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What are the central tenets of Straw Feminism? (No, seriously, I’m asking.)


Ok, class project!

As regular readers of this blog know all too well, the manosphere has a rather distorted version of feminism. Indeed, MRAs, MGTOWers and other misogynists spend a lot of their timedoing battle against feminists of their own imagining, whose alleged beliefs only have a tangential relationship with anything you or I know as feminism. It’s not always clear if MRAs know they’re battling straw feminists or not, and I’m not sure we’ll ever be able to figure that out.

In the meantime, I’m trying to assemble a little guide to this straw feminism.

I’m wondering what you all think are its central tenets?

(Specific examples and links, to posts and/or discussion on this blog or elsewhere, would be great if you can provide them.)

Take a look at Kate Beaton’s amazing “Straw Feminist” cartoon if you need inspiration!

Ironically, the gang over on the Men’s Rights subreddit had a whack at the “straw feminist” question the other day. They didn’t do too well, with the OP basing his “refutation” of accusations that MRAs spend much of their time attacking straw feminists … on a list that incorporated some not-actually-real feminist quotes. (I factchecked a similar list of EVIL FEMINIST QUOTES here.)

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9 years ago


I am a good StrawFeminist, insisting on holding two completely contradictory notions at once: I want to die both alone *and* surrounded by cats.

9 years ago

Perhaps MRAs heard about the affections of free-roaming kitties, got it mixed up with vaginas by way of “pussy”, and have never recovered from that horrible mistake? Hence they expect vaginas to wander up to them and start purring?

Some Gal Not Bored at All


There is a joke about petting in there somewhere, but I’m giggling too much to find it.

Creative Writing Student
Creative Writing Student
9 years ago

Hence they expect vaginas to wander up to them and start purring?

A simultaneously adorable and highly disturbing mental image, thank you.


Creative Writing Student
Creative Writing Student
9 years ago


First thing to remember is that pussy are individuals and have varying temperaments. Some pussy can be attracted by food, especially meats. Other pussy like to play; these pussy are often outgoing and will come to you demanding fun times. There are also pussy who prefer those who dislike them; give them the cold shoulder and you will be surrounded by this type of pussy. One should vary one’s Game in order to attract certain pussy.

As a general rule, one should not attempt to attract wild or feral pussy. Whilst they can be very cute, especially when young, these pussy may cause major injury or even death. One should avoid upsetting even domesticated pussy, however. This will impede future interactions with the pussy.

When your pussy is happy, they will begin to purr, nuzzle, and become demanding of your affections. Pay attention to the positioning of the pussy, as they will move to where they like to be touched.

Finally, if one is allergic to pussy, one should take antihistamines before attempting Game.


Some Gal Not Bored at All

@Creative Writing Student

Awesome! 🙂

The Kittehs' Unpaid Help


One could do an easy straw poll with MRAs. “You don’t like cats, do you?” (preferably asked in a tone of pitying wonder).

There could be a discovery to put evo-psych out of business here. 😉

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