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MGTOWer: Wearing makeup turns women into Darth Vader

You're not fooling anyone, evil makeup-wearing girl!
You’re not fooling anyone, evil makeup-wearing girl!

On, Marcus20 offers a dire warning for all of his fellow Men Going Their Own Way who may not yet be Going Their Own Way thoroughly enough.

This is a gender war. Some men don’t know there’s a war. But almost every man feels something is wrong.

Some men who know there’s a gender war haven’t identified all of the weapons that are being arrayed against them.

One of these weapons is a wyman’s make-up.

Make-up is an unconventional weapon, and it’s often unrecognized as a threat.

That’s right, fellas. These women will stop at nothing to deceive and control you. Even if that means resorting to (gasp!) eye shadow.


[I]magine, if you please, a man with his face covered in war paint. Consider the men at the end of Apocalypse Now. Consider the warriors of the Sioux, the warriors in African tribes. Consider modern American soldiers.

Why do warriors wear face paint? The reason isn’t only camouflage. There is a psychological component to the mask.

You see paint on a man’s face– and you immediately and correctly identify him as a threat. But put the same paint on a woman’s face, and your reaction is quite different.

We are so accustomed to seeing women wearing paint that it never strikes us as odd.

Actually, I’m pretty sure if I saw a woman painted up like the dudes in Apocalypse Now I might give her a second look.

But there used to be widespread opposition to women wearing make-up. In Oliver Goldsmith’s Vicar of Wakefield, published in 1766, the vicar vigorously disapproves of his wife and daughters preparing various washes and powders for their faces. The Bible mentions “painted Jezebels.” At one time, make-up on a woman’s face signaled to all that she was a prostitute.

Today, make-up is accepted. Ho hum. Nothing to see here . . . The best weapon is one your enemy doesn’t see.

They call it “concealer” for a reason! For it conceals the dark and evil heart of the modern woman! Or something.

Imagine an average-looking girl, just reaching adolescence. She puts on make-up– and she is attracting the attention of boys, when she wasn’t before. It takes her but a moment to realize they are attracted not to her–whoever she is, she doesn’t know herself– but to her paint.

She concludes that men are attracted by paint. It immediately, and from the beginning of her sexual interactions with men, makes her relations with the opposite sex less real. She is always aware that the paint on her face is manipulating him.

Yeah, I’m pretty sure that “paint” doesn’t have much to do with any of this. I think it might just happen to have something to do with the flood of hormones coursing through the bodies of adolescent boys.

Day after day, for years, for decades, she paints herself as if she is a thing: and she becomes soulless.

That also happens if she puts on cute outfits. If you stare too long at a cute outfit, the cute outfit stares back at you!

The more you think about this, the more you realize that this is terrifying. Imagine if you — a man — painted your face everyday and presented that face to the world as if it’s yours. Immediately, you will feel disassociated from yourself. Immediately: scheming, lying, deceit become easier. Even murder becomes easier.

Er, what?

Roughly 90% of murders are committed by men, and I’m pretty sure very few of them are wearing makeup at the time.

Villains wear masks. Wearing a mask makes it easier to do evil. Darth Vader and even your typical bank robber . . .

The mask allows a woman to act out her evil impulses while telling herself the lie that she herself isn’t doing it.

That’s right. You start by putting on a little lipstick and mascara, and the next thing you know you’re destroying peaceful planets with your Death Star.

It is absurd for a man to allow himself to be attracted by paint.

Better to be repulsed by women who wear make-up. To see them as clowns. To see them as strange masks. To see the mask as the truth of what she has become, after a decade of painting her face: a lie that she wears everyday. Because after years of wearing a mask, you become it.

The same thing happens with other things you wear. After years of wearing underwear, you become underwear! After years of wearing socks, you become a sock! After years of wearing hats, you become a hat!

My niece, age five, recently attended a make-up party for children her age. She now owns a make-up collection. She is five years old and already wears a mask.

Isn’t there something disturbing about that?

Well, yeah, but not for the reason you think.

Look at youtube. There are videos that have millions of views — all about eleven year old girls who use massive amounts of make-up (and time) to make themselves look like Barbie or a doll or a cartoon character.

(And women still tell me: “Just wait — you’ll find someone who shares your interests.” What?)

Actually, I’m pretty sure you won’t find a woman who shares your interests, dude, given that one of your interests is writing posts about how wearing makeup turns women into Darth Vader.

Today we have girls, age five, wearing make-up … I therefore predict an even more soulless horde of wymen in our future.  …

I submit that women would be much less evil if they never wore masks. I submit that women would be much more humble as to their true attractiveness and therefore, less entitled, if they never wore masks. I submit that men would be better able to judge who is really beautiful if women never wore masks. …

The first step is to stop being manipulated by paint. Look behind the mask — and the face isn’t there.

Uh, no. That’s not reality you’re talking about here. That’s the movie Eyes Without a Face.

Naturally, the eminently sensible fellows at applaud Marcus20’s lucid analysis of how makeup turns girls and women into Sith Lords.

“Since everything within a woman is a motherfucking lie, it makes sense that the outside would be as well,” writes the aptly-named Womanhater.

ANY twat who claims to be ‘equal’ and yet wears make-up is a fucking hypocrite! The ENTIRE purpose of makeup is to feign sexual arousal and attraction – red lips, blushed cheeks, etc. all signal men on a subconscious level that the twat is sexually attracted to you. This in turn makes the uninitiated blue-pillers in our ranks turn into putty in their hands. The ONLY reason a twat wears make-up is to have an easier time manipulating you or extracting resources from you. Period. Full stop.

MrWombat, perhaps inspired by neo-Nazi nonsense about “blood in the face,” suggests that clever use of concealer can indeed conceal women’s essential dishonesty:

Makeup is crucial to being able to lie face-to-face to someone. Normal people blush when they lie, blanch when they have taken an emotional hit. Foundation conceals that, and women consciously feel foundation to be a mask, a disguise, a defense.

I eagerly await Marcus20’s analysis of the Big Lie that is the Wonderbra.

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Kiwi girl
Kiwi girl
9 years ago

I only saw the Kubrick film version. I think I may have it on DVD as part of a Kubrick collection, but I’m not going to be watching it again. Creepy movie is creepy.

The Kittehs' Unpaid Help

I’d need to be paid serious money to watch it.

Mind you the same could be said of 2001 … gods, if it hadn’t been so loud I’d have fallen asleep.

9 years ago

RE: Hrovitnir

Alas, I had to leave Kiwiland. And no, the essay’s not up anywhere, I think. It was just a school thing back in my undergrad days, before I burned out. I probably have it still lying around on my computer though, if you want to read some freshman’s babble.

And actually, despite my own history, I never found Lolita triggering. Maybe it’s because I was way more into the book on a structural level; it was a great use of an extremely unreliable narrator who’s a horrible human being and yet still charming enough that you find yourself taken in by him, to some extent. (I was, at least.) So I was more staring at the painting for the brushstrokes, rather than taking in the picture.

9 years ago

I’m not sure if this man is intentionally ignoring the long history (6000 years+) of cosmetics, or if his ignorance is accidental. I’ve never heard of this prostitution nonsense. Someone should tell him about the eyeliner use in Mesopotamia and the Ancient Middle East (those evil Egyptians!). Lets also talk about the history of makeup use for skin protection in both hot and cold countries. Lets even talk about European men and women in the middle ages using makeup to appear pale. How about the growing trend of men using concealer for acne? And can he explain 80′s rock and visual kei, or are rock musicians just inherently evil?

I suppose MrWombat doesn’t know anyone with a dark complexion either. I’ve never seen my (black) boyfriend blush or become pale due to emotion. Even some white people do not blush, believe it or not. Have fun living in this world by those rules.

The purpose of war paint is to disinhibituate and look fierce. It is used to ‘pump one up’ and put one into a certain psychological state before going into battle. It’s on par with wearing a football jersey, not with wearing makeup, fool.

I’d find this post hilarious if this man wasn’t so sad. It seems that he lives in a warped world filled with terror where man eating vagina monsters are lurking behind every corner, and I pity him.

Jessay (@jessay)
9 years ago

No dude, I’m not wearing concealer to hide lying or blush to pretend to be aroused, I’m doing so because my skin is sensitive to fucking everything that exists on this planet and super Irish so my entire face will be beat red for no apparent reason if I don’t. I’m so sorry it inconveniences you that I feel pressured to not show off my naturally beat-red-at-random face due to an entire life of being told I am ugly if I don’t have an even skin tone. I’ll try to throw out years of psychological conditioning to be considered more “honest” by a group of men who hate me for the genitals I was born with.

9 years ago

“Better to be repulsed by women who wear make-up. To see them as clowns. To see them as strange masks.” — What clowns aren’t sexy? Waka waka waka. 😛

9 years ago

This is the first of your posts that I read that just made me chuckle rather than wince in horror. I have to say, I’ve only just been introduced to this weird and dark world of MRA but what a bunch of dorks. Like lack any social skills, whiny dorks.

I like nerds, don’t get me wrong, my boyfriend is a nerd, many of my friends are nerds but these guys are just DORKS, complete, unabashed LOSERS.

Nikki the Bluth Wannabe
Nikki the Bluth Wannabe
6 years ago

I’m new to this blog and very, very late to this post, but all I have to say is this: if wearing makeup makes me Darth Vader, I’d rather be Darth Vader than any of the assholes this blog covers.

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