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The Creepy Voicemail Message I got from A Voice for Men’s most active activist, KARMA MRA MGTOW

Not the actual message, or my phone

So a reporter from the Toronto Star recently contacted Paul Elam of A Voice for Men to ask him about the harassment and threats received by several student protesters at the University of Toronto after Elam and his associates identified and vilified them online, both on AVFM and on its bogus “offenders registry” called Register-Her . (You can read more about the harassment here, here and here; here’s the school’s official statement condemning the threats.)

In his response to the reporter, Elam made this laughable assertion:

I am 100% certain that no individual associated with AVFM would condone or tolerate any type of threat made against anyone. If I found out that anyone was, their connection with AVFM would be quickly severed.

Yeah, how dare anyone accuse anyone from AVFM of harassing or threatening anyone! It’s not like the site’s slogan is “Fuck Their Shit Up.” Oh, wait. It is.  It’s not like they set up an entire fake “offenders registry” in an attempt to smear feminists and other women they don’t like. Oh, wait. They did. It’s not like Elam told one of his feminist enemies that “the idea of fucking your shit up gives me an erection.” Oh wait. He did.

And it’s not like anyone associated with the site has, oh, I dunno, called up someone on the AVFM enemies list in the middle of the night and left a creepy voicemail message predicting the imminent demise of feminism.

Oh, wait.

At 1:38 AM on December 15th of last year, I heard the phone ring. The caller ID showed that the call was coming from a fellow calling himself KARMA MRA MGTOW. I immediately recognized this as being the internet handle of an AVFM regular. Not particularly wanting to talk to him at 1:38 AM — or at any time, really – I let it go through to voicemail. Perhaps unaware that Caller ID had coughed up his name, KARMA  left this brief and cryptic message, which for some reason he delivered in falsetto.

In case you have trouble with the sound file, he said “Mm mm mmm! Feminism will die!”

Was this a threat? I would say so; despite the oddity of the message, I think it was intended to intimidate, to let me know that the AVFM regulars have my phone number — and perhaps my address? —  and have no hesitation about invading my privacy in the middle of the night. Calling someone up at 1:38 in the morning and leaving a weird, creepy, hostile message is pretty clearly an act of harassment. Even if you do it in falsetto. Perhaps especially if you do it in falsetto.

The call was made using Skype, and I contacted them to report it. (The number itself, I discovered after looking into it,  isn’t associated with any particular individual; it’s one that Skype assigns to various users making non-internet calls. It was Caller ID that identified who was calling.) Here’s a screenshot of the message in my voicemail inbox.


So who was my mysterious caller? Karma, otherwise known as Frank James Spencer, is one of AVFM’s most devoted activists, regularly posting videos to YouTube of his various postering runs for the site. He has also, on a number of occasions, encouraged AVFM regulars to flood the comment sections of other internet sites — by offering to donate a couple of bucks to AVFM for every comment posted. “Let’s flood this bitch with the message!” Elam wrote, announcing one such offer from Spencer/Karma.

Elam has regularly lavished praise on his star activist.“Thanks, KARMA, for helping us define ‘One Man Army.'” Elam wrote after Spencer/Karma set up a miniature FM radio station to broadcast the AVFM internet radio show 24 hours a day. “You, sir, are an MRA’s MRA. Keep up the amazing work.”

An “MRA’s MRA” he may be, but as his call to me made abundantly clear, Spencer/Karma has trouble telling the difference between “activism” and “harassment.”

Indeed, he has stated outright in the past that he is willing to break the law– and go off the Internet — in order to fight the purported evil of feminism. (I took this screenshot at the time of the harassment in December; since then AVFM has evidently changed its system of up and downvoting comments and the comment’s many upvotes have vanished.)


It’s comments like this that make it clear to me that Spencer/Karma’s phone call can’t be dismissed as a harmless prank.

I’m making all this public not only because it’s a good way to point out the comical hypocrisy of Elam’s comments above, but also because I’m curious to know if other people — and if so, how many — have gotten weird and threatening calls from Spencer/Karma in the middle of the night?

If you or anyone you know has gotten threatening or harassing phone calls from him or from any other MRA, associated with AVFM or not, please contact me. (My email is my last name at I will keep your information confidential unless you want to go public with it.

NOTE: Before anyone accuses me of “doxxing” Spencer by using his real name, you should know that he makes no effort to hide his name, and that he does his internet activism as both Frank James Spencer and KARMA MRA MGTOW. His Facebook page lists him by both names, and it links back to AVFM. He has also posted comments here on Man Boobz under his real name on several occasions, like this one, with links to both his Facebook page and to several of his YouTube videos, all of which clearly identify him as being KARMA MRA MGTOW.

EDITED TO ADD: Originally, as I said, I was able to tell who was calling with Caller ID. But Comcast has now altered the way it displays old messages online, so now it shows his account name as well. So here’s a new pic so you don’t have to take my word for it that caller ID identified him. As I said before, the number is a Skype number — you can look it up — which is why it’s in California, not Australia. Click on the pic to see it full size.

My Comcast voicemail inbox. Other callers' names redacted.
My Comcast voicemail inbox. Other callers’ names redacted.

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“When it comes to Aussie falsettos, dude’s no Barry Gibb.”

LOL that’s just who I thought of!

“Thus concludes yet another episode of Viscaria: Surprisingly Inept Super Sleuth.”

I would totally watch that.

Joss Whedon has said he’d like to do a sequel to Dr Horrible, when he has time.


More on the photo–it’s an actual ‘sport’, called Ferret Legging. They put on loose pants, use rubber-bands to seal the ankles, and drop the ferrets (two of ’em) in. Whoever lasts the longest without crying uncle wins. And no, they cannot wear underwear, sedate the ferret, or even be drunk or drugged themselves.

And yes, I will admit to a certain degree of playground humor at the picture. One of sites I occasionally scour for anime fan-art has a pool called “That’s not a penis”. It’s not as bad as you think. It’s worse.

I played Lord Amiens about 15 years ago and sang every song to the tune of an Alanis Morrissette song. It was hilarious. Under the Greenwood Tree, to Ironic. Can’t wait to see what he’ll do to Much Ado!

This was a video I did that got false flagged (censored) on YouTube by the MRA regarding creepy messages, notes, comments directed toward me, etc. on YouTube. I don’t have a phone so, no I don’t get creepy messages from people from the MRA. I met some users from “the mansophere” but to my knowledge, they didn’t recognize me. Sometimes the world just seem like a small place.

If nothing else, Nathan Fillion is bound to be a better Dogberry than Michael Keaton was. That was one of the few things I really didn’t like about Branagh’s movie version.

In the news of other trollage, does anyone remember Antz? In his dubious honor, I am actually writing flash fic based on his dream of separating men and women across the Mississippi River. It meshed with a prompt on my Writeathon! I couldn’t help it…

” I am actually writing flash fic based on his dream of separating men and women across the Mississippi River” Why so small a separation barrier? why not the old world to one sex and the new world to the other?

RE: talacaris

Because salmon, talacaris. Because SALMON.

(Translation: it’s already an absurd scenario. Why are you trying to actually put logic to it?)

Seriously, these are the reasons I love you all. Trouser weasels and whether I remember the bees from Doctor Who correctly. I don’t comment much, but I’ve been around since before David moved to wordpress.

And when it comes down to it? It goes bing when it does stuff.

P.S. Don’t blink!

“And when it comes down to it? It goes bing when it does stuff.”

Hell, I’ve got my mother hooked on that one — my iPad bings, she asks if there’s stuff XD

PS have you ever tried not blinking?!

Falconer, I wrote that line thinking of James Herriot, but Monty Python probably fits my life better. 😉


Woo, James Herriot! I have a couple of chapters of one of his books marked for if I’m feeling depressed. His books are great that way.

And remember the incredibly youthful Peter Davison playing Tristan in the series?

…This is a thing that happened? *Drops everything to go look it up*

Hah. I was just thinking about re-watching that show… I remember it so fondly. James Herriot was one of my favorite writers as a kid.

As for Much Ado and Doctor Who, did anyone see the stage production of Much Ado About Nothing, with David Tennant and Catherine Tate as Benedick and Beatrice?


If nothing else, Nathan Fillion is bound to be a better Dogberry than Michael Keaton was. That was one of the few things I really didn’t like about Branagh’s movie version.

That one bothered me forever. I was finally able to let it go in the end with the mantra ‘it’s an interpretation, it’s an interpretation.’


I’m still working on getting my hands on Hamlet with David Tennant and Patrick Stewart…..

David Tennant is tackling Rcihard II, this summer. Wondering if I can get to go…

Holy shit. De-lurking again to to give you a little bit of brain bleach. Really, I’m amazed you continue to deal with this horribleness. And I’m very grateful too!

Kitteh, that show is pretty awesome. And the casting is spot-on. Thank God for the BBC.

I’ve heard Tennant is great at Shakespeare. Pity we’ll probably never get a film version of that!

Tennant is great at everything. I can still remember the first thing I ever saw him in, where he managed to hold his own opposite Ken Stott. Not many people can pull that off when they’re right out of drama school (or at all).

Then of course the first thing I see on Frank the Genius’s FB page is, “Asian Drivers. Fuck!”

What an original…dude. I would call him a tool, but that would imply him having some sort of usefulness.

Def meant to harass and intimidate. I guess that group excels at this tactic as a means of derailing and silencing feminist discussion. The analogy I think of is a group of white guys trying to shut down a group promoting equality for people of color. Because “you know white people r faced with oppression too”.
On a lighter note the idea of trouser kittens is too cute for words.

I’m still debating whether the bees disappearing in Doctor Who was a deliberate homage to Douglas Adams or just them using the coincidence of colony collapse for the storyline (if it had been dolphins it would have been certain). I tend to come down on the side of deliberate since they work in Hitchhiker’s Guide references a lot.

Noadi — you remember the episode with the living sun (…not tonight’s…)? It was called “42”, so yes, I’m inclined to think it was intentional.

Whee for another living sun? I can’t decide if I liked tonight or just want to still give a shit.

This is not okay. I’m am average guy, work for a phone company, drive a beat up car, etc. But just throwing this out here? This shit ain’t okay. Men’s rights are fine. More than fine. They’ve been too fine for too long. So these guys need to calm down, play a few rounds of Call of Duty, and realize they aren’t the Center of the universe. These are the same assholes who coined “friendzone” as an excuse for why women that they approach as friends won’t have casual sex with them. They project, because of their insecurities in being found to be less than ideal. They crush the beauty from their lives so they won’t be targeted for not maintaining the status quo of MANLINESS!

I’m some random guy, and that shit is not okay.

Blah, no one’s going to click on that link without any info, so stop necroing threads with your bullshit.

I was gonna ignore it on principle, but I had a hunch…yep, it’s the same Whedon video he posted in the other thread. What exactly are you doing, Blah?

So… none of these tea bagging bootstrappers actually have jobs is what you’re saying. Or conducting brown shirt campaigns IS a full-time job, right?

Hi kfreed,

While the point you make is a solid one and I applaud your invective, on this website we usually try not to post on old threads, since this can lead to conversation being split across too many places. It’s referred to as necromancy or “necro”, as the posts above you indicate, and is considered poor manners.

EJ (the other one)
On the bright side, I hadn’t seen this article. Kinda scary (the article, not that I haven’t seen it.) Plus, it was necroed in 2014, and now 2015. It should be necroed every year from now on. It can be a yearly revived thread. I also learned about that How to build the perfect wife book from the comments in this page. So I give this necro a zombified thumb up.

And you wasted your compliment. They seem to be leaving political droppings on a few other threads without really listening to others. Sad.

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