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Clop clop clopping along with Epic Atheist Brony, MRA extraordinaire [UPDATE: Probably a troll.]

You remember the Men’s Rights Bronies we met not so long ago? Well, I have discovered another one, this one on Twitter! In addition to being brony and a “highly active MRA,” he is also – brace yourself for this – an atheist who loves to wear fedoras and talk in public about what he likes to do with his penis. (And they say stereotypes aren’t true.) His personal creed? “Love & tolerance.”

Anyway, his name is Epic Atheist Brony, and here’s his Twitter profile.

[NOTE: Mr. Brony seems to be a troll. See update below for details.]

Here are some recent highlights from his Twitter timeline. (Note: “clopping” is Brony slang for masturbation.)

Love & tolerance, everyone!

But you gals will have to enjoy your love & tolerance in the kitchen, while the clearly superior Epic Atheist Brony whacks it to cartoon ponies and tweets about which cartoon ponies his penis likes the most.

UPDATE: It seems likely that Mr. Brony is a troll/Poe. “His” original Twitter profile pic was a photo of a guy in a fedora, supposedly him. Trouble is, the actual guy in the pic stepped forward and explicitly denied being Mr. Brony (and, for that matter, being a “sexist fucktarded meme-spewing Redditor.”) Here’s the pic the real fedora-wearing dude posted as evidence. Thanks to @mister_smiley on Twitter for the link.

277 replies on “Clop clop clopping along with Epic Atheist Brony, MRA extraordinaire [UPDATE: Probably a troll.]”

aworldanonymous, congratulations on going to university! Now I’m curious, how does Canada do anthropology? I’m in the States, and we do the four field approach, generally taking courses in cultural, biological, and linguistic anthropology as well as archaeology. I understand that the UK (and possibly the rest of Europe?) separates archaeology from anthropology and makes it more part of history. I feel like you guys, us, and Australia should all be kind of similar in our approach, but I don’t know.

We’ve mocked Meller about the dolls but not because they’re a girl thing, just because they’re a weird creepy thing.

Also because he’s normally vehemently opposed to any breach of traditional gender roles.

OWLY complains all the time that he can’t be a teacher/ is not allowed to spend more time with his niece and nephew, because it goes against male gender roles or he will be seen as a pedophile.

This is just an astonishing sentence, holy shit. I did not know he had said these things.

I just imagined NWO the teacher. It was the worst thing I have ever imagined ever.

Also… the pedophile thing. The fuck. NWO is concerned about people unjustly believing he’s a pedophile because of his gender.This is the best black comedy he has ever supplied. Amazing. Is he ok with people justly believing he’s a pedophile because he wants to rape little girls?

I find NWO’s assertion that men can’t be teachers or child care workers to be especially hilarious, since I, a dude, have spent a good portion of my working life in one or the other capacity. Only two people have actively discouraged me from pursuing this career path–both of whom were men. Women–including most of my various bosses and supervisors–have generally thought that idea of men working with kids was just spiffy. I’ve never been accused of pedophilia, either.

Shockingly, NWO is talking out of his ass yet again.

@VoIP and shadethedruid- definitely MUCH more of an anthropologist than a gamer, much to my chagrin. Played a little bit of Call of Cuthulu in high school, then was never able to find a group to continue in college (even though one of my roommates plays, I could never finagle an invitation to his games). I’m moving back to where my gaming friends are, and I’m hoping to apply the skills I’ve learned in writing/ theater to gaming. I’m MUCH better at world building than plot, so it seems a natural fit. 7th Sea sounds amazing though; I’ll have to check it out!

@Nanasha- Glad to help. As I said in my post, I’m speaking from experience here, so take some time off, think, come back. It’ll do you a world of good.

@AlexB- I know right? Those posts about his nieces and nephews were simultaneously heartbreaking and sickening, because OWLY is clearly such a sad person, but also OH GOD KEEP HIM AWAY FROM ALL CHILDREN.

@ captainbathrobe- My father is a teacher, and he has been my whole life. He is brilliant at it, and he’s also a pretty spiffy dad. Nobody has ever accused him of anything either, probably because he has a sense of propriety? Unlike some people I could name?

“Of course NWO also imagines all stay at home moms live a life like Ann Romney.”

The first lady as well, or don’t pampered leftist’s count? Of the top ten richest senators 7 of them are democrats. The political party doesn’t matter, neither cares about you. They all only care about their own wealth and power. Only fools blindly follow a party.

I promise everyone a chicken in every pot and universal health care!!! How can I make such a promise? By stealing your wealth. Who will I put in charge of the health care? The IRS. Fools and their wealth soon go seperate ways. The money will be borrowed at interest from the IRS, to pay to the IRS for their service of stealing your wealth at interest. Your government is a fraud.

??? The IRS is a bank now? Ahoy, book o’ larnin! And why the fuck would they be in charge of health care? Governments with universal health care have health care ministries or departments.

You know, Slavey, health care in Canada pretty much started in Saskatchewan as it was recovering from the Great Depression, and the provincial government was not drowning in assets.

Single-payer health care is not the government forcing people to hand over their lunch money. It’s everybody chipping in what they can afford so that whoever needs medical help can get it.

For the brief, underemployed years that I had to pay my own health care insurance (instead of my employer, and before my province decided not to charge for it separately), it cost me just a little over $100 every three months. It pinched a little if I didn’t plan my budget well, but it was well within my means. So, when I had to get surgery, I didn’t pay anything out of pocket, I didn’t have to go into debt. I just went for the surgery, came home, and recovered.

Universal health care is a good thing.

@OWLY- so if the IRS takes my money (in the form of taxes) and then uses it to buy goods and services (chicken and universal healthcare), I fail to see the problem. Everyone pays taxes according to their level of wealth, and everyone gets health care.

On language and fictional worlds: Language in anything is pretty much a fudge, especially if you’re playing in the thief of a language that is English. You’re pretty much going to run into words that come from languages that don’t exist in the world you’re playing in no matter what you do.

I’m not someone who’s bothered by language-related innaccuracies (I invested in “it’s going to be fucked up no matter what we do, so let’s just ignore it” a long time ago 😛 ), but I did come up with a mini-explanation once where anything that was obviously non-native (especially Latin/Greek words and phrases) was the result of an older form of the Common language.

(Common being D&D’s default human language, ie. whatever language the players speak).

I’d say coming up with a workaround/explanation is a lot easier than trying to pick out the stuff that doesn’t make sense, otherwise you’re bound to just trip yourself up later (plus it’s a lot of work). 😛

@Unimaginative I’m in the UK, we got universal healthcare three years after we finished WWII. I do not understand this vocal anti-UHC strand in America, just like I can’t imagine not having the NHS. It’s utterly, utterly bizarre to me. However, I’m an anarcho-communist, so I’m big on the whole ‘not letting people die because other people are being selfish’ thing XD

No there’s not, there’s only two. Male/Female. It’s very easy to tell, one’s an innie one’s an outtie.

what do belly-buttons have to do with it?

Cliff: I saw what you did there with box-stuffing. 🙂

For example- In Ptolomeian (sp?) Egypt, women commonly owned property, had divorce rights, and many of the dynasty’s most powerful rulers were female. Compare that with contemporary Roman society, where women were traded like chattel, and only Vestal Virgins had freedom of movement.

That’s not really true. Roman women had some autonomy. They could, for example divorce. And the, official status was worlds away from the actual; because the society was moving faster than the laws (and Rome was really conservative in the laws it purported to keep. Long after custom made them obsolete it retained the titular vestige of lots of things)

In later republican Rome the state of women became better; they were able to engage in marriages (esp. in the upper classes) in which they did not get handed over to the absolute control of their husbands, but remained in the care of their family. In the upper classes women were often able to get out of that control and hire an agent to act in the legal capacities which required a man to do. But he was her employee, so he had to act at her behest.

Before that, during the Punic Wars, women were in the position of managing estates, and the money/wealth that came back to Rome caused the various dowries/widows portions to increase, which gave women a both more authority, and some level of prominence, in actual fact, even if not as recorded in the legal theories.

This also affected the ways in which adultery was seen; between the lack of legal authority the husbands no longer had (since the legal status of paterfamilias had been strongly reduced; often completely lacking as regards the wife since her father was still her paterfamilias; if she wasn’t able to get out from under (again, the more money a woman’s family of birth had, the more likely she was to be, in effect, a free person in her own right, and the more likely she was to work to see to it this status was something her daughters managed to obtain as well).

Rome was a really complicated place, esp. after the Reforms of Augustus.

Futrelle posts about some fool who wanks off to a cartoon pony. 264 comment thread ensues! Ahahahahahahahaaaaaaa!!!

Dude cares enough to follow Futrelle.

Dude would be shocked if he actually read the comments.

I would reciprocate, but I have yet to see an MRA post that manages to garner that much interest

@ precunium- I bow to your superior wisdom, sir.

Point still stands; human societies are COMPLICATED and DIVERSE.

@The First Joe- We left the pony dude behind long ago. Now we’re talking about world-building in RPGs, Anthropology, and the single-payer healthcare system. Jump in, the water’s fine!

@TheNatFantastic: Yes, I’ve seen some American diatribes against socialized medicine because socialized medicine is bad. Why? Because it’s socialized medicine. But why is it bad? Because it’s SOCIALIZED medicine!!!!!

They seem to get really stuck on the label (I heard this word and it means “bad”) without ever taking a look at what it means. Kinda like when NWO starts going on about feminist communist fascists.

Yeah, the language thing gets complicated. Using English to represent the universal and unchanging language of the soul has certain fundamental problems. Mostly we just try to avoid words that remind us how bad English is at pretending to be the only language anyone has ever spoken.

before she became first lady she was a high-powered attorney

Well, that’s just a fancy version of a HR lady wearing silky undergarments, ain’t it?

M Dubz (and Ozy): Point still stands; human societies are COMPLICATED and DIVERSE.

No argument. That was my point. If it weren’t less likely to make the life I want to live possible, I’d probably have gone into Cultural Anthro (both those, and my psych profs thought I’d be good in either discipline).

Pecunium, you’re doing it wrong. You make it sound like the reason you didn’t go into Cultural Anthro is because you chose to follow a different path.

The correct thing to say is that the evil, feminist, misandrist professors crushed your talent and ruined your life. The fact that you don’t realize that your life was ruined and your talent crushed is because you’ve been brainwashed by misandrist manginas.

Unimaginative: You’re right… those wily women who encouraged me to become an anthropologist knew it would make me unhappy if I did it, and that I’d always think I missed out on something wonderful it I didn’t.

They were too clever for me, but Iacked the insight to see their true motives.

@pecunium- Oh, I know you weren’t arguing with me. I just figured that it bore repeating, given how dense our trolls can be.

I actually don’t mind being represented by rich people. It’s almost inevitable, sadly, given the amount of class privilege and/or wealth privilege required to run for office (for pretty much everything above school board you need money, but more importantly you need influence … of a kind you’re unlikely to acquire without coming from money and/or doing the sorts of things that make money)

I object to candidates who’ve always been wealthy/privileged and tell, but don’t show, about how much they understand what it’s like not to be rich.

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