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Patriactionary: Women who hit the age of 40 without a husband or kids deserve to be alone and miserable the rest of their lives.

Be careful, ladies, or you too will LOSE DICK FOREVER! Borrowed from Easily Mused. (Click the pic to see more crying chicks.)

Over on Patriactionary, a proudly reactionary and patriarchal Christian blog, the blogger who calls himself electricangel is angry at himself – for not being an even bigger douchebag than he already is.

You see, he’s just heard from his wife that one of her friends isn’t happy about hitting the big 4-0. Apparently, his wife’s friend

broke down in tears, sobbing uncontrollably. What had hit her was the realization that she was 40, with no husband, no children, no prospects of either, and she was staring at a future of loneliness.

His reaction to this news?

I wish I could tell you that an evil smile of vengeance crept across my face, and the children this woman discarded were getting their revenge upon her. That this was payback for riding the cock carousel for years, always aiming at the guys she wanted, not the guys she could get.

But alas, hidden deep inside in his tiny misogynistic heart there remains a tiny fragment of sympathy.

But I cannot tell you anything other than how saddened I was at her tale, and how this sadness will rip out the hearts of so many women who did not set out to become lonely, childless spinsters, but whose families and societies removed the strictures on their behavior so that their own lack of self-control was left unbounded. This will be the ongoing social disaster of coming years.

I did say it was a tiny fragment.

But he still wants to use this woman’s story for his own ends.

In discussing this woman, I am insistent upon her becoming an object lesson to my wife, and especially for my wife to tell the beautiful, smart, virgin young women close to her about what happens to carousel riders. Life is a coin you may spend any way you like, but you may only spend it once. This woman spent it on an amusement park ride. Now the park is closing, she has been thrown off the ride, and faces 45 years of solitude.

Yeah, because no woman over the age of 40 is capable of ever finding a date or a mate.

Yeah, because her sadness at hitting 40 is going to last for the rest of her life.

Oh, and the bit about “the children this woman discarded?” She didn’t “discard” any children. She simply didn’t have any. She’s not “discarding children” any more than those with penises instead of vaginas are “discarding children” each and every time they masturbate to orgasm.

In the comments, not everyone is quite so restrained as electricangel.

“I don’t even know this woman and I’m pissing myself laughing at her,” writes one commenter going by the name Friendzone. “Fuck her.”

Take The Red Pill is equally unsympathetic:

I have NO sympathy for this woman whatsoever. Just like most Modern Women, she bought into the feminist deception with eyes wide open with never a thought about the future. Well the future has arrived and it looks a lot like a cold, lonely one for her – just like the cold, lonely youth and young adulthood that MOST men have had and continue to have.

Karma has come due, and the bicycles have realized that they don’t need fish, either.

When women like her are young, they treat decent men abominably – being as cruel and sadistic as they can be when rejecting an ‘unwanted’ man’s advances – simultaneously, they enjoy being ‘free whores’ for every player, dirtbag, and Alpha thug who crosses their path; then when they reach their thirties and are little more than ugly, repellent, diseased trollops (often with some thug’s illegitimate spawn or two in tow), they complain about ‘the lack of good men’.

Others adopt Electricangel’s more, er, mature approach. Will S. decides to be a pompous dick about it, while patting himself on the back for his enlightened attitude:

Indeed, it is proper to not gloat, but rather mourn what we have lost, as a society, and feel sorry for those who have made poor decisions – and try to help others not make such poor decisions, by pointing to unfortunate examples, that at least others might learn something from them.

Sometimes, schadenfreude is tempting, but we Christians do generally know better than that.

Because patronizingly exploiting someone’s (probably temporary) sadness to make other people feel shitty about their own lives is such a moral thing to do.  Is faux sympathy better than no sympathy at all?

Our friend Sunshinemary jumps on the “let this be a lesson to the rest of you sluts” bandwagon:

We need not mock such women, but we need to hold up their tales as cautionary examples to other young women. The older women themselves cannot face that their lives should serve as an example of what not to do, and they will rationalize it forever.

Electricangel expounds on his plan to use this woman’s apparent misfortune for his own ends:

I am using her as a vector to drop comments to my wife about the dangers of the carousel. Next is the overt suggestion that she talk to some young women about this friend specifically.

Uh, I guess you don’t let your wife read this blog, huh? Because if I discovered that someone close to me was talking about me in such a creepily manipulative and patronizing way, that person would no longer be a part of my life.

Electricangel replies to Sunshinemary:

Yes, those who did not prioritize children will have their genetic tendencies to that behavior removed from the gene pool. Women do not have the sexual options that men do, and not letting them know this early and often is crushing.

But they must be pointed to, and shown as examples. I understand people who will laugh at and mock them; I thought I would. It’s just the enormity of a waste of a life, and the lives she threw away, and the realization that this is just the tip of huge iceberg that has gripped me.

Yes, EA, you’re such a deeply moral person. Posting an “I told you so, you whores!” post on your blog is no doubt exactly the way The Lord would like you to handle this.

In a later comment, he reiterates his plan to use this woman’s story to increase the insecurities of his wife:

I do not feel guilty at all about using this woman’s example to drop pellets of manosphere logic on my wife. It has the side benefit of my wife starting to ask me (because she’s asking herself) “What do I do to bring value to the relatinship?” It is a good thing.

First it was a sad thing, now it’s a “good thing.”

How exactly is this better than gloating? No, scratch that. How is this different than gloating?

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6 years ago

One day, the Beta Uprising will triumph, abolishing the shackles of the meat market. The alphas will labor in celibacy at the Gulags, and the beta and omega men will claim all the women through Sexual Bolshevism. Under this new system, there will be no more 40 year old spinsters, and the cock carousel will transform into a cock kolkhoz.

6 years ago

One day humanity will triumph, abolishing the shackles of hatred. The rich would be restrained and encouraged to refrain from prioritizing short term profit at the expense of civilians and people everywhere will be able to live out their lives without discrimination. Under this new system, there will be no more hate crimes, and the oligarchy will transform into a government for the people.

weirwoodtreehugger: chief manatee

Could it be?

I know Mark is not usually a necromancer, but he’s starting to sound pretty Mark-like.

6 years ago

@ weirwoodtreehugger: chief manatee
I liked it better when he did half assed poetry that didn’t even rhyme.

Scented Fucking Hard Chairs
Scented Fucking Hard Chairs
6 years ago

“I could have any username I want – I know, let’s go with Corpse Fucker!”

weirwoodtreehugger: chief manatee

It just says that he romances corpses, not that he fucks them. Perhaps he’s such a tedious little chucklefuck that even the corpses turn him down. That’s why he’s so mad.

Croquembouche of patriarchy
Croquembouche of patriarchy
6 years ago

Is this thread one of MRAL’s previous playgrounds too? Could it be an end of year nostalgia trip to past haunts?

Handsome (Punkle Stan) Jack

I’m pretty sure they’re called that because they’re being fuckheads and commenting on some old threads to be an ass.

6 years ago

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