twisted asshole posted a link to a news story about two hikers who had been rescued after getting lost in the fog in a state park in Maine — only to drown after accidentally driving off a boat launch on their way out of the park and getting trapped in their minivan.

Oh yeah, they were women.

The commenter on Roosh’s forum thought this was hilarious “proof of the equality of the genders, except when it comes to navigation, opening doors, etc.”

While a few of the commenters reacted like decent human beings and pointed out that this story wasn’t actually funny — raising the question of why they were hanging out on Roosh’s forum in the first place — others joined in with their own “jokes.”

Roosh himself set the tone, seizing on the detail that one of the women had called for help on her cell phone as as the minivan sank.

This is what happens when you create a culture of helpless women dependent on the state for everything.

The LAST thing I would think of in their case is to make a phone call with a car filling with water. Too bad they were idiots, but god gave them a chance at life on the mountain. He just said “fuck it” and let them die.

Regular forum contributor Scorpion added:

I really don’t understand how the fuck it’s possible to drive your car at full speed off a boat ramp and then have your first response be to pull out your fucking cell phone.

It’s a good case study for what happens to women when left to their own devices in a world without men. Completely and utterly helpless in a crisis. Any time something goes wrong, just pick up the phone and call a man to fix it.

Lady, that might work when it’s your basement is filling up with water, but not when it’s the sinking car you’re sitting in.

The death of the unborn baby was like a mercy-kill from God. If they had lived, no doubt the dimwitted mother would have found some other way to kill them both, like leaving the gas on or dropping a radio in the tub while bathing the baby. Amazing she made it to her late 30s. I wonder how many times the men in her life have bailed her out before.

And someone called Divorco offered his two cents as well:

This is not funny, it is a terrible tragedy
… because an innocent dog died too.

There’s more of this, much more.

And these are men who honestly think they’re inherently superior to women.

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will leave a man for superficial reasons like being “unhaaaapy.” And we all know men NEVER make women happy, at least not without exercising consistent game on her. Therefore, a woman should not be able to determine what makes her happy because a man always knows better.

Shouldn’t they be glad to see the old spoiled milk go? That just makes room for the fresh meat. (Mixed metaphors, MRAs love ’em). Because science, young women all want older men anyway (mammoths, etc.), it’s a hindbrain thing, too, because neurosciensticians told me.

So divorce should be a joyous occasion for PUAs/MRAs, why are they always whining about it?

I think MRAs have the type of personality where if anyone rejects them (no matter how undesirable said person may be), their ego is damaged.

On a more positive note, that guy was convicted of not only the rape, but multiple things (I forget the other charges), and is currently in prison. While it doesn’t take back what happened to her, I was happy she was able to see some justice because it’s so rare. She’s moved to a new state and is working on making a new life for her children.

When I bought my first new car, I was SO excited to have manual windows. The salesman looked at me as if I were an idiot. However, I told him that manual windows are much superior to electric windows, in the following ways:

If the car dies, the window can still be lowered or raised (after having a previous car die, with the electric window rolled down, during hurricane season. It took FOREVER to dry out inside.)

Electric windows are more complicated, mechanically, break down sooner, and are more difficult and expensive to fix or replace. Manual windows are something you can fix cheaply, in your driveway, and you won’t have to do it for YEARS after the electric windows go.

Finally, should you ever wind up accidentally driving your car into a lake or other body of water, you can quickly roll down the MANUAL window, and climb out of the car. You don’t have to worry about not having the physical strength to break the window, with all the water pressure behind it. Of course, you do need to roll the window down quickly, before the water pressure puts the glass out of alignment, or something, but you have a few more seconds with a manual window than you do with an electric window, because as soon as the wires get wet, the electricity goes right out. And as soon as you have the window even a crack open, the water pressure is no longer going to stop you from getting the window cranked down manually. It’s simply safer.

The guy looked at me as if I were nuts. “Why would you want to drive your new car into a lake?” As if that is the sort of thing a woman WANTS and PLANS to do.

Sigh. I had that car for over a decade, and it was still running well, and would have lasted another five years, if not for the TRUCK FROM HELL that destroyed it.

And I would just like to point out – there are lots of men who drown in vehicles that have been driven into bodies of water. It takes a LOT of strength, and often a special tool, to be able to get those electric windows rolled down. And all it takes to drive into a body of water is to lose control of the car, when you are driving too near a body of water, such as when you are crossing a bridge. There are lots of bridges in the world, you know.

Call me paranoid, but I (a woman) do consider these things when I make purchases. If I buy another car, it will have manual windows.

I’ve been reading your blog. Don’t even know why I’m reading their idiotic shit. But I really enjoy reading your sarcastic responses! They make me laugh. 🙂

So, after everything I’ve read about the MRAs, all I can think is, “Wow. These MRAs are such disgusting pieces of shits.” I mean, really? Their thoughts are just so fucking ignorant and just plain stupid. It’s hard to think that anyone could ever take them seriously. Can we even be sure that they’re not a bunch of trolls writing all this shit just for the hell of it? God, I seriously hope they are.

After I cried for the dead and watched my jaw hit the ground when I read this, I was struck with…let’s call it a dream.

Here goes- How do you think these guys would react if the women of the world picked out all the HUMAN guys and disappeared with them…maybe to another planet?

Imagine, if you will, a world filled with only the MRA-types, male and female? How long do you think it would take before they dropped the big one on themselves, just to end the misery of having only their own clones to talk with?

Good idea, huh? We would all sit back, eating crumpets, drinking tea and watch them take themselves out. Ah…dreams.

Geeze…even I’m not that mean…but I can wish…I can wish

Michelle C Young. It’s not just because you’re a woman. I get the same response whenever I point out a problem with some kind of technology. “But why would you want to do that?” First, none of your business and second, if you were halfway competent in your field, it wouldn’t be an issue.

In addition to roll down windows, other retro features I’d gladly see come back are rain gutters, because I’m one of those weird people who doesn’t care about styling if it means not getting a lapful of water. Also the little partial front windows you could open in warm weather.

How long electrical functions remain active in a submerged car depends on how well protected they are. Mythbusters 72 took on some of the myths. The pressure against the window from outside keeps both crank and power openers from working. But power openers can remain functional for some time after being submerged.

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