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Ferdinand Bardamu Caught Monologuing Again

“You don’t know the power of the dark side!”

Is there something about being an MRA that makes you want to monologue like a cartoon supervillain?

Over on In Mala Fide, our dear friend Ferdinand Bardamu has responded in an amusingly monologuey manner to Arthur Goldwag’s followup to his earlier article for the Southern Poverty Law Center on the Men’s Rights movement. Bardamu whips himself into a bit of a lather, describing “Snerdling and his compadres” – for some reason he’s decided to call Goldwag “Snerdling” – as the

vanguards of a dying institution, desperately jamming their thumbs in the dike to keep the truth from drowning them. They’re on the losing side of history. Their shrieks are the shrieks of the dying and damned.

Their shrieks?

Oh, but there’s more. This earlier comment in Bardamu’s post is sort of a classic in the “implied threat” genre so beloved by MRAs like Paul Elam and his gang:

You’ve bitten off far more than you can chew here. You’ve antagonized the fastest-growing and most relevant movement/entity in America and the Western world. With every sling and arrow, the manosphere swells in size, a voice for the most powerful and deadliest force on Earth — the disenfranchised young man.

Emphasis mine.

Amazingly, in the very next paragraph, Bardamu waxes indignant that Goldwag had the gall to refer to “threat[s], overt or implicit, of violence” from MRAs. Bardamu responds with a big, insincere “who, me?”

I’ve made threats of violence? Leftists always pull this game — they never give specific examples … .

You want a specific example? LOOK AT WHAT YOU JUST WROTE IN YOUR LAST FUCKING PARAGRAPH. That bit about Goldwag allegedly antagonizing “the most powerful and deadliest force on Earth — the disenfranchised young man?” That is an implicit threat of violence. It’s kind of hard to miss.

You want to see more specific examples of threats from MRAs? I’ve got post after post full of them.

Heck, he doesn’t even need to look at Man Boobz. All he needs to do is to look at the comments on his own post, starting with the very first one:

SPLC: Thanks for kicking the sleeping dog,that dog needed to learn to bite rather than sleep.

Then he can scroll down the page for this more explicit threat from Brigadon:

I prefer practicing real, unmistakable violence.

Further down the page, in response to a feminist who has stopped by to call the IMF regulars on some of their bullshit, Brigadon elaborates further:

I have called it a ‘war’ before, and I will again. It is not a cold war, it is a hot war, with constant and socially-approved violence against men. The only way to fight a hot war is with violence. …

So, maybe it sounds like a call for violence, but at this point any woman that calls herself a ‘feminist’, regardless of their protests that they are ‘not like those other ones’ Is a criminal, a traitor to their species, their culture, their honor, their family, their nation, their gender, and their world. There is only one punishment that fits a traitor.

How dare Goldwag suggest that MRAs ever threaten violence!

Apollo, meanwhile, somehow manages to overlook the threatening language in Bardamu’s post and suggests that the real threatmongers are … you and me:

[T]he Internet is full of people making violent threats. … Yet in the Manosphere, where I think real injustices are being brought to light, and people surely have a right to anger, you will NOT see the threats of violence that are so very common in so many other places of the Internet. When such a violent comment does pop up in the Manosphere, it is usually very quickly squashed by mods. And any such comments stand out simply because of how rare they are.

Yet one visit to Manboob, or any other Feminist site, and you will be able to quickly be able to find threats of violence. The blatant hypocrisy here is just sickening

[Citation Needed]

Also, though this is a whole other kettle of beans, the fact that Goldwag is Jewish seems to have inspired a number of the anti-Semites in the In Mala Fide crowd to crawl out from under their rocks – one of them being our old pal JeremiahMRA, who weighs in with a comment calling Goldwag a “creepy Jew,” in two words combining anti-Semitism with “creep shaming,” which in the weird world of the manosphere is the most hateful kind of hate ever perpetrated upon any mortal soul. (Goldwag offers a brief but pointed response to Bardamu’s post, and to the anti-Semitism, on his own blog.)

Is any of this really surprising on a blog whose name means “In Bad Faith?”

Someone posted this in the comments a while ago, and I couldn’t help but think of it as I wrote this post:

Yes, MRAs, you ARE the baddies.

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10 years ago

the most powerful and deadliest force on Earth — the disenfranchised young man.

This is sort of true, though — it’s why there’s so much violence in the Middle East. Even if you took religious claims to Israel out of the equation, you’d still have packs of roving poor angry males who, because they’re too low-status to marry in a polygamous society and because women are veiled and locked away, can’t direct their energies towards sex or raising a family and feel the need to be pissed off about something. It’s like every documentary you see about lions: the males are kicked out of the pride by the alpha lion when they come of age, so they wander around starting trouble.

The thing is, though, these “disenfranchised” young men never amount to anything. They’re an obnoxious population, but for them to be a truly threatening force they need to be exploited and organized and managed by some older, calmer visionary. LIke Osama bin Laden. Unlike jihadis, MRAs can’t be put to any productive use.

10 years ago

One question… doesn’t “mala fide” already mean “in bad faith”… so “in mala fide” would be… “in in bad faith”???

Yisheng Qingwa
10 years ago

Women don’t “enjoy discipline consensually” in a vacuum. Ever heard of societal Stockholm Syndrome?

Rape culture, we live in it.

10 years ago

Yisheng Qingwa I disagree. People of all genders and orientations enjoy kinky stuff, not just women. Are they victims of societal Stockholm Syndrome also?

10 years ago

*straight women, that should be.

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