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MGTOWer: Women paid six-figure salaries “for flailing their arms about and making silly noises.”

Women are far more interested in posing all sexy than in assembling munitions.

Hey ladies! You know those “jobs” you have? That “work” you do? You may have thought you were hired because you had “skills” and “education” and because you’re “actually quite good at what you do.”

But over on MGTOWforums, the locals say “nuh-uh” to these delusions of yours. In a recent thread, “Experienced Member” Stewie explained that women only get hired because women run the world and the government does their bidding.

[E]verybody knows you [women] suck at working, voting and driving and are only there because the government forces us to let you in.

Maybe you do make less, it’s because you’re generally lazy shitty assholes and should make much less than you do.

Yeah gossiping all day,having temper tantrums and constantly interrupting productive male coworkers with obvious questions about how to do your job is soooo valuable.

Believe me if men were in charge you wouldn’t make tit.

NG85 offered a somewhat more nuanced view, noting that sometimes women aren’t forced on poor helpless companies by the evil feminazi government. Sometimes a male boss will hire women because they give him boners. At his last office job, NG85 explained:

I think that job had REVERSE sexism, in that only women were hired. One of the bosses was a huge womanizer and basically admitted once he only hired hot chicks. We had a lot of organizing/lifting of heavy boxes in this place, and I had to do most of it. I kept telling them to hire some male interns to help me out….Instead we get some hipster chick who’s 100 pounds soaking wet to sit at a computer and read Facebook while I’m re-organizing 100 pound boxes by myself.

I find your critique of Facebook fascinating, dude who’s made 957 comments on MGTOWforums.

Also, why were the women soaking wet? That seems dangerous, especially if they spend their day on the computer.

Mpav8r offered a solution to this kind of boner-centric hiring:

I think the logical thing is for the company to provide the male bosses with a prostitution expense account, so they can get their rocks off and then go back to focusing on hiring qualified people to do the work.

Please be sure to share this idea with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission. I am sure they will find it both ingenious and intriguing.

Then he compared women to children, yet another highly innovative “argument” on his part.

It renders the whole purpose of Take Your Kid To Work Day irrelevant, when you have children in the workplace EVERY day, being paid a six figure salary for flailing their arms about and making silly noises. For women employees there should be a life sized cutout of someone doing some actual work, with a hole for the woman’s face to appear in the shot, because a woman in the workplace nowadays is like a kid at Disneyland- it’s all magic, fairytales and make-believe. The difference is here no one is having any fun.

Yes, that’s right, a dude who thinks that women regularly get “paid a six figure salary for flailing their arms about and making silly noises” is accusing someone else of living in a world of make-believe.

If they weren’t protected by all-powerful corporate feminazi HR thought police, these chicks would be lucky to earn a subsistence living giving two dollar BJ’s to bums outside the fucking welfare office. Unfortunately nowadays, the women are those bums.

Wait, I thought women were all making six-figure salaries waving their arms around? Now they’re welfare-abusing bums in search of blow jobs? So confusing.

Also confusing: this alleged alliance between the “all-powerful corporate feminazi HR thought police” and dudes who hire women who give them boners. Strange bedfellows, I guess.

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9 years ago

Hi! First time commenting, but been a lurker for over a year now.

Just wanted to say, Buttman has obviously never worked food service. Plenty of heavy lifting for all genders and if you can’t do it, you’re out.

Also, any time I have applied for a job stocking shelves, I have been either told outright that they only hire guys for those jobs (admittedly, this was many moons ago) or I was treated with disbelief and condescension that I thought I was capable of that kind of physical labor…and didn’t get the chance to prove that I was. So whose fault is it that in some places, only men are doing those jobs?

9 years ago

I applied for a job at a used book store and the owner wouldn’t hire me because he thought I couldn’t lift and carry heavy books. WTF? 🙁

9 years ago


Men who are stocking the shelves and working in the loading department usually get paid more than cashiers. I know this was the case when I was working at a hardware store. And my husband was paid significantly more than the cashiers when he stocked shelves for a supermarket. This was in California, though. Wages tend to be a lot higher here than in other states.

9 years ago

Welcome, ggjenn!

9 years ago

yay Lauralot!

Rutee Katreya
9 years ago

I really never understood this attitude, but I’ve been in white collar jobs for most of my life. Dude, just read Atlas Shrugged, and learn to be a bit more selfish if you want to be the one doing checkout. Entitle yourself.

Are you clueless, or sabotaging a jackass? Inquiring minds would like to know.

9 years ago

Hey, Rutee, why does your icon keep changing? It’s back to the bashful purple thingie again.

9 years ago

Lauralot, that’s great to hear!

ggjenn, hi!

Rutee Katreya
9 years ago

If I had the faintest idea why, I’d tell you. My computer is showing my plushy for the posts besides the one where I didn’t wait for Facebook to authenticate my login (because it was repeatedly timing out).

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