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MRA theologian: “Mary Magdalene … f**ked an alien to get preggers and got Joe the carpenter to pay for it all.”

He looks just like his father.

Welcome, my friends, to the First Church of Misogynist Crackpottery. Today’s sermon will be delivered by The Very Extremely Reverend  AfOR, visiting from The Spearhead. He has many wise words on the topics of Mary Magdalene (Mother of God), space  aliens, and cunts.

Sorry, xtainity was always a crock of shit, and I have seen inside it deeper than most….

Today, in the 21st century, we can for the first time create a pregnant virgin, so 2,000 years ago “god” was an alien, or a figment of imagination.

2,000 years ago Mary Magdalene even if impregnated via test tube in the lab on the alien space ship, gave birth via the cunt, so no tight virginity there.

Ever since then, the holy trinity…

1/ God, an ethreal being that no-one ever saw, except jesus, so if he existed he was an alien ship doctor.. eg he was NOT human.

2/ Jesus, who was NOT human, even the biblical teachings stress this point, he was not a man.

3/ Mary Magdalene, the only human, and therefore the MOST REVERED human in the religion is a wimminz, who fucked an alien to get preggers and got Joe the carpenter to pay for it all and feed and house them.

“Chivalry” in the middle ages was literally based on worship of Mary Magdalen’s cunt, and the chivalric symbology and iconography is replete with cunt symbolism, right down to the order of the garter.

The only remotely male centric tenets of christianity were lifted wholesale from other religions and beliefs and incorporated in an early example of embrace and extend.

Christianity has NEVER been a man’s religion.

Hell even the pristhood, the highest echelons of the meme, were not allowed to fuck.

Thanks to scarletpipistrelle for pointing me to AfOR’s  wonderfully imaginative theological thinking.

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9 years ago

I don’t get the truck joke. I asked urban dictionnary but it doesn’t help. I feel dumb. Help?

Lol at the idea that NWO is a secret feminist who have been trying to make MRAs look bad by commenting obsessively on Manboobz, whith the occasional creepiness of erection about children. And it has been, what, two years?

9 years ago

Kyrie: To, “truck with” is to put up with, tolerate.

So Rutee said that men got more tolerance in some areas than women, and our hero didn’t get it, in a big way.

9 years ago


9 years ago

I’m not a Christian myself, but all my current friends are, and since this is going to bother the shit out of me: isn’t it the OTHER Mary who was Jesus’ mother? I’m about 99.999% sure Mary Magdalene was his disciple. So right away, big hole there.
If someone else already addressed this, sorry.

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