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“As men, Force is the greatest weapon we have … We must use it,” says racist manosphere asshat.

More thoughts on the election from the Manosphere. These are from the comments section of Chateau Heartiste, in response to that little manifesto from Mark Minter we talked about the other day, and which Minter also posted at the Chateau.

Here John Salt suggests that “force” works better than voting.  And, oh yeah, he’s also as racist as Hitler.

Here Sidewinder offers some “optimism” for the future:

You’ll notice that no one there voices opposition to any of these sentiments.

245 replies on ““As men, Force is the greatest weapon we have … We must use it,” says racist manosphere asshat.”

and well done Cloudiah, shout all you like! now i have an excuse for a glass of fizzy wine this evening

W.F. Price tries his hand at writing a steamy romance novel, set “hundreds of feet under polar ice in a multi-billion dollar, reactor-powered vessel loaded with nuclear ballistic missiles” because as we all know wimmenz wouldn’t be able to resist “a high-ranking officer on the hard edge of American imperial power.”

The silence was deafening. [Good idea, always start with a cliched phrase. Extra points for choosing one that makes absolutely no sense!] Jessica stood, frozen, on the dark missile deck, surrounded by pillars of awesome power [Price says, while typing with one hand.], capable of wiping out entire civilizations. She could hear, ever so slightly, footsteps and the soft rustling of blue cloth heading purposefully closer.[It was dark, but Jessica could tell it was blue cloth by its soft rustling. And its sense of purpose.] Panic rose within her heaving breast [So, only one breast was heaving?] as a muscular, square-shouldered figure filled the narrow walkway, blocking what light remained, coming nearer, and nearer still. [And then even nearer!] A strong hand grasped her shoulder, and another her waist. The panic instantly gave way to a flood of desire [Shouldn’t Jessica first moan, “What’s your rank?” or demand to see proof of his status? Or can she just tell, even with no light, by the purpose-driven cloth rustling and the way she’s being grasped?]; a desire so strong it burst over the levee of regulations and codes of conduct… [Women’s sexuality, just like a storm surge.]

All these kitties are causing a desire to squee so strong it burst over the levee of regulations and codes of conduct.

Nope, it still doesn’t really work even when you include kitties. That proves it’s bad writing.

Ah…I’m so sad- I could never foster animals because MY HOME WOULD BECOME THEIR FOREVER HOME. I couldn’t give up my fuzzy babies any more than I could give up my human babies. Sadly….we only live in a small apartment, so it would be patently unfair to keep more than one kitty here. But if we get a house….I’m thinking two dogs and two cats… Does that make me a “crazy animal person”? XD

Given infinite resources in terms of space and money my house would look like Hemingway’s – completely overrun with cats. But with added Huskies and Newfies.

@duality heart,

speaking as someone that has owned 4 cats in the past all at the same time, now has 2 cats, 3 guinea pigs, 2 daughters (and a Mr Big Momma) and is thinking about getting chickens, your 2 dogs and 2 cats sound perfectly reasonable

Price should never write anything more complicated than a shopping list again. That was painful to read.

I always read Price’s name as “W.T.F. Price.” It fits.

It’s not? You live, you learn.

Late to the party, as usual. But hurray for Cloudiah!

Hurray to having multiple animals (if I didn’t have the mister to keep me in line, there would be many, many dogs here; he insists I limit it to one, though 🙁 ).

And boo to W.F. Price’s fiction.

Patak’s Mango: What gives?

Your wrong, that’s what gives.

You seem to have some issues, and projecting them into the past (and really, Freud, as expert on religion? Just So Stories to shore up his pet theories in other areas).

But you demonstrate your wrongness in your own words.

Compare and contrast:

Your statement one: The nature of monotheism, as its come out of the middle east and starting with Judaism, is that it does have the concept of religious freedom and when it is confronted with it, does not respect it.

And your statement two:

At least Jews don’t seek to convert others, normally at least.

So the Ur-religion, on which your entire case is rests, doesn’t try to convert. Seems to be a religion that’s willing to live and let live. The internal evidence of it’s sacred writings gives the lie to it. There are specific rules about how to treat those who aren’t Jews (neither shall the stranger in your midst work on the sabbath; one forgives debts to them in the Jubilee, etc.). You are citing Freudian fantasy novels to justify your opinions…

Wait… Freud isn’t your authority? Then what are you doing using him as your go to guy to explain the “reasons”. He’s an authority, or he isn’t.

Then again, it’s possible you are just bailing like mad, trying to bulldoze your way through the contrary evidence; figuring you can invoke a famous name and we’ll all bow before the power of it’s talismanic might.

You are contradicting yourself (see above) and oversimplifying to the point of inanity.

I know it’s not blue cloth but surely this must be the sort of officer that woeful fiction is about? 😛

Congrats, Master Cloudiah!

And kudos to BigMomma and Kim and the rescuers of Cheeto. And all rescuers/fosterers of kitties!

Also, whatshername Pickle turns out to have been the reincarnation of an old troll, so I’m ushering her out the door.

Thanks, hellkell, for your acute troll-spotting abilities.

Also, in case anyone is wondering, there are something like 160 million Muslims in India, making up about 13% of the population.

In Pakistan, where Muslims make up something like 95-97% of the population, there are 180-185 million Muslims.

So because India is so much more populous, there are nearly as many Muslims in that overwhemlingly Hindu country as there are in the even-more-overwhelmingly Muslim Pakistan.

(I got the numbers from Wikipedia.)

I now have an image of a dominatrix spouting interesting factoids in between whipping a client (or maybe thumping ’em with an encyclopaedia). 🙂

Um, Kittehs’, have you ever attended one of the annual meetings of the American Library Association? Because that dominatrix thing… I’m not saying anything more.

So I have all this adrenaline in my system from my presentation today, but no energy to actually work on the things my committee suggested. I may be here all night.

LOL LOL my only official connection with libraries was a failed attempt to study librarianship back in the early 80s, and I’m sad to say the word “dominatrix” was never mentioned in that context …

Though I did turn up to class one day in a cavalier outfit. With moustache.

Kitteh, I wish more people like you were librarians!
OKAY, when I said “all night” I didn’t take into account a sudden attack of exhaustion when the adrenaline wore off. G’Night all.

Cloudiah, speaking of your blog, someone made a video featuring those posters you/we/I did to help out the fellas at AVFM:


There is also the Amarna period in Ancient Egypt, which (if my memory serves me correctly) predated the “People of the Book”. True, it didn’t last long and was unpopular to say the very least but it was a form of monotheism.

Kitteh, I wish more people like you were librarians!

Nah, you really don’t. I’d be the Librarian from Hell, confiscating and probably trampling on all noise-making electronics (phones, earbuds, etc) and throwing noisy persons out. Think old-fashioned librarian on steroids. 😉


hellkell, you’re not as bad as me. I’m here singing “Whatever Lola wants…” How long has “Damn Yankees” been off Broadway again?

That’s an excellent name for a cat.

My little sister’s dad gave her a rabbit for christmas when she was about 4. She called the rabbit Lola. Her dad’s quite conservative, so I taught my sister all the words to Lola by the Kinks so she could sing it when she went to his house.

Lola is a great name. She looks like a Lola. And I am in no way biased by having a snake named Lola.

Shorter Patak: Blah blah Jews are responsible for every religious problem.

As though polytheists lived in perfect harmony and never had fights about which god was better.

@Seranvali: Yep, the good ol’ Amarna period, which the Ramessine pharaohs tried to obliterate after it ended. Poor ol’ King Tut, all forgotten for three thousand years. 🙁

I can’t remember the time frame of Exodus, but I think the movie The Ten Commandments insists Pharaoh is one of the Ramses.

BigMomma – Lola is a lovely name! (And now I’ve got El-oh-el-ay Lola playing in my head.)

Kim, sthlivingincolor, what gorgeous kitties!

So, my mother is temporarily in a convalescent home, recovering from surgery. While I was there tonight, I showed her all these kitten & cat photos and she was immensely cheered up. The tremendous healing power of the kittehs is proven once again!

Bow before the power of Kitteh Cuteness … and jokes aside, I’m glad they made your mum feel better, Cloudiah. Hope she recovers well.


“Um, no. No thank you. Please take your deranged self and your “will to power” to a nice little desert island where you can’t hurt anyone except yourselves. Maybe the Reddit Island people will be willing to sublet you some space.”

No. We aren’t going anywhere. If only we could stick Feminist on an island.

After all, being against men/patriarchy suits you. Mostly everything has been created by men, including the computer you type from (white men in fact). You want to be against “patriarchy and male privilege” well there is an Island.

P.S. Go fuck yourself. A

“And I also hope that they are aware that if they take up arms and start an actual WAR against women and minority groups, that said groups have the means and ability to defend themselves appropriately.”

Scary thought.

Yeah I wonder who would win.

“Many people who are not white, privileged heterosexual cis males have to live in a culture where they constantly have to assess if someone is going to try and assault and/or kill them at any given time.”

Yeah. We all know that you hate white people especially men. Yes America (I’m assuming), or if you were talking about Western Civilization was created by White Men. The Founding Fathers= White Men The original settlers and their descendants = White People.

You have been targeting White people and white men long enough scum with your hate..

Already Europe is waking up. 🙂 You better have a rock to hide under when the shit hits the Americas.

Fucking Loser: After all, being against men/patriarchy suits you. Mostly everything has been created by men, including the computer you type from (white men in fact).


Ada Lovelace. Grace Hopper.

Without them, the modern computer doesn’t exist.

Thank you for playing, but Losers get no Consolation Prizes here.

“And I also hope that they are aware that if they take up arms and start an actual WAR against women and minority groups, that said groups have the means and ability to defend themselves appropriately.”

Scary thought.

Yeah I wonder who would win.

Women, and the men who aren’t MRA Douchenozzles. As a simple fact, there are a lot of women who have been in the Army. A number of them are combat vets (and I mean they were in firefights). They have practical training in something most people don’t.

It’s not shooting guns. Lots of people have that. It’s killing people. I knew how to shoot before I joined the Army. I came out of it quite different, because I was now a trained killer. It was a couple of years before that was put to any test; but I can say, with more certainty than most, that; push come to shove, I can kill people.

So to can a lot of women I know. Since the MRA is a fringe group; a fringe group which likes to blow smoke up its ass about how tough it is, about how innately superior its members are, they would lose, because there is no such thing as, “innate superiority” in combat. It’s all about training, and the will to battle; individually, and in groups. MRAs don’t have the training.

So you would lose. The same way The Order lost, or Quantrill’s Raiders. There is no seething mass ready to rise up and join you when you try to bring about your idea of, “The Day of the Rope”.

Sucks to be you.

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