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I am traveling


Regular posts will resume Monday. Unless I get really inspired and magically find some time to post before then.

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Are we turning this into a Pet Picture Party? Because I think I can find something to throw in. The pictures may not be brilliant quality though.

Why not? Pet pictures are good for the soul, at whatever quality you can manage.


Hopefully the links work, haven’t used Dropbox for a while.

I’ll attempt to overload the conversation with ginger cats first off.

This is Mango, although we took to calling her Moo a long time ago, for some reason. o.O She’s the one that i’ve mentioned before that likes to dribble a lot and she’s a big pest.. but cats tend to counter being annoying by also being lovable, cute and fluffy. >.< She's the old lady of the house.

And this is the other one, not taking any notice of me when I tried to take her picture. She's 'imaginatively' called Smudge (it's a little hard to see in the picture, but she's a tortoiseshell). She was dumped along with a couple of other cats up the road from here (she and her sister were rescued and rehomed, the third was unfortunately run over 🙁 ). She's a young one, and also a one-cat rabbit population control machine.

They aren't big fans of each other but they're tolerant.

Pecunium: I love that first one, it would be perfect for a caption competition. 😛

This isn’t exactly pet-related, but something kinda sad happened this morning.

We’ve had this awesome black squirrel living around here for ages doing its squirrely thing, and this morning it managed to electrocute itself to death (taking our power supply with it). 🙁

So now we’re down to one squirrel, at least I think there’s a grey one still around somewhere (we did originally have two greys and a black, but the cat got the other grey one).

Poor squirrel, and poor blacked out ShadetheDruid 🙁 We had a similar trouble with flying foxes once. They stay hanging on the power line after they die, so others saw a bat hanging off the line and thought it must be a good place to roost. There were 4 by the end.

Random update on squirrel-related subjects, apparently rather than being down to one resident squirrel due to the electrocution, there’s actually a bunch of random baby ones now (including black ones)! All is not lost!

They’re currently frolicking in a tree and have an awesome squirrely time. 😀

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