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George Godley: Terrible Pickup Artist, Worse Human Being

Woman fleeing encounter with Godley (on left, in white).
Woman fleeing encounter with Godley (on left, in white).

Well, I have to give the terrible, terrible fellows at PUAhate credit for one thing: it was thanks to a post there that I ran across the videos of the exceedingly creepy pickup “artist” and minor Youtube celebrity that I’d like to bring to your attention today.

Meet George Godley, possibly the world’s worst pickup artist. Actually, I’m being a bit generous in my description here, because there is no artistry at all to what he does, just a gimmick: he carries a small video camera with him as he wanders the streets of London, apparently thinking that this gives him an excuse to waylay every attractive young woman who’s unfortunate enough to wander into his field of vision.

Godley apparently wants us to believe he’s “flirting” with the women he so awkwardly approaches, but flirting, like the Tango, takes two, and all but a few of the women in his videos make it abundantly clear from the get-go that they want nothing to do with him. This doesn’t seem to faze him much, and he plunges ahead, trying his best to keep up with them as they endeavor to escape his presence as quickly as possible.

Take the unfortunate woman who catches his eye at the start of this video, and who finally manages to make her escape a little short of the one-minute mark.

In this next video – skip ahead to about 50 seconds in to avoid some rather pointless wandering about — we see two failed “flirts.” His first attempt, if we can call it that, consists of nothing more than him standing in the vicinity of an attractive woman while surreptitiously filming her. After giving up on her without saying a word he runs smack into the “beauty” of the video’s title, and pesters her for about a minute until she manages to get away.

After a brief and awkward attempt at conversation punctuated by her nervous laughter, Godley gamely tries to convince “Beauty” that he’s “doing a movie for the festivals.” When she asks which festivals he’s talking about he unconvincingly stammers something about “Cannes, Sund – the usual circuit.” Even though she clearly wants to put as much distance between herself and him as she possibly can, he tries to force his card on her and plaintively asks “do you want to meet again?” The answer, a nervous “no.”

This next encounter – in which our hero barges into a restaurant to pester a woman who apparently looked briefly in his direction as he walked by outside — even Godley recognizes is a flat-out failure.

Godley has posted literally hundreds, maybe even thousands, of these “flirt” videos. None of the ones I’ve seen have gone well. Once in a while an exceptionally tolerant woman will chat with him briefly without actively trying to flee; that seems to be about as good as it gets. The rest document what is essentially serial street harassment, with Godley approaching woman after woman, none of whom give him any indication that they want to talk to him, and “flirting” with them until they can get away from him. It’s the same story, again and again and again.

Why does he do this, making video after video of these so-called “flirtations” and posting them on Youtube? Is he simply a masochist, approaching women he surely knows have no interest in talking to him, much less “flirting,” and posting evidence of his humiliating failures to Youtube for all the world to see?

Perhaps. But even more disturbing than the masochism is Godley’s obvious sadism. Despite his social awkwardness, it’s clear from the videos that Godley knows full well that the overwhelming majority of the women he “flirts” with just want to be left alone; it’s clear from their body language before he approaches them, and from everything they say and do after he starts talking to them. If a woman literally flees from you, that generally means she’s not into your shit.

But Godley doesn’t really need to be reminded of this. He’s well aware that he makes women uncomfortable — in this video he asks a woman if she’s really talking on her phone or just trying to get rid of him. But that doesn’t stop him.

He’s not missing the social cues; he’s deliberately ignoring the clear “noes” these women either tell him outright or telegraph with their facial expressions and body language as clearly as if they were shouting “no” to his face. Were he to approach random men on the street in a similar way, he would almost certainly get himself punched on a regular basis.

Luckily for him, he’s approaching women, and they’re much smaller than he is. It’s telling that he almost always approaches individual women, not the “sets” of two or more favored by most pickup artists, and that he seems to prefer approaching the supposedly more pliable Eastern European women also favored by so many manosphere assholes and creepy pickup artists.

Godley’s not-so-well-hidden hostility towards the women he approaches comes to the surface at the end of this video, in which he attempts to “flirt” with a woman photographing a tree and then then asks for her phone number as she tries to get away, an all-too-common ending to his videos. SPOILER ALERT: She doesn’t give it to him. SPOILER ALERT NUMBER TWO: He pretends he didn’t really want it anyway.

Even if Godley has managed to collect a few genuine phone numbers or email addresses along the way – and I’ve seen nothing to indicate that this is a regular or even an irregular occurrence – his alleged “success” in this endeavor comes at a steep cost. Not just to his pride – I don’t actually give a shit about that – but to the hundreds if not thousands of women he’s harassed along the way.

George Godley, a terrible pickup artist and an even worse human being.

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Marie — someone recently ranted about how women don’t invent things, just shit like spanx. But it comes up in MRAland often enough, I finally tracked down some citations for the welcome package over on the newest thread if you want to see them.

Also, I don’t remember where you asked, but Argenti or Argenti Aertheri are both fine. No need to type it all out, but no problem if you do 🙂

ZOMG! I just watched the latest Dr Who clip!!!!

That was too funny! I still maintain that the Tardis takes him to the people he needs to meet.

pillow in hell — well of course it does, she said as much when she had a body! (Doctor’s Wife)

Kitteh — end of season one, I’d suggest starting with The Doctor Dances and just continuing from there, because that’s Captain Jack’s time as a companion (he’s on again off again later, but that’s his real “run with the doctor”)

I’m trying to remember how many eps I’ve seen with Captain Jack – the one with the gas-mask “Are you my mummy?” story, the one where it was revealed he became the Face of Bo (sp?) – I’d never seen any other of the Face’s stories – that’s about all, I think. I’m not so into the Doctor now that I’d likely follow up any of the series. My fondness for it really goes back to the old shows, the Jon Pertwee and Tom Baker ones that were on endless repeat here in the 70s.

“Are you my mummy?” Is The Doctor Dances. The one with the Face of Boe is when the Master takes over for the year that never was?

Jack himself has the end of season 1, those episodes with the Doctor, YANA => the Master, and then Stolen Earth. The Face of Boe is in the second episode of the new series, and um, Gridlock and New Earth? I think it’s called? Watch the second episode of the series, New Earth and then Gridlock, the order’s important on those as they reference each other.

Officially Jack may or may not be the Face of Boe, but I agree that he has to be.

LOL or at least, advice for if they run repeats at a reasonable hour of night, which they might well do!

Were there two with the Face of Boe? The one I saw was where the Doctor made the connection with Jack – Jack said something about his nickname – and the F of B died.

@argenti aertheri

So that’s where the spanx comes from XD I was wondering.

Also, I don’t remember where you asked, but Argenti or Argenti Aertheri are both fine. No need to type it all out, but no problem if you do

Sweet. I’ll probably just…type it either way. 😛 It doesn’t seem that long to me,though. Just woke up, but finally caffeinated, so I may sound a little strange. But I’m rather hyper 🙂

Um … when was the mass exodus? I think I missed it.

And re: zie and zir being German pronouns: Probably not. The closest I can find on that page is sie, which is feminine, plural, or formal depending on context.

The problem, as far as I can see, with using German because it has a neuter gender is that the same word is often used with a non-neuter gender, or as a plural pronoun, so there might be some confusion.

Falconer — September-ish, also, you had that old fashioned cat as an avatar before greebo? Was that you?

Kitteh — Face of Boe labelled as such has three episodes, one on a space platform watching the sun expand, one in the hospital with cat nuns, one in the gridlocked city (same city, reappearing cat nun) — that’s where he dies. Then there’s Jack’s allusion to him being the Face of Boe when he says that he was the poster boy, they called him the face of Boe.

Writers refuse to confirm or deny, but I think he has to be.

… And then I read on the other threads that the mass exodus was a humongous blowup and lingering pain, so now I feel like a dick. Sorry.

Erm, someone else has Greebo for an avatar. I’ve had the generic WordPress avatar, I tried making a kitty with the kitty maker but I didn’t like it so I chose The Cat from Red Dwarf as a joke and it stuck, and last Halloween I masqueraded as Minsc from Baldur’s Gate because Halloween.

@Argenti Aertheri

Marie — nawh, you’re fine, type it however you want, just don’t call me AA (I am not alcoholic’s anonymous)

I think I saw you telling someone not to call you that while I was lurking, so that one I knew not to try 😉

I went back to The Cat from Red Dwarf.

Do you not see a dapper black man in a yellow shirt? The full-face image is actually his reflection in a mirror; the actual person’s off to the left, you can see the profile of his face.

The actor’s Danny John-Jules, and he’s awesome.

At some point… XD

And no, I saw whom you describe, I think I mistook a comment about a Greebo avatar to be yours, and figured that since I don’t know what Greebo looks like and we have hardcore Prachett fans, they must be right.

I’m a fool in other words.

emilygoddess has Greebo’s human form as her gravatar at present. She used to have a woman in leaves (at least I think that’s what it was).

Falconer, your little third Doctor gravatar is back on my screen. I had a sad when I didn’t see the Cat any more. 😉

I saw the hospital with the cat nurses and the gridlocked city episodes (where Freitag got his gravatar) but hadn’t remembered the Face of Boe being in either! I do recall Jack saying he was called that in his poster boy days; it’s the only mention connecting them I know of.

I recognize this name. Didn’t he appear on The X Factor in a thong and made Paula Abdul vomit?

I know that this post is a few months old but I feel it’s important that this is shared here. This man has also posted footage, on one of his other channels, of him soliciting and encouraging sexual contact from girls who appear to be well under the age of consent of the USA (where he is a “citizen” thanks to his father’s status) and the UK, where he is currently resident.

This horrible, creepy and potentially triggering video falls clearly under the definitions of child sexual abuse imagery in the UK. It is extremely worrying that YouTube has not done anything about this yet. The link is and I would advise anybody who is disturbed by Godley’s actions to flag and report it on YouTube, along with a report to the IWF (if you are in the UK) at or, for US residents, at

This man’s actions are extremely worrying and upsetting. I have to pass through central London on a regular basis for work and leisure and have found myself adjusting routes and going out of my way so I don’t risk walking through the neighbourhood where this man loiters to shoot video footage of women without their knowledge or permission. That was bad enough, but finding out through glancing through his YouTube channels that he is also sexually abusing underage girls was the straw that broke my “shut up and get on with it” attitude. This man is dangerous and frightening to women and girls apparently the world over.

Spotted in Westfield San Francisco today. Trailed him for about 45 minutes before I lost him. Sleazy fucker.

I Think Geo Godley is a legend fock all you haters to the focking core least he has the balls to chat to sexy women unlike you up tight focking hater arse holes eat shit haters LONG LIVE THE GODLEY HE IS VERY TALENTED.

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