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“Twats wear heels in order to elongate the appearance of their legs,” and other insights from

Woman oppressing man with evil lying makeup

Some things I learned on MGTOWforums today. (Each headline links to the comment’s source.)

NWOslave, is this you?

women gain a sexual satisfaction from lying. the bigger the lie, the greater the thrill.

Don’t fall for that old “lipstick” ploy. Her lips aren’t really that red!

EVERYTHING relating to female appearance in based on deception. Women put blush on their face and lipstick to suggest that they’re sexually aroused thereby causing men to get stupid and malleable in their presence. Twats wear heels in order to not only appear taller but also to elongate the appearance of their legs. They wear spanx to conceal their flab. They shoot botox into their face to appear to have that last vestige of fertility. They put hideous silicone filled sacs onto their chest to create a more alluring figure (although as any man who’s actually ever felt these knows it’s like playing with a skin wrapped basketball). They paint their nails to create the illusion they’re always clean. They shave and wax and pluck to show off as much bare skin as possible – to conceal the fact that they’re hairy beasts.

Marriage is a Ponzi scheme:

DO NOT fall for it when marriage legislation is once more made rational. It’s simply a trap to lure men back in, and when there’s enough suckers in the Ponzi scheme, those at the top will abscond with it all once more.

Hunting the mammoth prepared men to be CEOs, but women?

most women simply can’t hack it at that high of a professional level. Their minds and bodies are simply not designed for that. Not surprising given how nature has clearly designed them to bear and raise children.

Vaginas are doin’ it for themselves:

They are organized into cunt coalitions. we are fucked.

Too many women spoil the everything:

It has already been said in several posts in this thread but it bears repeating since it is the simple quintessential truth: Women. Ruin. Everything.

Ha, ha, you’ll get yours, pretty lady who some day won’t be so pretty:

Mother nature is the ultimate bitch to all aging females. Most women don’t have her slim body type(easier to trap a man), so what’s a girl to do? What’s the ‘moral of the story’ for the average LADY with ‘high’ expectations but not much to really give a man in return??? Easy, find a clueless blue pill sucker(who has never been to this site)….er husband material as soon as possible before your looks really start to take a dive. You ladies can call me an asshole all you want but I’m only speaking the truth.

Let’s spread some racism on this misogyny sandwich:

How about you get your expanding ass off your chair and go visit the ghettos where there are no men. Hey, at least they are ‘matriarchies’ where women are ‘free,’ boys grow up to be feral animals, and emotions run high without logic!

Also, I learned that the new go-to derogatory term for women is “ankle.” Why? Because, according to the Online Slang Dictionary, “[a]n ankle is two feet beneath a cunt.” Here’s an example of the term in use, courtesy of MGTOWforums:

Dealing with an ankle that don’t understand the phrase “Not my child not my problem, ‘ya ankle bitch”?

It pays to increase your word power!

EDITED TO ADD: If you have trouble visualizing the “twats wearing shoes” mentioned in the second quote, regular Man Boobz commenter Polliwog has helpfully provided this [NSFW] picture.


192 replies on ““Twats wear heels in order to elongate the appearance of their legs,” and other insights from”


That meme hasn’t been done out yet, has it?

Ahahahaha, amazing.

Thank you – after reading the troll’s nauseating rape apologetics in the WTF thread, I needed that laugh. 🙂

…I actually hated Iron Man 2 a little bit because she was such a cardboard cutout with no character, just… sex appeal.

Iron Man 2 is actually a little better to me retroactively with the character development she got in Avengers.

Seconding Ozy. Folks on top noticed that people were complaining about ScarJ in Iron Man 2–folks like me–and concluded it would be better to drop her altogether.

No, that would actually make it worse, not better. The way it was in the movie? Is pretty much my gold standard now for how you take a character that was treated poorly and humanize her and make her part of the story.

I mean, yeah, it still had some problems. But the improvement was staggering.

can I request a blog post on alimony and how 96% of it is collected by women (according to the IRS) too useless to get a job (by implication).

Yours truly, the piper

I totally want Tony Stark. He’s a genius who builds stuff, imagine the sex toys he could come up with. I like toys.

I really like Tony Stark, but I also want to be Tony Stark. As a future engineer in electronic, I can think of no better hero.Except for the selling weapons thing.

Young women are given so much more kudos for being able to look like “Goldman Sachs Barbie” than anything else they can do.
Young men, they’re being raised to believe it’s their actions that are important (as long as they’re not actions a woman’ll normally take).
Only building a CV of super-actions takes a lot more time for a young man than dressing like a white teenage girl unsullied by reality takes for a young woman. (Unless said young woman’s you know….not really that white. Then it takes bloody ages or is nigh on impossible. Let’s see how these women are getting on… )

That’s a part of your “rape culture” right there, only it’s also the MRA’s “matriarchy”.

If I’ve got you right, you’re saying that women are praised more for their looks than their deeds, which is something that feminists are against. Also, making oneself look good takes less effort than doing stuff, so MRAs complain that a “matriarchy” has set up a situation where women get more praise for less effort?

First off, deeds in general are probably easier, since they need only be done once. If you’re being judged by looks, then look bad one day and suddenly you lose any respect you’ve gained. (You’re comparing “super-actions” to “dressing like a white teenager”, which seems to be an unequal comparison)

Second, the two only share one thing in common; they relate to women being judged by looks, and men being judged by actions. In other words, the animal that feminists and MRAs are looking at both have a tail. But the animal itself is completely different; for for feminists, a system has developed that treats women as visual objects, meant to look good for the men who own them. Meanwhile, for MRAs, a vast feminist conspiracy has somehow convinced men to only judge girls by hotness (a judgement that MRAs are happy as all heck to make, so I’m not convinced this is even a valid argument in the first place).

One has historical and current evidential support, the other is just faffing about with a persecution complex. Just because you can find a superficial similarity between the two arguments does not mean they are equally valid or correct.

can I request a blog post on alimony and how 96% of it is collected by women (according to the IRS) too useless to get a job (by implication).

Yours truly, the piper

Can I request you cite that? Can I also request that if you want a blog post about women getting alimony, that you make your own blog and write it yourself?


P.S. Alimony is back pay for the services one spouse provides in a marriage, in case the other person chooses to replace hir. There would also be less of a need for alimony if women got paid equal pay for equal work, and if more hetero couples had an equal division of household and parenting responsibilities.

I can’t make heads for tails of what maniacal goblinoid nightmare woman wrote.

can I request a blog post on alimony and how 96% of it is collected by women (according to the IRS) too useless to get a job (by implication).

You can, but don’t hold your breath to see it on here.

Here’s an idea. Why don’t you go to Reddit or MGTOW Forums and put something up there? If you’ve got a world-beater of an argument about how people who get financial assistance are useless because they don’t have a job, put it out there and let everybody look at it.

If you can make serious points backed up by research, data, empirical evidence and things of that nature, we’ll take it seriously and give it serious consideration.

And if it’s a ridiculous screed full of appeals to authority and emotion and enough straw to sink the Titanic, we’ll point and laugh.

That’s the deal.

Could bang on about this for much longer (and will. Eventually) but…ever heard the old Indian myth where 5 blind guys beat the shit out of each other after only “seeing” parts of an elephant and deciding it’s different things?
I don’t recall the “beat the shit out of each other” part of that story……

er fail

Could bang on about this for much longer (and will. Eventually) but…ever heard the old Indian myth where 5 blind guys beat the shit out of each other after only “seeing” parts of an elephant and deciding it’s different things?

I don’t recall the “beat the shit out of each other” part of that story……

“Your gender gets more alimony!” is like “my gender pays more taxes”–what you’re really complaining about is having more money in the first place.

So, y’know, boo hoo?

Yet another MRA who expects feminists to do all of the work for him…

Go publish your own damn post.

Blokes who varnish, isn’t funny how it’s always more accepted when you do a really half arsed job?

I wouldn’t know. A fair number of women who’ve seen me in nail polish have told me they wish they could apply it as well as I do.

So of course the big studios wouldn’t have green-lit it. The all-important White Male Age 18 to 49 would not have been pandered to.

I’m still pissed that this bullshit kept the Anansi Boys movie from being made. It could have been, so good, but then the studio insisted that they could only make it with an all-white main cast. Fortunately Gaiman was in a position to tell them they wouldn’t be making it at all then.

@PsychoDan: I didn’t watch the live action Last Airbender movie because 1) I’d already seen the whole series, and the movie was condensed out of the first season, and 2) the only non-white person in the cast was playing Zuko and everybody else was a white person in brownface.

@Jumbofisch But do you remember the German myth about the grasshopper that spent months idling away his time while the ant industriously stored up food for the winter. When the winter came, the grasshopper found itself perishing of hunger, whereupon the ant whacked it on the head with an axe, barbecued him, and served him up as a feast for all his ant friends.

Or that famous Egyptian myth about the a hare who challenged a tortoise to a race, and who was so sure of winning that midway through he took a nap. The hare never woke up because the tortoise hired a bunch of ninjas to assassinate him.

Classic stories.

I wish I gained sexual satifaction for lying. I wish I gained sexual satisfaction from most of the things they claim I do. Again, how do these men know how my lady parts feel when I do things?

And why are men complaining about the SHIT THEY EXPECT US WOMEN TO DO? If I didn’t feel like a man would get grossed out if I didn’t shave my legs, I WOULDN’T SAHVE MY LEGS! I would NEVER shave a damn thing if it wasn’t expected of me. I like how they pick examples of women’s oppression (being expected to waste tons of time and money making themselves look “beautiful” for fear of being shunned and winding up old and lonely) and turn it into some awesome thing that we’re doing to spite them. What I would give to not be expected to look my best when I go outside. Imagine the freedom.

Experiment number 2 for today: Walk up to one of these mras all unshowered, no deodorant, not shaved, no makeup, baggy clothes, sneakers, and hit on him. See what he does.

BTW I love how feminists big complaints are things like, “I can’t walk around alone without fear of getting raped” and all the MRAs can come up with is, “Women wear makeup!”

What in the actual fuck did maniacal goblinoid nightmare woman just say?

As for hating women in movies, no. There are plenty of ladies who I absolutely love to watch. On the other hand, you might see me get heated when Kristin Stewart is cast again in something that looks halfway decent because she only ever plays her goddamn self and that annoys the hell out of me. But this is not hatred of successful women, but hatred of bad casting choices.

“What in the actual fuck did maniacal goblinoid nightmare woman just say?”

The parts I can follow seem to sum to — the media maintains unrealistic standards of beauty for women, almost to the point of reaching Uncanny Valley. And only “super-actions” would require as much time and effort from men to compare. And then something about getting the elephant story weird, but making the point that feminists see things one way, while MRAs see things another way.

Which, ok, anyone here think the pro-choice and “pro-life” crowds are really having the same debate? I can’t tell is maniacal goblinoid nightmare woman is pulling a fallacy, or simply stating a rather obvious fact. If it is a fallacy, it’d be —

Argument to moderation (false compromise, middle ground, fallacy of the mean) – assuming that the compromise between two positions is always correct

There are also traces of the age old “I’m unsullied by your pitiful debate” in there, but maybe that’s the “gotta run” brevity of it.

Re: women in movies — I rewatched Gothika last night because I remembered it being rather good, and everyone always laughs when I say that. Yeah, I’m sticking by that. I’m half sure the hate it gets is because most of the leads are either not white, or women (or both), and that’s just inconceivable! *sigh* (yes it’s “another ghost story”, name one other that unarguably passes the Bechdel test though)

If horror and thriller movies make you jump, watch it during the day with the lights on. Oh and since he’s already come up, one of the very few lead male roles is Robert Downey Jr. (unfortunately, he keeps his shirt on)

I’m half sure the hate it gets is because most of the leads are either not white, or women (or both), and that’s just inconceivable!

Yeah, or it could be that it’s just not a very good movie.

Jessay: Honestly (and don’t get me wrong, this is dependent on your social group and your privilege), there are a ton of guys who really *don’t care* if you don’t shave your legs. I’ve been refusing to shave for years, and the only people who have said shit about it have been my mom and sister. (Err, and one dude who asked if I did it as a political statement…? That was weird.) Assuming it’s not a job requirement and you don’t have a partner who has a fetish for shaved legs, if you want to, why not give it a try?

Snowy — not very good by what standard? ghosts are cliche? because it isn’t the standard ghost movie. It gets off to an admittedly slow start, and then nearly pulls a Lost Boys ending, but the characters are realistic, varied, and developed over the course of the movie.

I’m curious, have you seen it since it came out? Because I saw it theaters, and the people I went with all liked it, and then 6 months later I must have terrible taste to have liked it in the first place. I do actually really like the progression of Halle Berry’s character from perfectly sane psych doctor having her patient say “you can’t trust someone who thinks you’re crazy” to her using the same line on a former colleague.

Is it some Hitchcock classic? No; Is it good for an hour and a half of jumping and trying to figure what in the hell is going on? Yes. Point was no one seems to just go “meh, I didn’t like it”, people seem to absolutely hate it as that worst thing EVAR, and it’s far from it. If it’s true that people love insane asylum stories to measure the distance between the people inside the asylum, and themselves, that’s exactly what Gothika does with Halle Berry’s character.

And IMDB gives it 3/5, which sounds about right. I might make that 4/5 as I have a soft spot for psych thrillers set in psych wards, and there are just so few that aren’t absolute full of ableism — usually it’s how dangerous and untrustworthy the mentally ill are, not the complete opposite. I mean, the actual point of the plot is basically “and this is why mentally ill women should maybe be taken seriously when they say they were raped, no matter how absurd the story sounds”.

Could be worse too, they could’ve turned it all love story at the end and didn’t.

@ozymandias42 Yeah you might just be running with a very different circle than I do, or living in a more progressive area. I’m in a very blue collar area, lots of construction workers. While I have a handful of good friends, most of the guys I meet are very ignorant and sexist. Lots of that, “can’t turn a hoe into a housewife” mentality, and just very traditional , conservative ideals when it comes to women (but of course they don’t hold themselves to the same standards).

I don’t bother to shave if nobody is gonna see anything, but the shame that I’ve been taught all my life about women with hairy legs is a little too much for me to overcome without seeing one the these elusive male feminists out in the wild. No, seriously, I don’t know if it’s just because of where I’m from, but I have never met a male feminist in person. And the way I hear men talk about women, well, it doesn’t inspire much hope. There are so many out there who expect shaved everything. It’s like, suddenly it’s even expected to shave your vagina… not just a preference, but it feels like the norm now. It’s kind of overwhelming to even think about sleeping with someone new and worrying “Is he judging me?” Some of them see it as hygiene. It’s just too much porn culture and not enough real world experience or something.

I don’t know. I personally am not comfortable flaunting hairy legs and armpits because people can be cruel.

>If the next Captain America movie doesn’t involve him partnering up with his long-time crime-fighting companion the Falcon. …y’know, the first African-American superhero in mainstream comic books? (emphasis on American, as he came after the Black Panther)

The guy who turned out to be both a pimp and a nazi plant at the same time on a single page? I really would like to know what the writers were thinking when they figured that was a good idea.

The guy who turned out to be both a pimp and a nazi plant at the same time on a single page? I really would like to know what the writers were thinking when they figured that was a good idea.

…yeah. There was SO MUCH FAIL there. Take a black superhero, one of the oldest ones, one who has always been solid and upright and hangs with Captain America. Give him to a white writer.

“Gee, the only character development I can think of to do with a black man is to make him a pimp, have him abuse women…”

Honestly, the Big Two are dead to me now. Well, except for Ultimate Spider-man. But the minute Bendis leaves that project, it’s dead to me too.

Snowy — not very good by what standard? ghosts are cliche?

No, it wasn’t very good because it was like a ghost whisperer episode and and a law and order svu episode were in an industrial accident and got melded together into one long boring movie. Believe me, I’m no stranger to liking movies that other people thought were bad so I’m not getting down on you for liking a movie I didn’t like here. I really liked Repo Men but I can see why other people wouldn’t, it’s too long/gory/plot is silly even though I found it really fun. The one thing I’m not going to do is be like, oh they just hated it because of Forest Whitaker and racism. I mean, do you really think people hated Catwoman because Halle Berry was the lead? She’s been in some crappy movies and Gothika is one of them in my opinion. And having women leads in horror movies is more of the norm than any unusual thing, I don’t see how that would play a part in people hating it either.

I’m curious, have you seen it since it came out?

I saw it on netflix streaming. I thought about going to see it when it first came out and am relieved I didn’t spend the money. I’m not sorry I watched it or anything, by the standards of most netflix horror movies it was fun enough. But I wouldn’t call it a good movie.

Yeah, Gothika is, as far as I remember it, not a particularly wonderful film, but it’s not notably awful either. There’s nothing really stand out awful about it. It’s just a bland horror film not unlike dozens and dozens of others. Which does make me think that Argenti is on to something when they say that the special hate of the film (vs. a general just don’t enjoy it aesthetic thing) is likely gender motivated. Sort of the difference between not liking Justin Bieber music because you don’t like it aesthetically and the oddly disproportionate level of personal hate that a lot of misogynist/homophobic/transphobic men demonstrate towards him.

Gender and race motivated, that is, the fact that Halle Barry is a black female lead in a horror film (a rare event indeed) affects the perception of her vs. the “screaming blond virgin” female horror lead narrative.

I guess I hadn’t realized Gothika was especially hated, if so then I think the race/gender hatred does play a bigger role in the reason why. But I don’t think that it’s the entire reason people disliked the movie.

Snowy — I wasn’t trying to say it was a brilliant film not given credit jut because of the focus on people of color, and women, and mentally ill women in particular. I was trying to say I think the reason most people don’t just go “eh, I didn’t like it, but whatever” was because of those things — your reasoning is one of the least “how can you like THAT?!” responses I’ve gotten.

Part of why I rewatched it was that LoTR fandom discussion on manboobz awhile ago had me reviewing my movie collection for anything I was sure would pass the Beschel test, and didn’t have a mostly white cast — it was the only one I was noticing definitely fulfilled both criteria, and yet so many people claim it’s just terrible. Even the rotten tomatoes reviews contained shit like “Berry’s grating screams might send you to looney land too.”

But yeah, I don’t tend to get people going “you liked that? I didn’t, but whatever” but rather “how could anyone like that shit?!” — simple, ymmv on matters of taste.

Cliff: You could have gone for the real humdinger… telling a misogynistic asshat how much you’d love to bang him.

I’d make sure you had a friend there to take care of you as you passed out from the pleasure.

@Jessay- I know that this is super late, but here’s my two cents on the “ya don’t have to” bit.

I have two scars on either side of my right arm. Both are about a foot long. They’re big, fat ugly medical surgery scars from when I was 13 and snapped my arm in half, severed the nerve in my right arm and the bone came out from my skin. They had to screw my arm back together with two plates and 13 screws, all of which are still in my body.

I had to have two surgeries and a ton of physical therapy (and parsley soup) to get back about 98% feeling/movement in my right hand. I am lucky that I am left handed, and had to re-teach myself to do everything with one hand (huge eye-opener, by the way- you never think about how hard it is to do simple things until even one arm is out of commission).

You know what the first thing I thought when I saw the scars after all the surgeries?

‘No one will ever want me.’

What can I say? I was 13, already depressed and convinced I would never find love, felt fat and ugly (I was not), and hopelessly sad about simply existing for various reasons.

The thing I learned as my giant purple cast was replaced several times and I finally had my arm free with giant red scars healing up and down (with tiny pinpricks where the 50-70 surgical staples had held the gaping wounds closed) is that people? They don’t actually give a shit about what you look like 99% of the time. I had this arm that I felt so ashamed of, and most people didn’t even notice it. I was so scared that my arm would keep me from being accepted or loved, and yet, the problem wasn’t my arm, it was my feelings of inadequacy. I never wore make up in school- I still went on dates and had boyfriends and when I didn’t get asked to dances, I went and asked someone (I generally never got turned down, either). I did all the things that I was told “girls just don’t do” if they want to be loved or attractive, and still found myself plenty of situations in which I was loved and accepted for who I was.

And yeah, I do live in CA, but I grew up in a Northern CA town, which was kind of hick-y and rural. So there were a lot of negative attitudes about non-normative femininity. But when I went without shaving my legs and underarms for like a year and a half, no one noticed until I pointed it out. And the main reason I shave/wax my knee down is mainly because having hair on my legs lead to pulled hair leads to owies. So I prefer the non hair thing especially in the summers because it lowers the heat factor when I have bare legs.

And yeah. I liked the Avengers a lot- all the characters were really dynamic-more so than pretty much every superhero movie ever. But I would not even begin to feel like I have the “right” to drool over or “reserve” one of them for my ogling/sexual playtime pleasure. To some extent, I don’t really even let myself imagine stuff like that because it’s fairly likely that I would not be their “type” to begin with and therefore the fantasy doesn’t really work and I can’t even get into it without getting all self-loathing-y and panicked about my lack of awesomeness to offer said superhero.

Boo. I’m depressingly realistic, even in my fantasies.

Don’t act like you would prefer a naturally hairy, greying, make-up less woman that didn’t make you look and feel good on your arm. And believe it or not, women don’t only try to look good to impress guys, most of it is for other girls.
Guys also do these rituals- they shave their facial hair into specific cuts to make their jaw appear stronger, have risers in their shoes to appear taller, tailor their suits to show off their best features, whiten their teeth, wear hats when they don’t want anyone seeing their bed-head or bald spots, use rogane, get hair transplants and many, many, Many other things including man-scaping (thank you for that btw…).
Both men and women are insecure at times, women just know how to fix their issues better than men, if a women is short she throws on 5″ heels and bam, problem solved. If a guy is feeling insecure about his height he can get an inch or two from risers, but for the most part he will just go about feeling inferior to taller, more desirable men… sucks for guys.
Me personally, I like my men tall, handsome, fit and for them to adore me, done up or lounging at home wearing no makeup.
It’s also silly to think that all women want is men to want them. You must not have a mother figure in your life if this is what you think about women. How chauvinistic of you.

If a guy’s feeling insecure about his height I’d suggest he a) stopped using other people as a barometer of how something he can’t change should be b) stopped hanging around nasty spiteful Mean Girls like you. Same if a woman was insecure about her height.

Being horrible about other people isn’t something that’s unchangeable by the way Sarah.

“People should look like this!” or else what? There’s 7billion people in the world, they don’t all exist for the purposes of your lady-boner FFS, get over yourself. I like guys with pointy hips, that doesn’t mean I think all men should starve themselves. If a dude wants to spend his time fannying about with his hair, beard, pubes, shoes, clothes, whatever then more power to him. But no one should be forced to change themselves just to meet your arbitrary standards.

And speaking as a hairy, clean-faced woman with a partner, fuck you.

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