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Superstorm Sandy Aftermath Open Thread, With Kitties

So far it looks like Man Boobzers got through Sandy mostly OK.  Seems like it’s time for some kitties.

First, here’s one kitty unleashing its own brand of destruction:

And here are a couple of tiny kittens trying to help a human with some cleanup.

Discuss Sandy, kitties, and whatever else you want below. (No talk about slavery though.)

And if you’re a Man Boobzer who was unfortunate enough to be in Sandy’s path, let us know how you’re doing!

36 replies on “Superstorm Sandy Aftermath Open Thread, With Kitties”

That first kitty is exactly why I keep mine out of the bathroom. Sure, he has claw caps on, but that doesn’t mean he wouldn’t try.

That first kitty looks just like my Mamie (who crossed over years ago). Thank goodness she never got that idea into her head, she was evil enough getting onto roofs and having to be rescued! (Nothing like carrying a ladder down the street to rescue your daft cat from your neighbour’s roof for embarrassment.)

And those kittens … the cuteness is unbearable!

One local (NYC) tv news anchor was talking to a colleague in the field last night, and got a little confused and said “I understand that you’re not very far from where you are right now!” to the man in the field. Hey, we don’t just get reporting, we get PHILOSOPHICAL reporting!!! 🙂

Speaking of philosophy, that kitty is a genius – zie has solved the age-old problem of How To Catch That Tail!

@comfortablysmug spent a lot of last night putting false news out in his tweets. Not only was he well connected (he was a campaign manager for a candidate for the House), he’s a wall street finance dude (doing hedge fund analysis).

The evidence points to him being Shashank Tripathi, and he’s been fired by the politician. Fucker made a lot of last night harder for people because his false tweets not only got some traction before the twitterverse called them out as false, but his connections meant that some escaped into the mainstream press (CNN picked some up, they made newspapers in Tuscon, etc.).


We are supposed to go home Thus. May not be able to, since as of now driving in Jersey City is prohibited. So we may be at friends in Manhattan.

Got some high winds and lots of rain up here in Maine but the worst missed us by a good margin. Lost some shingles on the house and nearly lost the awning over the front door (it’s pretty trashed but still attached) and lots of down tree branches in the neighborhood. I’ve been through a lot worse storms.

Nothing more than annoying winds and constant medium levels of rain for me. Some interstates are closed, but as I live on campus, I really almost didn’t even notice that there was a storm happening.

Friend though is in NJ and has lost power. Nothing worse than that thankfully.

You know those really big trailer trucks that are used to haul massive amounts long distance? Near my job, one of those floated up and is now resting on top of some concrete dividers and they’re not sure how to get it down.

@Rahu: What, one of those big yellow jobs that are low-slung in the middle and made so they actually have a hump when they’re empty because if they were flat, their load would make them drag the ground? Like how they haul big earth-movers or hydroelectric dynamos? Damn.

I’m in Hoboken and just found power and internet after 2 days flooded in. That storm surge was crazy quick. 8:00pm streets are fine, 8:20 there’s 3′ if water and cars are floating by. Walked in the toxic muck this morning and now im high and dry. Whew!

I am glad people are doing okay on the East Coast.

I am arguing with someone who is convinced that zie is correct about abortion being banned because her birth mother lived in a state where it was not banned in 1960 and still chose to have her. Therefore it logically follows that all women must be forced to bear a child they do not want, cannot take care of, and will be absolutely miserable while pregnant (because a depressed, anxious and unhappy mother is such a great thing for a fetus!)


I would like to say I have not but…it does seem to be something that the anti-choicers think if they had someone in their own family that chose to have a baby instead an abortion.

Randall Terry is one of them-he was terribly abused as a child and an aunt of his nearly died from a botched abortion attempt yet he believes firmly that regardless of outcome for the child. It boggles the mind that you would want to put a child through such hell just because “all life is precious.”*

*until the fetus becomes an actual baby, once then, who cares what happens to it because that damn slut had it coming. *sighs*

[Trigger warning: rape]

I’ve seen variations on that before–the idea is ‘if my mom had gotten an abortion, I wouldn’t exist, therefore if you’re in favor of abortion rights you must want to KILL ME’. There were posters up for a talk someone was giving about how her mother was raped but carried out the pregnancy, therefore if you make exceptions for rape, she wouldn’t exist. The obvious rebuttal is that by that logic, you’d have to legalize rape, but I’d be pretty uncomfortable making that argument to somebody’s face just because of how personal and triggery it is. Which I think is the idea; it’s kind of a way to shut down discussion.

Derail, or rather off-current-topic question ’cause this is an open thread – does anyone else use the AVEN forums? I recently signed on there and it’d be nice to know if fellow Manboobzers are around.

The Kitteh, the AVIEN forums are not open to your type.

Cats would eat the poor birds.

Since we’re going open topic, I just had a revelation about what some of our more deranged trolls remind me of – the zombies from 28 Days Later. Even more so with the sequel, though, since you get to actually see the “rage virus” take hold.

Rahu, those shirts are brilliant – the evil Lego is wonderful but I can only say I’m glad I’d finished my coffee before seeing “It’s pretty much all just cats”! 😀

Re: video princessbonbon posted – it’s weird how the clouds get ‘snagged’ on the tall buildings. And where they snag depends on the direction the clouds are going. I wonder if it’s noticeable from inside the buildings where it happens.

Kim –

YES!!!! I’m a gamer and that stuff is seriously annoying and scary even though you know they can’t actually do anything and have no idea who you are.

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