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Merry Man Boobz Christmas and/or Happy Tuesday! (Also, nominate your favorite troll of 2012.)


Merry Christmas, to everyone who celebrates it. To everyone else, Happy Tuesday!

After you’ve finished off your Christmas and/or Tuesday dinner, please nominate your favorite troll(s) for Man Boobz’ Second Annual Troll of the Year competition!

Also, there’s no reason why we can’t have more than one category for the troll awards. Suggest some inventive categories!  Most Persistent, perhaps?

359 replies on “Merry Man Boobz Christmas and/or Happy Tuesday! (Also, nominate your favorite troll of 2012.)”


I read it, unselfishly, for myself. Steele may not be a worse writer, but he is a less funny one.

Sorry, I can’t let this one go…

(tedious… they have the same three buzzwords)

Vile, radical misandry!

Am I too late? I’ve been out at the beach with no reception. My vote is for Tom Martin for short but delicious entertainment. Oh such drunk postings. I miss him.

@kitteh, it was great, thank you. We go out every Christmas (along with the rest of our small town) to the local beach. So daughter #1gets to hang out and boogie board with all her friends and we play with daughter #2 in the surf and take turns swimming. Afternoon rolls around and suddenly it’s wine o’clock. I swore I would never adapt to southern hemisphere Christmases but I think I am slowly beginning to get the hang of them.

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